Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cleveland Socks!

Well, I'm on the road again. Gearing up for an eventful day of work tomorrow, I flew out of JFK and into sunny Cleveland....

I left this for her on the bed as a joke before I left.

...Anyway, did I say 'sunny' Cleveland? That of course, is a joke. There has not been one ounce of shine on this city in two years. Or so said the fella who was sitting next to me on the puddle-jumper I took to get here. --It is GRAY!-- I've been in Cleveland 4 times, and never ONCE have I ever seen the sun!

I'm staying at the Embassy Suites here in Beachwood, OH.

It's located about 20 odd miles south east of Cleveland. Upon checking in they gave me a pass to Bally's Fitness Center down the street. I drove there but they close early on the weekends. Perhaps Tuesday morning before I go back home?

I decided to check out the gym here. The treadmills are not top of the line, but they are brand new. I ran a 5K, without much worry, except for the slight soreness in my calves. My girlfriend would have like it here. The hotel has a large open air atrium with balconies on each floor surrounding it.

Inside the rooms there's lotsa granite. Even a granite sink in my room. Here are some pictures:

I wont be running at all tomorrow or Monday. But thanks to my efforts, March 2007 is one for the books. Most miles run in a month. Period. Even including my "Young Jedi" years (1984-1986).

Speaking of that. Please be sure to pay close attention at the blog index I have on the left. I've been putting in blogs of events that have actually "preceeded" the genesis of this website. So although, you may not see them here, they are new blogs! I've decided to start posting everything meaningful in the past and am calling it "Project Re-Run".

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Lines! The Lines! (A Fixation)

Today, I may have overdone it a bit. My right calf is talking and telling me, "Yo. Estupido. Remember what you did to me back in October last year? Well, I'm going to pop again if you don't quit it. I ain't no G string on a guitar you know, you can't just replace me (of course if this had been a G string on a lass, I might just have run even further...)

Tomorrow, I am off to Cleveland. Will not run tomorrow morning. Whether or not I run tomorrow night, all depends on a), how my calf is feeling, b), how tired I am, and c), the condition of the treadmill.

Most treadmills at hotels are pretty bad. You are better off talking to the concierge and getting a safe route around the hotel to run in, like I did in Vancouver.

Is it just me, or has anyone ever bothered not to listen to advice, and instead of keeping their head up when you run, you just let it hang? Well I did today. I kept looking on the ground in front of me. Pretty stupid because if anything or anyone got in the way, my sport could have easily turned from 'track & field' to 'crash & burn'. Why was I so fixated on doing this? Because I was staring at the white line that I was running over that divided lane 3 from lane 4. It was pretty strange because after a while, it seemed as if I weren't even moving, but rather as if the road was moving by itself under your feet. Give this a try one time. But please be careful. If anything happens to you, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE! :-)

Anyway, at least I got my close to 30 miles in for the week and did my personal best in a single month for mileage. I was supposed to run in this Sunday's Scotland 10K race (even paid for the darn thing too), but business is summoning me to travel, so I must answer to my call of duty. In IT, weekends are not made for running, nor are they made for Michelob either. They are usually made for working long hours in front of a computer (just like now!). I might not get the opportunity to run again until Tuesday. Perhaps I just need to chill for awhile anyway....phooey!

With all these oval track workouts recently, I thought it might be nice to throw up a great video
of great races of the oval dynasty from years gone by. It's might be a bit jerky until it completely loads, but the end (the last minute) with Bill Mills and the television announcer, is just an incredible inspiration. I dare you not to get goosebumps from his call of the finish. Enjoy!

Fantastic! I just checked out the Road To Chicago's website, just now for the first time today.....and noticed that they too have this video. It's really inspiring and it's a well made compilation. Mike, I also saw your post about being ill. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Mother of All Gymnasiums.

Here are the 4 most important nutritional supplements a body needs:

1. Calcium
2. Potassium
3. Magnesium
4. Gymnasium...

As a runner, it is important to cross train. Imagine, walking on a sandy beach one hot summery day, while all the women look at you and whistle too (HEY! I CAN DREAM CAN'T I?). They are staring at your muscular, ripped legs. Those pillars of strength that allowed you to finish a 1 mile race in less than 1 hour! Then, you take off your shirt.....and the party's over.

Abdominals, Torso Rotations, Incline Press, Decline Press, The New York Press, all vital instruments of further, and undulating torture, which awaits you at the Gymnasium.

A couple of summers ago, I joined such a sweaty, grunt-filled hall of horrors. My dungeon is called LA Fitness. My batmobile is one of the more than 100+ treadmills. No lie. The LA Fitness in Lake Success is the largest gymnasium ever built (I dare anyone to prove me otherwise! Go for it! Yes! You!). To give you a feel for this place, take a Costco, and slap a Walmart alongside it. Now, blast the demising wall in between, and that's my gym...without the rubble.

