Saturday, January 27, 2018

By Los Numeros

With another 40+ Mile week under my belt, I realize that I'm having a very good start to my year.  I'm losing weight, slowly, but I'm getting there.  Tomas McMillan, Triathlete, started training me on Saturday.  Focusing a lot on form, he's also wanting me to work on my core, which is good because I've been looking for a bottle of Redi-Whip to spray on my Jell-O stomach.

By the numbers.

It is possible that I could hit the 20,000 mile mark before the year is over.
With the 150 miles so far.  I would need another 1570 miles, for a total of 1,720 miles for the year.  Only in 2014 did I achieve such a feat, with 2,112.  But if I stay committed, lean, and injury-free this year, than anything is possible.

This month could go down as the second highest total for a January month.

.I did something today for the first time ever.  I swam over 500 meters.  Never before, even when I did my triathlon back in 2009 did I ever swim more than 400 meters.  Of course, I would stop for a moment at each end of the pool, but once again, the swimming before the running has helped my running immensely.  Last week I swam 400 meters, and I later wound up running 17 miles.  Today I ran my last mile in 6:39.  More importantly, I am writing this now at 9:40pm, and my legs feel fine.  If I keep training smart like this, I could reverse to the time back in 2012 when I could run a marathon, and wake up the next day pain-free and go out and run a 10k.  Ahhh, patience padawan, patience..... :-)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Today Was Trounced Day!

ALERT!  We interrupt this weekly blog to bring you a special announcement!

And no....I am not the ill-fated Hawaii emergency management employee who set off a statewide panic on Saturday morning by sending out a false alarm about an incoming ballistic missile.  

With the impending whiteness of Mother Nature rapidly approaching, I decided to act tonight.

With the fact that it's not enough that my company needs me to come in tomorrow at 7:30 to oversee a network failover for one of our sites in Arizona, I decided to act tonight.

With the added fact, that I am ALSO on call for a Cisco Router replacement tomorrow night in Dallas tomorrow at 6pm ET, I also decided to act tonight.  

Act 1 - Tomas The Cook. 

I jumped aboard a treadmill tonight, with the intention of giving it some serious HELl.
With Tomas, my new coach to my right and his "nemesis" (fellow triathlete and competitive buddy) on the treadmill to my left, we all pretty much damn near stripped the belts off our treadmills.  Except that I had planned to run longer, farther and harder than any of them.  Which, of course, I did, but not without some serious tunes rocking through my  Sony cans (which I will upgrade one day).  

Act 2 - I am alone at the helm. 

Suddenly people started disappearing.  

"Oh wow!  Look at the time" I said overhead as I noticed the shorthand on the clock at the Y was already on the 9.   

But I kept going.

Dig !  Dig !  Get it!  Give it!  Drill it!  Drain it! 

I was on a mission.  

It wasn't to do the prescribed 5.  Oh no-o-o-o-o!  That was already way-y-y-y-y behind me. 

It wasn't to do the 10 that I threatened to do either.

So, the 13.1 I did tonight was the longest since the NYC Marathon on November 4.
And I smoked it.  Under 1 hour 50 minutes.  My oh my.....  The incentives I have.  And NYC Half is coming sooner than I think!

In other news, Tomas is coming over this Friday with his Go-Pro videos.  Apparently, he liked some of my videos that I've made with my Titan PC and is looking to promote his brand of coaching.  In return, I get free coaching.  I got some tonight too.  Plus, he's coming over with Ceviche for us to eat.  That's a grand slam right there.   I hope his teachings will lead this young jedi into mastery.  I need to qualify for Boston someday, right?

Well, my left leg is sore tonight, but it's okay, lol.  I'm going to sleep right after this "NEWSFLASH"

I shall rest.  I will recharge.  I will be back for more.

"Don't be afraid to give up the good.  To go for the great"! - John D. Rockefeller.

Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 Week 2 Analysis

Another week of 40+ Miles.  Outlook is looking good.  I've run 10 consecutive days.  I'm not into streaking (unless it's in the Summer - just kidding), so I am definitely taking tomorrow off.  No legs, feet or butts about it!

Some of my highlights from my runs this week, was the impulsiveness to go out and run in the cold on Monday (when I should have taken off), plus the same on Friday.  Friday night, I jumped on my treadmill at home to complete 2 miles before the clock struck midnight.

It was nice to run with Tomas today, followed by us taking our kids to see Star Wars-The Last Jedi.  For me, it was my 4th and final time, but it was the first time for David and Kayla.   Tomas and I exchanged some running and dieting tips. I think we will both benefit, and looking forward to running with him.  I'm a lousy swimmer, but who knows what my future holds.  Maybe I'll try another Tri somewhere down the road. 

I won both step competitions that Garmin threw me in this year. So 2 for 2.

As you can see below, I'm on pace to obliterate the month totals for anything over the last year.  Maybe even June too.  Only 9 weeks away until the NYC Half Marathon.  A little tightness in my left foot, on top near my ankle.  Nothing that won't fee much better with a day off with rest of course.

This was also the week where I received my 15+ Lifer Commemorative Shadowbox & Plaque.  Once I order the right 5x7, I will be hanging it up once I choose the right photo.

I signed up for the 2018 Long Island Half Marathon on May 6, and tomorrow at noon will be where I get to accept my formal invite to run in the 2018 New York City Marathon (it will be my 16th).

I got my weight down this week to as low as 164.6,  This is actually TOO fast.  For risk of having my body enter starvation mode, I ate a lot more sensibly this weekend and gained a couple of pounds.  The diet starts again this week.  My goal is to get to 163 by the end of next week.  Can it happen?  We'll see.  One thing for sure, with my BMI down, the ability to hit mid-8s and even high-7s has become a lot easier to do.

My Back:  B+,  (holding up - not fatiguing, even after tough 10 miler today)
Hamstrings:  A,  (I touched my toes for first time on Tuesday)
Feet:  C+ (a few cramps here and there & tightness on top of left foot near the ankle),  
Heart Resting Rate Average:  A-  (some of my better sleep resting rates in quite awhile).  
Shins: B
Quads: A+
Calves: C (a little tightness)

That's all folks.  

Oh wait...Still working on my movie.  This is one that I will use at the gym so that I don't get bored to tears while on the treadmill. I will be a little over an hour long.

The Machine.  Out.