Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yo Soy Fuerte!

Bad news and Good news.

The Bad news is that the Mets were eliminated. But seeing how they became a cancer during the last month of the year, it was almost a relief. Now, lets go CUBS!

The Good News is as follows....
In a foreign land.
While on a work assignment.
6000 feet above sea level where the air is thin.
In a gym with no air conditioning where the room thermometer read 79 degrees.
And on a surface that I do not enjoy to run in...the treadmill that is....

I did 16.7 miles.

This is a treadmill record.

And I am BACK!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Let's Go Mets!

Now really? Did that headline just grab your attention?

Let me first begin by elevating myself several levels to talk to someone who doesn't even like the Mets, let alone baseball, let alone even sports.

Have you ever had to do something, be it for your job, for your family, even for yourself, that was going to take a long time? I'm sure you have. Now, within those times that you had to do this "something", did you ever do the first 99% of it great, but screw up the last 1% so badly, that it completely undid the other 99% and all the time that you invested into it? I bet at this point, I don't see too many show of hands anymore.

Welcome to the New York Mess.

This blog is supposed to be about running, but I can't help but to have to comment off-topic on this team of baseball, that has done nothing right. Last week, I stated that they were the worst first place team I have ever seen take the field. And everyone agreed with me. But now I stand corrected...they are the worst 2nd place team I have ever seen.

Here I am in Gudalajara, Mexico, and the stench is foul but it's not coming from anywhere south of Tijuana. Instead it's coming somewhere from between Roosevelt Avenue and Northern Boulevard. Mr. Wilpon, Mr. Randolph and Mr. Minaya, if you are scouring through the internet to further your knowledge of your fan's reactions to your unbelievable collpase, than you are all masochists. But if you are reading, then hear this: Your season is over. And if you lose on Saturday, and the Phils win, then you will be eliminated from post season play after being in first place for 135 days, and with a 7 game lead as late as September 12th. If this happens, do not show up to Shea on Sunday. The Met fans will be booing your whole team for all 9 innings on FOX National Television.

Mr. Randolph. You said last night that your team was going to win this whole thing. So what exactly did you mean by "thing"? Perhaps you meant to say "thong", which is how most of your players are probably going to spend watching most of their evenings in October while the REAL baseball players duke it out for honor and for the ring.

When your team BLEW it with the bases loaded in the 9th inning in Game 7 against the barely-over-.500-wild card team Cards, it was like getting hit by a truck that you didn't even know was there. I never thought anything would be worse than that. Until now.

The Washington Nationals have scored an average of nearly 10 runs a game against you.
The Phillies have beaten you 8 straight games.
Your home record is almost under .500 now.
Dear Mets. YOU SUCK.

I can't even believe how I am attacking my own club. I sound like a typical Yankee fan. But unlike a typical Yankee fan, I'm a Met fan. That means TRUST, PATIENCE, DISAPPOINTMENT, HUMILIATION, and TORTURE. So I have all the right in the world to attack my own team. You Mets all suck, not because Yankee or Braves or Phillies fans say so, but because I am a Mets fan, and I see how all of you play, coach, and deal. And it all sucks. Real BAD. So, and again, please do us all a favor. If you lose tomorrow (Saturday), then don't even bother to show up Sunday to Shea.

Then, and if you really want to do all us New Yorkers an added bonus, then don't even bother coming back next year either. Leave town like the Dodgers did in 57.

In fact, here's what should be done (and in this order):

1) To Rickey Henderson: You were such a great player and now an even better coach. Please convince Wille to trade away at least the players that did not perform to their potential this year. If you are in touch with the fans and realistic people, then your roster should be at around 5-6 people when all is said and done. Obviously, they will all be hitters, because Mets have good pitching, like Mexico has good tap water.

2) To Willie Randolph: Willie my man! Look here Willie, Rickey's a good homey by going ahead and by eliminating all of the diseased players that played without heart and without skill, but all in all Rickey is the idiot who talks to fans during the game when he should be coaching his runners at first base. Fire Rickey. And while you are at it, fire Rick Petersen, the pitching coach too. Why Rick? Because my 91 year old grandmother who doesnt even speak English, and who only has one good eye remaining, could do a better job. Rick Petersen is one of the WORST pitching coaches I have ever seen. In fact, why not fire all your coaches and staff? After all, they have led your team to the worst collapse in regular season history, and that's not just a metaphor either, but a statistically proven fact.

