Sunday, June 10, 2007


Today, I spent 3 and a half hours at the gym. I think I have lost my mind (or rather it is somewhere between the dumbells and treadmills), but am happy to report my first 30+ mileage week in nearly a month.
I ran. I ellipticalled (shit is that even a word?). I ab crunched. I overhead pressed. I dipped and chinned. I swam. And finally, when I was all done, I ate. Pizza. Lots of it.

I love Pizza.

I then made the mistake of going to Step In Shit, errr, I mean Stop N' Shop first before going to eat. That's a mistake too, because
I can spend a lot of money when going to a supermarket on an empty stomach.

Before we went there though, we actually saw an open house in New Hyde Park.
It was somewhat small, but it was all brand new, and very beautifully done.
My next race might be on July 4th. It all depends on whether or not I feel like sprinting
on the Long Beach boardwalk for 4 kilometers or not. My training needs to be more focused on the long run. But I have some unfinished business in Long Beach to take care of, and I need redemption there.
After that, it's not until the Long Island Corporate Challenge race, which will be on July 31st.
I am now 21 weeks away from the New York City Marathon. If I decide to follow a standardized regimen, my first "true" day of training will begin 16 weeks out, or on July 16.
Last Sunday, was the San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon. Lordy lord. 9 of the top ten finishers were Kenyans. Talk about domination! Just look:

Top 10 Men
1. DANIEL YEGO, 27, KEN, 2:09:04, $20,000 Plus Vehicle
2. CHRISTOPHER CHEBOIBOCH, 30, KEN, 2:10:58, $20,000
3. SYLVESTER CHEBII, 27, KEN, 2:12:00, $10,000
4. JOSEPH CHIRLEE, 27, KEN, 2:12:10, $7,500
5. FRED MOGAKA, 29, KEN, 2:14:00, $5,000
6. BOAZ KIMAIYO, 31, KEN, 2:14:26, $2,000
7. RICHARD MAIYO, 30, KEN, 2:15:25, $1,300
8. JOHN BIRGEN, 32, KEN, 2:15:49, $1,200
9. PETER MUTHAMA, 35, KEN, 2:17:05, $1,100
10. MOGES TAYE, 33 ETH, 2:17:29, $1,000
...I would love to know what they spike their Wheaties with.
Well, there were AMERICANS in this race as well!
Here's one. Take a look:

....okay....where do I sign up?

I hear it's San Diego's a fairly fun race with the music all along the course. As for me, it probably would be the scenery more than the music, since I always travel with my iPod (life saver) in hand anyway. The background music would probably be something of a distraction.
And speaking, of iPod, I finally finished creating my iTunes playlist for all of the famous rock songs of the last 50 years. 4752 songs was the final count that I thought were meaningful enough to randomly fill my iPod.

The music I use in my iPod is sort of like a mixed drink. 2 parts Rock, 2 parts Techno, 1 part Disco. Then shake, rattle, and roll.

Tonight's the last episode of The Sopranos....Ever. I don't think Tony's getting whacked. I think Phil Leotardo' going to go and sleep with the fishes. Whatever the ending, all I know is that my ass will be in bed as soon as its over. Tomorrow, I am planning to wake up at 5am, leave at 5:30 and be at the gym and ready to work out from 6-7:30am. Then shower & change there, and get to work by 8:30am. Ileana is going to do the same thing. Should be interesting.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Verizon: The Final Chapter

So, here it was a week or so after I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Verizon setting myself up for their so-called, hi-speed Verizon "FioS" service. I had been advised that someone was supposed to call me in advance to re-confirm the appointment for Wednesday, June 6.

Nobody called. So the day before I called them.

Not only could they not find the order.......the address where I lived did not even qualify for Fios at all! Could you imagine? I would have lost a day at work, just sitting around the apartment, twiddling around for nothing. FIOS = False Info Over Shit.

Anyway, I seem to be doing well online again for now, so hopefully this is behind me now.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Internet Blackout: Thank you, Verizon.

My bitch session will be short n' sweet. Verizon "Can You Hear Me Now" DSL had not working for the last ohh, what, about 8 days now? Suffice it to say, I was going to cancel and go cable modem, but as a divorcee with three child supports, I have to save whatever money I can, and cable is outrageously expensive. The only other option was to see if Verizon had any other service that might be better than my DSL. They do. It's called Fios and I have 30 days to trial it out. This coming Wednesday will be my installation date. Let's see how this all works out.

In the meantime, and because of the pain in my left leg, I've decided to do my runs as slow as possible, opting to get my real aerobic workouts from elliptical, swimming, and upper body machines, such as abdomials and assisted dip chins. I still have plenty of time (another month) before my official 16 week training course (consisting of 'whatever') kicks off, so I am going to play it safe. No pictures on this blog today, just a bland "Hello, how do you do" and "I'm glad to be back in blogsphere heaven".....for now.