Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rewind And Unwind: Flower Hill Long Run

Today was David's first day in Little League.  He was in it last year, but at the age of 4, he barely knew what he was doing.

Today was my day to help coach as well.  It was exciting for me.  Tomorrow I will be getting him a bat, a T (to hit off of), and some little league sanctioned hardballs.  He decided that he wanted to put the glove in his right hand, so that makes him a lefty thrower.  A future in the infield might be tough for him, unless he plays first base, but he could be an everyday outfielder.  Then again, he could wind up to be a pitcher like his older brother too.  One thing for sure.  I'm going to teach him how to be a switch-hitter.  Starting tomorrow!

Afterwards, i dropped him off at the gym where Karen was, came home and decided to go for a long run.  And long it was.  I had my heart monitor on, which is so tight and uncomfortable.  I decided I would stop to recuperate if my heart rate ever went above 160.  And I did.  Many times unfortunately.
I'm still out of shape (though losing weight) and it was hot outside today.  The temperature reached a high of 84.  I also got a bad sunburn on the arms and neck.  The arthritis in my neck flared a little (on Naproxen now as I write this to you all).

I decided I would do a half-marathon, as I have one coming up in Brooklyn.

I haven't run through Port Washington in quite awhile, so I decided to do an out and back course.  I ran south on Glen Cove Road, hooked a right onto Northern Boulevard.

That looks like one helluva climb up ahead!

This is the end of the inlet separating the north shore necks between Oyster Bay/Glen Cove and Port Washington

A long and very hot stretch of lonely road!

From there I went all the way west until I got to Center Drive.  I made a quick right onto Ridge Drive East, and headed northward on it until I got to Woodland Road, where I made a left.  It was nice seeing all of the beautiful houses, which were being built, back in 2003-2005, fully completed.

I continued my journey through Flower Hill by turning right onto Birchdale Lane.  Such pretty streets.  I continued northward until I got to Hewlett Lane, and made a left onto it, a quick short right onto Country Club lane, and then back onto Hewlett Lane, where I would run all the way until I got to the cross street of Greenbriar Lane.  I was excited as I looked at my watch and noticed I had already done more than what was needed for a half-marathon's worth of running.  And I was a little tired too when I noticed a sign on the corner for a race next week Saturday (see below)

I'm already running the Long Island 10k race in East Meadow on Sunday, but I need all the work I can to get me ready for Brooklyn.  Or as the Beastie Boys say it best,  "No Rest Til' Brooklyn!"

I started running back, and I could tell I was winded.  Not used to running so much in one offering since last year.  Being overweight didn't help either, however I know I'm closer now to 170 than to 180 (my goal weight is 160).

I went back the way I came, and at one point stopped at Grace's Marketplace in Greenvale, and bought a Core Hydration drink and a Blood Orange (two things that I never had before)

Happy to report that both were very well received by my body.

In the end, i got home 14+ miles later.  As I write this, I've done over 30,000 steps today.  So that makes more than 50,000 over the last 2 days, and 110,000 since Monday.  Not bad when you consider that I only did about 3,000 steps on that fateful Tuesday in Atlanta a few days ago.

Karen has decided not to do the More Half in NYC because she feels she is not ready for it.  I agree.  I think she has made a wise decision by instead opting in to doing the Alley Pond 5miler tomorrow.  I was going to sit the kids while she ran, but as it turns out, a lot of my Forest Park Road Runner friends, including Jack and Tom, will be onhand.  Jack's girlfriend has graciously offered to watch David and Kayla, so I will be running it too.  That will mark my 310th race (hopefully).

Well time to get some shut-eye.  Goodnight, fans.  :-)

Friday, April 28, 2017

I Won't be Stopped. At least not after clearing TSA.

Despite another early morning at the facility for studying (and the last one), I still managed to eek out another 5 miles.  This time, I had to get up at 5:30am to do it.  Well, at least I am committed!

I can't get over how crowded this LA Fitness is.  I have to hand it to Georgia.  The fact that the southern states are considered to be having the most overweight people, might just be a generalization.  I can't recall ever seeing so many parked cars out in front of the LA Fitness in Lake Success, when I would go early in the morning from my Bellerose home back in 2005.  Wow.  It has been 12 years since then.  Some amazing and painful memories back then, but I digress.

I could have done a few more than 5 miles, but truth be told, I was still a little tired.

At lunch today, I did another 3 miles, but walked them this time.  I've been neck in neck in my Garmin step competition.  Some guy, simply named, "Lou" has been trading off with me for 1st place.  The competition, called 75k step challenge,  ends Sunday 11:59:59 pm.  However, I think the name of the challenge is just textual and there is no basis for the 75k.  Well if it is, Lou has won.  I got up to 74,600 steps when he surpassed me, eventually hitting 76k.


So I decided, that regardless of whether or not he does win, that I would make sure to outdo him and everyone else for the week as a whole.

Arriving at the airport very early, I did the unthinkable to pass the time.  I walked from one end of Terminal T to the other.  And back.  And back again, and back, and back again, and back, and back, and....

I walked for a little over an hour.  The length of the terminal was easily about a mile.  In total, I finished up the day with 22, 548 steps.  And even then, Lou finished the evening just a couple of hundred steps behind me.  Now, I must start to bring out the big guns and show him and everyone else what I can do.  I know.  I am crazy.  Crazy and competitive.  I guess I needed this kind of motivation to be the excellent runner that I can and have been, and this has put me over the top for sure.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rest and Recoup

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Today was a bounceback from yesterday's eat and drink fest.  I woke up at 5:45am, and by 6:01, I was back at LA Fitness.  I ran 7 miles with a vengeance, I might add.

And if that weren't enough, I went out at lunch and did 3 one-mile loops around our warehouse facility in Mableton.  I had a change of clothes, towel, everything.  I had a plan and executed!

It actually felt nice that it was raining.  It was cooler than anticipated too.

10 miles done today in total.  And I'm in first place in my step competition too.

Ate dinner at PF Chang's (for Tom's birthday), and called it an early night.