3) To Omar Minaya: Que Pasa, Hombre? Yo! Willie! He fire all he coaches!! That a good move! But really hombre....Chu Gotta Beh Kiddi Me Mang! Que pasa con Willie, cabron? Chu gotta fire him, and fire him now. He a bad manager. He a bery bery bad manager. What a cabron pendejo he be. He keep saying all dee newspapers how he team will win it all. All they gonna win is a lotta bullshit mang! He too nice with dee players. He a player manager? No. He think he a manager, but he just playing. He no manager. No way Jose. O Sorry, I meant Omar. Omar, this come from my haht now when I say that Willie? He a big piece of mierda! Fire him now, estupido!

4) To Jeff Wilpon: Are you happy? Are you happy that you got Omar, my little Jeffy-Poo? Jeff, before we can win a championship, perhaps we can get somebody who can actually manage a manager who can manage a ball club for which 75% of them don't even speak the language. And I dont mean the language of English, but rather the language of HOW TO ACTUALLY WIN A BALLGAME. How can Omar have let Manny Acta go? How could he have fired Rick Downs to get that sack-full-of-shit Henderson to coach the second half? The only thing that Omar did that was of any use was to fire Mr. Williot. But Jeff, if you want to redeem yourself in your father's eyes, then please do all us long time suffering Mets fan a favor. Fire Omar before it gets any worse.

5) To Frederico Wilpon: Okay sorry. I know your name is really Fred, but there were so many Spanish players that your son was okay with hiring, I just figured the name would be okay with you. But all kidding aside, what is your son doing? The ONLY good move he made this year, was when he fired Omar, but it was a little too little too late. Are you going to let your son run this club into the ground, are you going to let Mets fans retitle your forthcoming ballpark from CitiField to ShittyField? Please Fred, do the right thing. Pay off your son, and get him off the steering committee, because he is steering all Mets fans away from Flushing.

6) To God. How much more suffering must I take God? Who cursed me to be a Mets fan? Why couldn't I just have sucked it up and enjoyed all those Yankees world series championships instead? Why did I have to be born in Queens? And who the hell told me to root for such a lousy team? What do I get in return for doing all this? Do I get to heaven faster than a Yankee fan?? Please make Fred Wilpon retire after he sells the Mets to Montana or Monterrey or perhaps even Myanmar. That's it. The Myanmar Mets with a starting rotation of 5 Monks who can at least find the strike zone, and not hit 2 consecutive ballplayers with the bases loaded in a game that determines the ENTIRE OUTCOME OF YOUR SEASON. Once the Mets are gone from New York, then it will only be the Yankees. And with at least with only 1 team in New York, then I can make the excuse of rooting for the Yankees after all. I don't want to join the dark side, God. But, I grow weak, and during the next two days, about the only thing that will bring me comfort is the knowledge that I am a good 2000 miles away from the Nightmare that is The New York Metropolitans.

Hope you all liked my off-topic rant for today. I could talk about my running. Okay I will. I ran 4 miles today. There. I think the Mets thing was a bit more interesting today.

Good Night!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

From Guadalqivir to Guadalajara.

No sooner did I get back from Spain, I'm back on a plane travelling to Mexico. It's a business trip and I am here for 6 days. There are some very, very important things surrounding my travel that I need to state here, but will not until I return.
In any event, I am staying at a nice hotel down here with a decent gym.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Spain....Back from the dead

9 days in Spain coupled with 7 days of being ill .
I had an incredible time in Spain, for which I expected my running to be severly impacted. Unfortunately, I did not count on the sore throat which later led to a real bad cold that has kept me all but off my feet for nearly a week. My weight has gone up, my muscle tone has gone down, and my goals have faltered of late. In short, I seem to have taken a comprehensive "hit" to my ship. But, I am determined. I won't give in. I will fight and I will prevail.