Usually when I work out here, I really go all out. I even put some funny (and quite ugly) faces of me on the picture above to show you the look of pain (and puke).

I purchased a new orthotics at the Runner's Edge shop in Farmingdale. They are pretty different then the Ultra Arch Sorbothanes that I have.They actually had a higher arch, but were not as cushiony. I was able to sprint several times during the end of my 10K treadmill run tonight, and must admit, I was pretty impressed to have not hurt myself with them.

Last, and certainly not least, I must use my gross and powerful internet skills to explain to my father once and for all, that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest (Bar-None) basketball player ever!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Round 'n' round like a broken record.

Welcome Back My Friends, To The Has-Been That Never Ends! (running that is)

The mercury reached 77 degrees (nice!) in New York today, so as a rite of spring's first hot day, it was time for me to exert my stinky & nasty all over.

Also, my sister Vanessa (above), hit the big “3-ohhh” today. So, and in recognition of her big day, I decided to run 30 laps around the Forest Park Oval, one for each year of her existence.

Man was it truly was wonderful outside! Just a week ago, we had snow. I think I could have ran forever today. Even after 20 laps, I was doing sprints on the straightaways. Basking in the sun, I easily finished those 30 laps. Still feeling fresh, convinced not to let go of a good moment, I went ahead and did an additional 23 laps for a total of 13 1/4 miles. Round n Round. I think that's an oval broken record for me! I started running at 6pm and by the time I was done, it was dark. Fortunately, most of the soccer balls, darting toddlers, and skateboarding loonies, had already gone home. That made running my last 20 laps even easier than my first 20.

Understandably sore, I took a long, hot bath when I came home. Right now, I am still a little sore, but overall I feel great. I've really had a great streak of running quite a bit this month. In fact, I may break my previous record that I set in September for most miles ran. The secret ingredient is to run at an easy pace, and not push so hard. Of course, it is very difficult to
exercise restraint when you're on an awesome oval.

For dinner all I decided to eat was 1 bag of Orville Light Butter popcorn. That's it. I need to lose more weight, because it allows me to run faster. The TV did not help though. It didn't help hearing on Eyewitness News that researchers are now saying how Pizza is considered a healthy food choice, when whole wheat dough is baked longer. Makes me want to go to Dani's.....Noooooooooooooo! Mussst Ressssissstt!!!!!

Okay, here are pictures of this New York famous pizza house, Dani's....

I am such a masochist!

Anyway, today's run was for my sister. I plan to do the same thing on April 9th, when my father has his birthday (When I do, I guess I will have to be running all night....heeheehee).

Tomorrow will be a light day for sure. No more than 3 miles!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A mini-discovery...

I never really listened to anyone who told me about running in Forest Park before. In fact, I ran through part of it last year, and didn't think much of it. Well, my head must have been up my culo.
Reminiscent to that of Central Park, Forest Park is located in Queens. It is just south of Kew Gardens & Forest Hills. I went running today figuring I was going to do about 5 miles. So I went through Forest Park, and I must say it was a beautiful run.
There were lots of runners, bikers, walkers, even skateboarders out there as I made my way to the far end of the course. I even saw a jogger push her dog along in a, get this, a wheelchair for the dog! The two hindlegs were straddled back on this seat, while the dog used his front legs to move along. Very ingenuitive!
Well, when I got to the end of the park, I had a big surprise! A beautiful new oval track made up of that specialized rubber material (don't know what it's called), was just calling my name. I ran to it, and did 10 laps with several joggers there. In the middle of the track were hundreds of people playing with soccer balls in their own little groups. I had to be somewhat mindful of the runaway balls that occasionally crossed my path.
My iPod was already telling me that I had about 400 meters to go, so I knew to get back home would require more like 7 miles. When I got back home, it was 7.2 miles. Not only more than I had hoped, but this was the most mileage I did since the first week of September last year!
Anyway, the morale to this story is that some of the best times I've spent running is when I do a new course. It's fun, adventuresome, and sometimes a bit dangerous, but always memorable.
Some additional statistics: This is my first 30+ mile week this year, plus this month is my 2nd highest mileage month (so far) since I re-started in 2004. I'm also ahead by 3 miles ahead of March of 2006. With 6 days to go, all I can hope is for good weather, and good legs.
I think that the winning formula for me this month has been not that kind.....abstinence by way of abstaining from trying to run too hard, too fast. I ease into my run now. I don't just blast away the moment I start my Polar or iPod. Even now, as I write this, my legs feel good!