Friday, May 25, 2018


I'm not a gambling man, but today was my 21st consecutive day of running.  Only May 2 and May 4 did I not run.  

I went through an insane amount of work today concerning a site that uses Frontier Communications as their carrier (as AT&T no longer supports the state of CT).  The site was in Rocky Hill, CT.  And after nearly two days, I was finally able to get the phone company to admit to a misconfiguration that I knew took place at their central office.  

I finally got home to do a nice run and finally be finished before 10pm.  I decided to embark on an ‘entry-level’ long run, though it was nothing like that, as it was 87 degrees when I left my home to start my adventure.

As I was running up Birch Hill Road, I noticed that I was coming up on SoundSide Physical Therapy, the place where I had gone to twice a week for several months in Spring/Summer of 2017.  A sense of gratitude came over me.  I ran over to the office, stopped my watch and inside I thanked everyone for helping me with my back last year.  They were happy I gave them acknowledgement, especially as there were customers sitting in the waiting area, lol.  They asked me how I was feeling, and I told them, “I’ve nearly run 1,000 miles since January 1st.  How’s that for feeling well?” We both laughed and smiled, and then I left, turned my watch back on and hit the asphalt hard once again. 

Memorial Day weekend is like July 4th.  All the nice little chichi towns in the North Shore decorate themselves with patriotic buntings, and the like.  As a romanticist, and a person who appreciates detail, I kinda like all of that stuff.  One reason I like antique furniture.  I think that’s Carmen’s doing.  Carmen, for those who don’t know was my Dad’s wife when I was growing up.  She is awesome, and owns a little restaurant in Troy, NY.  Matt is thinking of going to SUNY Albany, and if he does, he wants me to put in a good word to her and Jim to get a job there.

Before long, I was on the north section heading west on Lattingtown road.  I had forgotten what a bear those rolling hills were, and remembered it was there in the winter where I got my bout of Morton’s Neuroma. 

As I passed the Mansion in Glen Cove (nice pool table and dart boards in their bar upstairs), I decided to take a 10-minute break at the YMCA. I was precisely at the 7 mile mark, and had done it in nearly 8 flat, thanks to Mile 3.  I didn’t bring any liquids with me, masochistically by design-and to toughen up, but now I was super-thirsty.

I drank and drank and drank, and stopped before approaching a bowling ball of water in my tummy.

I had 4 miles remaining.  Before long I was on Crescent Beach Road, and then I saw Landing Road.

By the time I hit Landing Road, I had touched upon 6 towns, Glen Head, Old Brookville, Matinecock, Locust Valley, Lattingtown, and of course, Glen Cove.

I saw Margaret Street, which was the street where we came so close to buying a house.  

I came down the hill, down Mill Hill to be exact, and found myself right in town.  I passed the movie theater and started coveting the need to see the next Star Wars installment, ‘Solo’, despite the so-so lo-lo reviews (lol).

The as I turned onto Glen Street, it was apparent that they are setting up a street fair.  I immediately thought of David and Kayla, as all my vacation thoughts revolve around them, for me anyway.

I finally made my way up the hill of Elm and then right turned onto Wolfle (what an effed up spelling for a word, right?).  The run was supposed to have been close to 10 ½ miles, but because one always runs in anything but straight lines, and since I took that detour into the Y, I had just broken 11 when I got to my house.

11 miles on my 21st consecutive day.  Not bad!  I was tempted early on to do more, but I’m glad I held back for several reasons. 

# 1, It was hot.  Even after I finished, the temperature is still 80. Meaning I ran all 11 miles in 80+ weather..
#2, I plan to run tomorrow, Sunday and Monday and didn’t want to burn myself out, and
#3, I didn’t want to hurt myself again, like I did back in February when I ran 90+ miles (my PB, BTW).  This led to a lot of little injuries, that I’ve been fighting back, and finally feel that I have overcome them.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Day 19 - Disco Treadmill

And.... should I run outdoors or indoors? Inquiring minds want to know!!

So I ran indoors. Woot hoot! 19 consecutive days!  A new record for 2018! Bing! Bam! Boom!