Tomorrow is my first run after more than a week. I am going to Mexico on business the day after, but I am arming myself with a daily change of running clothes. I will run on the treadmill, but if the treadmill sucks, then I will run around the hotel in Guadalajara for the following 6 days, if I must.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Inaugural Long Run: Long Island City -> Central Park Loop

First of all let me start by saying......1 more day to Spain! I can't wait !!!!!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, I have to say that I am really happy by my mileage this week, but even more astounded by my recovery process. It feels like after a few hours I'm ready to go back out and run again. I asked my girlfriend if she was lacing my food with any substances that has been recently taken by Rick Ankiel of the Cardinals. Only "Sazon" by Goya, she told me.

Seriously though, I have done 50 miles already and I still have one crack tomorrow to break my all-time week record. I already have broken other records too. In the last 30 days, I have run 200 miles. Also, I am on an 8-day consecutive run streak. Another record.

In fact, as I write this now, I am feeling good. I haven't gotten as much sleep as I would like, but I have been sleeping deep, and eating well. I wanted to run as many miles as I could because with me being in Spain until the 18th, there's no saying how much running I will be able to do. To top it all off, I checked the forecast, and they are calling for rain the first three days while we are in Marbella. Sheez. So much for the Costa Del SOL.....

Now for the report on today's run...

Course: Long Island City -> Central Park Loop
Towns: Queens:Long Island City,
Queensboro Bridge (59th St. Bridge)
Manhattan: Central Park, Columbus Circle,
Upper East Side
Distance: 11.2 Miles
Date: Saturday, September 8, 2007
Time: 01:30PM
Weather: 92F, 70% Humidity
Course Path: (see map)
Elevations: (see graph)

This isn't an inaugural run really. I've run Central Park a 'bazillion' times already. However, this is the first time that I run it starting from my girlfriend's job in Long Island City, and it is the first time that I ran it as a 'non-race' event during the life of this blog....

This marks the second time this year that I have crossed over the East River (first time was the Williamsburgh Bridge). I could tell this was going to be a broiling hot day. Usually, the only advantage to crossing the 59th Street bridge are the swirling winds that help to cool you down on a hot, humid day like today. And even though it was windy, it was very hot air.

Long Island City has to be one of the dreariest parts of all of New York. It's loaded with empty factories, and unkept facades. Considering that this is the ONLY part of Queens that the New York City Marathon goes through, it's no wonder why people who come from all over the world view Queens as a dump (including someone who lives in Tamarac, Florida). Sorry to offend, but with it confluence of overhead, noisy, subway trains, a mess of traffic below, and graffiti-laden iron 'El's' everywhere, it is a World-Class Dump in what is otherwise a World-Class City.

The Queensboro Bridge was built in 1909. And it looks it. After years of neglect and corrosion, the city finally decided to do something about it. And so, in 1987, it started to fix the bridge. 20 years later, they are STILL fixing the bridge, it still looks like it's going to collapse (like what happened in Minneapolis last month), and it's cost us taxpayers over $330 million dollars.

With it's steep rise and unforgiving steel, it is without a doubt, the most challenging part of the New York City Marathon to me.

Upon exiting the bridge, there were some extra barriers, forcing me to have to backtrack to 1st Avenue before turning around to making my approach to Central Park South. Of course, I was stopping & starting both my Polar sensor as well as my Nike+Ipod sensor at every street corner that I encountered a red light, which seemed like all of them.

Central Park South is home to famous renowned hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton and the Plaza Hotel. But to me, it is famous for the fact that whenever I run through this part in the NYC Marathon, it means that I have less than a 1/2 mile to go. And let me tell you, just thinking of that, made me want to sprint. Oh, yes, there is the occassional. 6-foot-4 inch Scandinavian, that will literally knock you out of his way as he too turns for the park in search of an NYC Marathon medal, but all in all, it is a great feeling whenever I run through these parts.

As I made my way through to Columbus Circle, I could not hold my breath long enough from smelling the stench of horse maneure that seemed to jam itself through my nostrils. Too many handsome cabs where parked in the vicinity, and the heat only made the aroma even more pervasive. All I can tell you is that there's nothing 'handsome' about smelling horseshit everywhere. And to think that right across the street is the Ritz-Carlton. At $600 per night for the cheapest room, I think someone could afford picking up that poop, no? I was really thirsty, but didn't stop until I had passed all of the shitmaking factories, and had already entered the park through Columbus circle. Almost immediately, I stopped quickly to buy a bottle of water ($2) and then was off again.

