Monday, July 4, 2005

Stephanie the Runner!

Having had the kids this weekend, I took myself the kids and my then girlfriend Ileana to Long Beach for the Firecracker 4K run.  I had gotten a registration form for this race while running the Long Beach City Manager's 10miler on Memorial Day.  I decided that it would be fun to try out an all-boardwalk run.

The resulting pace of 7:33 for this 4k (2.4854) mile run was as fastest this year, and fastest since my Norway run last October.  And that's even conservative by today's standards, but remembering that I had been out of commission as recent as march 26th with a broken leg, the fact alone that I was already running in my 6th race in as many weeks was a miracle of miracles.  I was still not 40 year (5 days shy), and doing my very best to be a thirty-something.

Despite a very hot,  humid and windy start to this day, I did very well. The sun was in my eyes on the way out, and I wished I had sunglasses. Back then, I wasn't as well-prepared as I am now (this article written - Feb. 27, 2012!)

The best part of this race however, wasn't me and of my continued comeback.  It was that Steffie was about to run in her first race ever.  I didn't even know that they had kiddie races until I got there, and I tried to see about getting Matthew to run, but he refused to do it.  Stephanie agreed, and that was before I noticed she had rubber aqua socks on.  Afterwards, I told her she didn't have to do it, but I think she did to make me happy. "Awwwwww"

The Pee Wee Race had a lot of little runners.  I was amazed by the number.  It almost looked as packed as the regular race that preceeded it.  I made sure I had Steffie line-up front.  When the horn blew, she started running.  It was so cute!  I could not help but root madly for her, like a silly boy.

The course was and out-and-back for her, much like it was for me, but instead of 4km it was more like 400 meters (about a 1/4 of a mile).  She did not win, but she did win my heart again.  It was wonderful to see her run in those cute pink plastic aqua shoes.  Afterwards, I took a ton of photos.

We finished the day taking in the sun on the beach but all in all it was a very memorable day.  Pictures below.

My race number.

My darling little Steffie!

Sister and Brotherly love.

Matt and his cheesy love.

Gettin' ready to run!


I couldn't get Matt to run, even after I slapped a running number on him!!!  :)

Daddy, am I going to be okay?

No wonder I didn't run so fast.  Rubber Aqua Shoes!!!

Steffie & a proud Daddy!

I don't know for the life of me what happened to my backpack...

At the starting line.

On the front line!

Steffie is running towards the finish line!!!

Almost there!!!!!

Yay!  I got a medal!!!! :-)

Matt gets a medal too (even though he didn't run)

Chillun on the Long Beach Boardwalk bench.

It was a bright day outside.

Exhausted after a hard-run on the wood!

Still have the belly!

I ran barechested.