It was such a struggle at first.  I just couldn't get it into gear. Was it my Disco playlist?  Nah.
I guess I was just tired.  I was watching the rubber match of the Yankees and the Rangers.  The Yanks would wind up losing but not before they would smack another 4 home runs, a modern day MLB record.

I kept up at it, and would not give in, and eventually, the adrenaline kicked in and the Machine kicked on.  It felt great, as it felt like I had gotten a new lease on life.

Here was the setlist (which included warmup, the run, and post-exercise & stretching):

01.The Miracles - Love Machine
02.Shirley & Company - Shame, Shame, Shame
03.Bohannon - Let's Start The Dance
04.KC & The Sunshine Band - Sound Your Funky Horn
05.Leo Sayer-Sound Your Funky Horn
06.Abbacadabra-Mamma Mia
07.France Joli-Come To Me (Short Version)
08.Donna Summer-MacArthur Park Suite: MacArthur Park/One of A Kind/Heaven Knows/MacArthur Park Reprise
09.Chic-I Want Your Love
10.Giorgio Moroder-Chase
11.Dr. Hook-When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman Named H-Bomb
13.Barry White-You See The Trouble With Me
14.Diana Ross-The Boss
15.Stars on 45-Disco Mix
16.Shalamar-Uptown Festival (Medley)
17.Walter Murphy-A Fifth of Beethoven
18.David Shire-Salsation

At the end, I had to actually stop myself at 7 miles!  I wanted to do more, but I also had promised myself to pace and temper so that I can stitch this mini training program (Post LI Half-Pre LI State Park) to my brutally cruel Daniels plan which kicks off June 4th.  Jack Daniels is renowned the world over, and has coached some of the greatest runners in modern times.

Needless to say, he has some challenging training programs. So I need to ask I ready for this?

Screw brutal.  Yes I am.  All in!  I'm looking forward to kicking it in the ass!

Okay so look at this picture above.  Do you notice anything slightly off-kilter?  I think I need to do a better job pairing my socks off after doing the laundry, lol!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            My "second-wind" was evident on my mile splits. I felt absolutely dead for the first 5k, and then I woke up.  This has happened to me before. I'd start off by asking myself, "Why? Why? Why?" Then
people would look at me like as if I was crazy.  Just kidding. I only thought, and not spoke it. LOL!

Hey! Look at the clock!  It says 12:00am.... I suddenly feel like my glass sneakers are turning into stinky Brooks with the worn out soles.   And no, they aren't stinky (unless you ask Kayla), but I do need a new pair soon.  My treads are effin' worn to the nubbbbbbbbbs!!!! (<--Hah, that looks like 'boobs', I must be tired!)

Okay, It is time to shut down the Machine!

Last thing I want to say.

That was a Public (well actually Private) Service Announcement endorsed by an insane man in Glen Cove.

-------------------My Name is The Machine And I Approve This Message.------------------

Monday, May 21, 2018

Day 17 - Bright And Sunny.

First off, if you gotten here by way of Machine's page off of FaceBook, then I apologize for the cheese that has clogged your arteries.  The royalty-free music that they provide is about the worst.  I wasn't sure whether or not that tune was once used in an episode of Mannix.  Not sure what I just said?  Go to and type in that show.  LOL.

There are many among us, who are crazy runners.  Some of them have the free time and some don't.  That said, when I see someone who has an RSD (Running Streak Days) of over 100 (and I've seen some over 1,000), I first am in awe, but soon after, I wonder if this is a healthy thing or not.  For example, if they have a family, and have lots of responsibility, it makes me wonder whether or not spending time away, and every day from their other obligations is s a wise choice.  The foundation to a great workout includes one that is free of guilt.  I always look for ways to 'give back', if you will, by offering to do an extra chore, for example, if the extra time I'm taking away is from the home.  Or if I need to do my run while I'm at work (ie. lunch) then I make sure I am totally prepared, like ensuring that I have everything ready to go and change, towel, etc.  Or even sometimes making sure that I am already dressed up underneath my clothes (like Superman) to spend as little time as needed to change.  This way I can get a full workout, and keep it within my lunch hour.  In short, It's important to have balance in life.  And it's no longer just a work-life balance for us runners either because we can be a complicated bunch.  I'd like to think of it more as a work-home-fun-run balance.