Let me begin by saying that without Central Park, New York would be nothing more than a big, 1-dimensional city, abundent in concrete and steel, but void of life and greenery. Central Park is the most visited city park in the United States, and its appearance in many movies and television shows has made it among the most famous city parks in the world. But you knew that already. What you might not know is that this is also the site of where I typically freeze my balls off, when I, yours truly, spend the better part of the first 3 months of the year, running as many races as I can to qualify for the following year's Marathon.

CP has several challenging hills, both up and down. And if the hills don't getcha, then perhaps the cyclists or careless rollerbladers will. Most are pretty careful, but there are a few out there that will force you to keep a general watch for what's happening on the road. In fact, I decided to go clock-wise around the full loop (10km) of the park. Interestingly, I must have been only 1 of about 10 people that did this. There seemed like at least a thousand people or more that went counter-clockwise. Why Is This I Wonder??? So, I ran clockwise, so that I could keep my eye on what was coming at me. This is especially important when you are wearing music on your ears.

As you can see on your left, I've included a picture of Central Park and all of it's main attractions. I will tell you (and show you) all of the sites that I ran past. I did not take pictures, but I'd like to thank everyone who posted pictures on the 'net that I am using, for the purposes of glorifying NY even more. Thank You.

Look at those pictures! Now, I won't be close-minded. I KNOW that there are a lot of other beautiful cities with radiant parks out there. Still, it is a privilege to be taking in a part of this. Central Park was built before the Civil War (1859) and it's definitely stood the test of time....

Coming up on West Dr. is Heckscher's Playground followed by the ballfields. By now I was totally soaked with sweat from head to toe. It was incredible to see how lively the park was.

There were tens of thousands of people relaxing, playing, exercising at Sheep Meadow today, just like the picture shows above. The sun was strong, and everyone was having fun!

Since I was 4 years old, and listening to my portable record-player while I rode my hobby horse, I always loved the Beatles. They were, probably still are, may always be, my favorite musicians. It really pained me when my best friend Doug Botero had called me crying on that fateful night of December 8, 1980 with the unbelievable news of his killing. 5 years later, with no less pain then when it had happened, many gathered around to pay homage to him. This time it would not be in front of his home in the Dakotas building on 72nd St. however, but instead in Central Park. He loved New York, and Yoko showed her appreciation by having New York build a memorial in his name. It was designed by Bruce Kelly (1948-1993), the chief landscape architect for the Central Park Conservancy and was inaugurated on Lennon's birthday, 9 October 1985, by his widow Yoko Ono, who had underwritten the project. The entrance to the memorial is located on Central Park West at west 72nd Street, directly across from the Dakota Apartments, where Lennon lived for the latter part of his life and where he was murdered.

My journey north in the park would not take me to this, but I did observe a solemn moment as I passed through this area.

I passed the Lake on my right, which leads to the famous Boat House on the east side of the park. Gondolas are still rented and used for most of the summer there. Beware, however of the mosquitoes. I took a gondola with my ex-wife Bern, and ex-friends, Gerry and Treacy (I know a lot of exes..), and I was eaten alive!

Belvedere Castle:
I passed this on my right.
2nd highest natural elevation in Central Park.
Ask me if I care. LOL. Hey, I am MELTING by now!!!

The Delacorte Theatre. Thanks in part to volunteer services I performed back last December, my company invited Ileana and I to a front-row performance of Romeo & Juliet last month. The play was awesome, and having the honor of eating a gourmet picnic dinner on a the same blanket as that of your CEO and his daughter was no small thing gift either. We had a wonderful night with great memories, and running past the pavilion reminded me of it!

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Lennon wasn't the only one with a memorial. Although, this was here as a real reservoir to supply the city with water at one point, it was renamed for Jackie O' in 1994. She didn't live too far from here either. With the 1.58 mile jogging track, the Jackie O' Reservoir is most familiar to runners who enjoy the precise nature of their daily run. Contributing to the exhilarating exercise is the view. This 106-acre body of water was enclosed by an unsightly chain-linked fence, but in 2003 they erected a cast-iron ornamentation styled fence, so that runners could easily see across the reservoir and across the expanse of the urban skyline.

