Monday, June 25, 1990

Acceptance into my 4th New York City Marathon.

It was only a couple of days removed from the Westchester Half Marathon. When I got the good news in the mail.  I've been accepted into the 1990 New York City Marathon!  The comeback which was already well under way, was on a temporary hold after suffering a knee related injury at the hands of the grueling Westchester Half Marathon just days earlier.

Still, there was NOOOOO way that I would not run this Marathon.  After all, I had been accepted into the 1987 Marathon, and I just let it slip out of my fingers, without even applying for a postponement either.

Sunday, June 24, 1990

RACE REPORT: Westchester Half-Marathon

This was me finishing the Westchester Half Marathon in New Rochelle.

I was DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!  It was the second time in nearly 4 years that I had ever run a half-marathon.
Somthing in my body seems to just want to die when I run more than 10 miles.  And despite 6 weeks of legitamate training, my stress with Lorraine was driving me to the point of physical sickness.  My job at Kemwel, was also somewhat stressful too, but not quite Misty's continuous badgering.  We had been married 4 years already, and Amanda-Rose was now 9 months old on this date.

We all left in the morning, after Gerry came and we followed one another to the start.  It was going to be a hot day (not date) as the mercury would soar to 79 degrees.  There was not a cloud in the sky, meaning that I would need to put sun tan lotion on.  Too bad I left it at home.  My skin would start to get as red as what I wore that you see in the picture above.

The race was acentuated by one hill after the next, all in the bright hot shadeless sun.  For the first 7 miles I had kept up with Gerry, who was on his way to finishing remarkably well, but I couldn't keep up his pace of 8 minutes flat.  Imagine that.  I had weighed 142 pounds by now, but despite the fact that I had slept 8 hours the night before and had a resting wake up pulse of 57, it made no difference.  I could not do what I wanted to do.

I finished in 552nd out of 1098 runners, while Gerry finished in 440th place.  My time of 1:49:01 was just shy of 4 minutes slower than Gerry (meaning that I started to make some headway towards the end).  About the only thing that I did better than him, was that I finished better amongst my age group (106th) then he (175th) did.

This was a tough run. The heat took over, and I slowed a bit more, until the hill near New Rochelle.  That was where I had lost all hope.

Short write up in the Westchester Gannett about my race.

After the race was over, Gerry slapped me in the back and Icy Hot wound up on my balls. Definitely not a smart thing to do. Lorraine laughed, but I was in no laughing mood.

Sunday, June 17, 1990

Cycling Maniac - And Employee of the Month.

What happens when you bike round trip 24 miles to work?  You win the Kemwel Employee of the Month Award.  That's what happened in May of 1990 when I rode to work May 23rd, May 30th, June 8th and June 13th.  On June 13th, Eugene, Gary and Eddie Greer hid the front wheel of my Panasonic bike under one of the raised floor tiles in the reservations department! 

Besides that, I was doing a lot of running whenever Lorraine and I went to see her grandparents down in Penns Grove, New Jersey.  They lived a ways from exit 2 in NJ, near Delaware.  She (Lorraine) used to go to the Cow Town fair, and visit Fashion Bug Plus while I used to go on these long runs listening to songs like "Poison" by Bell, Biv and Divoe  and "The Power" by SNAP.

I had just gotten myself a pair of Gel Asics 110 sneakers.  They worked very well.  Almost as good as the Brooks, and definitely better than the Nike Transverse.