I'm saying this because, today I have tied my previous longest streak of running this year, at 17 days.  And despite the fact that my record of 34 days seems light years away, I have been feeling really well of late, partially by learning to control my emotions, and not let the flip-flops of life sway me away from my one true and reliable passion.

Remaining Focused.

That has been and is the key.

In fact, I am using the volatility in my be an even better runner.  It's hard to describe, but I just think of it this way.  What has never let me down?  Running.  What is something I can depend on?  Running.  What is something that is healthy for me, and always makes me feel good afterward?  Running.   So why would I ever want to do wrong by it?

It was absolutely gorgeous outside today.  Beautiful sunshine, 70 degrees, and a light cool breeze from the North.

Now that weather is great outdoors, the amount of outdoor running will increase.  It is important, however, and I cannot stress this enough, to maintain some level of running on the treadmill.  As boring as it can be, running on pavement (uneven at times) can be brutal on the joints, especially your knees.  This holds true whether you are a 22-year old male, a 48-year old female, or a Rockstar like myself, who has found himself running to an average daily distance of 10km now (on pace for 194 miles for the month).  ;-)

Something else which I found interesting...If you start out fast, your heart will not be happy with you.  Regardless of whether it will ruin your pace or not, start out slow and increase speed.  If you think about it, we are like a stick-shift car.  You can't shift into the top gear until you have given enough time to move from one gear to the next.  Same holds true for your body.  This is the reason why so many athletes believe in actually warming up for a few miles before settling into their training or race pace.  My Daniels plan not only has incorporated all of my races as quality runs, but has me warming up for 2 miles, and cooling down for 1.  I am a beast towards the finish line so there will not be a cool down run for perhaps 10-20 minutes after I cross the finish line. LOL.

Below are photos from today's run.  Enjoy, and I expect comments - especially from the Anonymous one.  :-)

One of the nice things about doing a decent mileage run.  Seeing different towns.

Makes me wonder how satisfied some of these souls were with their lives on Earth.

Another mile another town.

Great bar.  Live music.  Good burgers.  Not as good as Austin Ale House in Kew Gardens, but with the live music, it's better!

Oh No!  Juan Caca!! You've got competition!!!

Aren't we all?  In the end, the happiness you take is equal to the happiness you make.

Poor little old Glen Cove.  I love my little town. <3

 Nice quaint Italian restaurant, with a really cool Russian bartender!

Downtown Glen Cove.  Courthouse on the left.

Here's a super pretty view of Glen Cove's very own, St. Patrick's Church.

Made a quick stop (hence the lousy pace, haha) to show that I was able to complete 7.5 miles before 1 hour. Woot!!!
Here was my route.  Touched a little bit of everything. A nice start to the week.
Setlist:  1. Duran Duran-Hold Back The Rain, 2.Devo-Snowball, 3.New Order-Vanishing Point, 4.Depeche Mode-Wrong, 5.The B-52's-Runnin' Around, 6. Devo-It's Not Right, 7. Pet Shop Boys-Being Boring, 8. Devo-Here To Go, 9.-Pet Shop Boys-Leaving, 10.Depeche Mode-A Question of Lust, 11.Devo-Find Out, 12. The B-52s-Give Me Back My Man, 13.Depeche Mode-Puppets, 14.Depeche Mode-Barrel Of A Gun, 15.New Order-Sugar Cane, 16.The B-52s-Funplex, 17.Devo-Jocko Homo, 18.New Order-Confusion

So, for the music today, I decided to zero in on some of the more prolific New Wave bands.  The change in music definitely helped. 

Finally tally.  Great lunch workout!!!!

At some point, I will need to get a haircut...I don't want to but there are opposing forces at work.  The opposing force involves how hot I get when I run outdoors in the summer (in fact I'm hot always - great for warming up a bed - which I hate - I prefer cold everything starting with feet!)  The proponent to keeping it long is that it looks cool, and that it feels nice when someone's fingers other than my own are going through them - but that has not been happening for quite awhile now....)
So that's that for now.  Hope this weather holds up.  Tomorrow is RSD#18.  Not much for some, but for me, it's plenty good.  Or as No Doubt would sing it....It's  HEL A GOOD!!! :-) <3