And, according to New York Magazine:

Though the path encircling the water is a favorite for joggers, you can buck the
trend and stroll—just remember that you're expected to travel counterclockwise
(some people take this rule very seriously) it was replaced with
a provides some of the best views of the City skyline.


Once I had passed the tennis courts, pools, and North Meadow it was time to attack the dreaded "Great Hill" or "Harlem Hill", as some people call it ( I once heard it called "Heartbreak Hill" but there's only one true Heartbreak Hill and that's along the course of the Boston Marathon, I believe). I am going to break the rules here and let you in on a ground secret though.. Harlem Hill is actually nothing! Oh sure, it's a little bit of climb, but in truth, if you are going CLOCKWISE (I bet that pissed a lot of counter-clock peeps) in CP, then you have been going up hill for 3 miles already! The real toughie is not Harlem Hill, but when you start to head to the northeast end of the park. At first, you go downhill. Your mind starts to think like, 'Whew! it's over!'...........WRONG! Because halfway to the east end, you encounter not one, not two, but three hills, one steeper than the next. It's only after you have passed south of the Reservoir on the east end do you start to go downhill, mostly for good.

Other nice Central Park photos:

Water Conservancy...................Water Conservatory...............Harlem Meer............

I actually made a modification on my route today. I exited at 72nd Street, and ran down to Lexington Avenue, before make a right. I was in search of a Radio Shack so that I could find a power transformer for Spain. Straight ahead I saw the sky crossing for Hunter College.

Ahhh, Hunter College. I remembered my one semester there. I went namely for a girl that I had really fallen in love with, only to have the love go unrequited. What a fool I was. Unfortunately for me, that would not have been the last time that I would have been an idiot in holding out for what essentially turned out to be nothing more than suffering and despair. It took a long, long, time, but God bless, I finally grew up! Unlike the women in my past, I can at least say that Ileana is not in the "hurt" business. But wait! I am writing a bit much on the subject of 'love' aren't I? After all, this is a blog called 'Road To New York', not 'Road to Eternal Damnation'!!!!!

Anyway....N-E-V-E-R A-G-A-I-N-!!!!

On an upbeat note....After all those years (since 1983, to be exact), Mariella's Pizza was still there! They had some of the best pizza I ever had. Unfortunately, I was down to 3 bucks of which I needed 2 of them to take the subway back home, so no pizza for me.

Anyway, all sweated up, I headed into the subway station on 53rd and Lex. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long (my feet were hurtin' ..... not to mention kickin'!!) to hop on the 'E' train.

Before I knew it, I was already getting out at Union Turnpike, and not long after that, taking what must have been my 12th shower this week (another record). In fact, this might have been the longest blog I've ever written. Lots of records broken this week.......

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Racing On The Boulevard of Death...

It's called the Boulevard of Death because of all of the pedestrians that have been mowed down by careless drivers. It is Queens Boulevard. And it is in the heart of Queens.

If I didn't mention this before, Queens Boulevard is very near and dear to me as well. I grew up in Queens for good portions of my life. I frequented the boulevard for everything ranging from going to the ShopQuik to get my mother a quart of milk, to getting my wisdom teeth pulled, to running the New York City Marathon, and beyond. I've held two jobs located on Queens Boulevard, met women on Queens Boulevard, and had fights with kids on Queens Boulevard. I had my confirmation at a church on Queens Boulevard, and graduated from elementary school on Queens Boulevard (well it was really Austin Street, but hey, I could see my classroom windows from Queens Boulevard!). I even played my first game of pool at JCs on Queens Boulevard, and when I was a kid, I once attempted to steal baseball cards from Queens Boulevard (I was coaxed into being the 'lookout' by Micahel Mancino...long story). I also threw eggs with Billy Hodge from the roof of his apartment building from Queens Boulevard. Lots of 'em. About 10 dozen eggs, all taken carefully out of their cartons, placed in a corrugated cardboard box, and them dumped over the roof, making a real mess of things on the street and parked cars below (because I was no angel at the age of 13). Anyway, you get the point.
I raced today. Raced as fast as I could. It was a wonderful run. Everything was synched up perfectly. I hit all the green lights, and rarely had to stop at all. Of course, when I had to, I did stop my watch.

