Sunday, May 7, 2006

RACE REPORT: LI Half Marathon. Reckson Damn Near Killed 'Em.

I had to write that little Reckson tagline, since they are the sponsor, and since it reminded me of my dear beloved boss Ed Greer, who has passed over to the angels some time ago.

This was my first Half Marathon run in Long Island, And I will say that it was quite fun. i had a net time of 1:47:50, which was good enough for 572 overall in a field of 3600. some balding dope around mile 5 literally shoved me out of his way. given how nice people who run are, i could not believe it! i followed behind him, directly behind him for nearly 4 miles, and then i made sure he was aware of who i was when i dusted him. that was around mile 9. the last 3 miles were painful as a result of poor pacing in the middle of the race, and probably because i did a half marathon a week ago too, but the worst feeling in the world was when this dope actually passed me by with less than a mile to go, as we were already in Eisenhower Park. I went beserk at that point. Not only did I pass him (yay) but I think I passed about 20 people in the last quarter mile. Thank God my stupidity was not severe enough so as to hurt myself.

Bottom line: I improved my net time 21 seconds over last week's half marathon in Queens. My next half is on my birthday in the Bronx (sheeesh). I must learn now to take it to the next level. I have to be able to clock in 7 minute miles in these long races. Not sure how. Will need to investigate.