Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Before The Rains

The Brookville Country 4.

Warmer weather today.  Only one layer required and no gloves.  Perfect day for a run and was able to finish before the rains came down.

I took my 50 year old carcass through the town of Old Brookville,  Where the Wolf of Wall Street was particularly 'Wolfie', and the Golfers of stature flock to.  Where it takes the rich 10 minutes to jog from their front door, to the road that their postmaster drives to deliver their mail.  Where those who are not satisfied with their 3 million dollar homes, excavate it completely from the ground, to put a 6 million dollar home in its place (no joke, I saw a HUGE hole where a 3 million dollar home was just last month!)

Old Brookville look out for the Machine!  Jangle your jewelry for me!!

Been running slower in the morning until I get used to this morning dilly-o.

Last night I had almost 7 hours, but most importantly was that more than 2 hours was deep sleep, according to Garmin.  This is a good thing, but I need to check out how accurate this is and if the measurement that they use is the right way to measure.

I also lost a 1/2 pound.  Counting calories work.  1+1=3.  Oh wait, I think I fuq'ed that up.

Used 'Rock My Run' this morning for my tunes:

I did a little over 4 miles this morning, and looking forward to a coach kill me in stretching tonight.

And more geeky shit here (which I will need to start analyzing soon):


Monday, November 9, 2015

Two Is Better Than Zero.

It only took 3 attempts this time for me to not only hit the snooze on my iPhone, but actually to get up.   I'm not a morning person, but I need to be in order to get my run in.  Subtract an hour from Daylight Savings, and the Winter months ahead, and what you get in my bedroom is the last letter of my last name.  :-)

Today marks my 4th consecutive day running.  Not bad considering how I was reaching for Advil, and for the remote to watch Fargo on Hulu, after Sunday's Marathon in New York.  By the way, even if you didn't like the movie, watch the show.  It is awesome!  I love black humor!  Great shit here!

I didn't get outside as early as I had wanted, and could have done 4 miles, but I'm committed to stretching and doing core body after each workout, so hence the deuce.  No, I didn't drop a deuce, I meant deuce as in running two miles.  Or wait, did I also drop a deuce as well?  That would be a log of a different kind now, wouldn't it? :-)

It was cold out there today.  I needed to wear two layers above the waist and long running pants below.  Plus gloves and the Dunkin Donuts hat I got from one of my previous NYC Marathons.

I had all kinds of ecclectic music (as usual) pumping through my Blue Bud X2's today to keep me company.  I started with 'Killing In the Name' by Rage (Against the Machine), 'Block Rockin' Beats' by Chemical Brothers, 'Get Up And Boogie' by the Silver Connection, and Stones doing 'Monkey Man' among others.

My watch, the new Forerunner 630 is the bomb.  The only thing I would question is the sleep function.  It seems that I am a light sleeper, probably because I move around in bed.  Usually that's what happens, when you share a queen bed, and feel as if though your life is hanging in the balance of the six whole inches you are left with when your spouse pushes you to the edge.  Hmmm. Maybe that has SOMETHING to do with it.

I ran down Frost Pond Road.  An out and back on this Sunny, but frigid 36 degree morning.  I had forgotten to put on my heart strap, but I'll have plenty more opps to do this, to see how my ticker works when throwing myself out of a warm bed and into a cold Long Island morning in November, where even, when running on the opposite side of the streets, the oncoming vehicles, seem to want to turn you into road pizza.  Yum.

When I got back home, I immediately went to the basement, and did my stretching routine (or something that resembled it).  I am a mess.  Definitely need to get on board with a set schedule of what I need to do after a run.  Stretching, like running in the morning before work, is not somethinig that I am very accustomed to doing.  But if I'm ever to improve in both speed and endurance (to hopefully cure my cramping), then I must become more flexible.  I saw a commercial for a new movie.  It was called "Krampus".  Uh-huh.  Exactly!

The pic below was really from yesterday's East Island 15k.  This was actually from Lattingtown Road, alongside the Glen Cove Golf Course along the right hand side.  But yep, you get the picture.  A lotta leaves on the ground my friend.  A lotta leaves.  At least they weren't wet!  Wet leaves can be challenging especially when you have a shoulder that looks like the below (note: this is the same width as how much space I get on the bed at night.  Think I'm bucking for a larger bed perhaps?)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

East Island 15k

East Island 15k

Off to a bad start.  Gained a pound and slept less than 6 hours.  Will need to go to bed early tonight to recoup some of the lost z's.  Great running weather.  Saw some people playing flag football just beyond the high school.  Need to work on getting the heart rate down as I wasn't even going that fast.  Upper left quad, and lower right hammies were talking quite a bit..  On the good end, this was my 4th consecutive day of running, and  only a week removed from the marathon,  I also did a lot of stretching, but my right leg is in some pain right now and in the upper right hand corner.