I normally consider any run under 9 minutes per mile to be tempo. But when I go under 8 minutes and 16 seconds a mile, then it's a race in my book. One day I will tell you why 8 minutes 16 seconds is so important to me.....But not now.

Here were my splits (with comments) :

Intervals (Normal 1 Mile Intervals)
M# Time Total Pace Notes
1 9:12.3 9:12.3 Always best to start out slow. Let the heart/lungs get into its rhythm.
1 8:28.1 17:40.4 And we're off....
1 8:26.0 26:06.4 Woodhaven Blvd. Uphill a bit..
1 7:50.5 33:56.9 Coasting through to Queens Blvd & Rego Park.
1 7:52.0 41:48.9 Great attack of the long uphill past the 3 buildings of the evil empire.
1 7:12.7 49:01.6 Blazing speed through Forest Hills!!!
1 7:02.0 56:03.6 Absolutely ridiculous pace to between Continental Ave. & home!!!
.1 0.05m 0:15.7 Downhill sprint on Lefferts. Nearly suicidal!! (5:14 pace!!!)

Tomorrow, since I will be off, I will do the long run in Port Washington.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ahhhh... The Stink of it All....

Peeeeeeee - Uuuuuuu !!! Olfactory Overload.

Does the Sanitation Department work on a holiday? How about the weekends? Do they even
work at all?

I did another 7+ miles today (another PR for me - 38 miles in 4 days). It was supposed to be an easy run. Supposed to be.

But the nostrils complained.

Oh, Sanitation Department of New York....Where? Are? You?

There was garbage everywhere!

......................I.......................................MEAN....................... EVERYWHERE!!!!

And it stank. To high heaven. Smells of rotten food....Rotten things...The foulest funk of forty thousand years as I believe Vincent Price was quoted on the Michael Jackson's Thriller. I had to hold my breath much of the route. It's a good thing I don't have much in the way of brains, or there could have been some serious damage here!! In short, this felt like the longest "anaerobic" workout I ever did, I tell ya!

Looks like they didn't work the entire Labor Day weekend. Please get back to work....I beg of you... Not another foul run again, please! I almost felt like I was running through the English Kills again off of Metropolitan. Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg....

Although, I am exhausted, my legs are still in great shape. I am pushing my body, but I am careful to wait for it to push back. If and when (surely I mean when) it does, I will cease for a bit.
Anyway, the garbage outside even smelled worse than this....

............................................... The garbage inside................................................
(my dirty workout clothes of a week old)!!!! Ain't I a ...... stinker?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Running With Screwdrivers: Another Inaugural Long Run: "Abuelita's" Run

Course: Abuelita Long Run
Towns: Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens Hills, Jamaica, Flushing, Forest Hills
Distance: 12 Miles
Date: Monday, September 3, 2007
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Weather: 84F, 50% Humidity,
Bright Sunshine,
Course Path: (see map, left)
Elevations: (see graph, left)

So, I needed to go to my grandmother's at some point before my trip to Spain, because I needed to remove the doorknob from her bathroom door. At the same time, it was Labor Day, and I needed to do a decent run, since I was unable to do a super long run on Sunday. What do to?

Why, do both of course!

My house is nearly 5 miles from my Grandmother's. Add a couple of miles on the way back for diversity, and voila, you have "Abuelita's Run" (Abuela is Spanish for Grandma)

The weatherman indicated it was 82 degrees, but it seemed like it was more like 86 or higher. Also, humidity was low, but I wouldn't have guessed it. The back of my neck was like a lagoon, and I felt like Swamp Thing as I hustled through Parsons & Kissena Boulevards.

Perhaps the best part of this run was the fact that I ran to her house....holding two screwdrivers in my hand! Hey, after all it is Labor Day. What can be better to honor the holiday than by holding Sears Craftman tools in your hands all the way there?!

When I got to her house, I did my good deed, and had my rest stop which consisted of 3 glasses of water, 2 Keebler's Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Chip Cookies, and 1 Banana. My Grandmother instantly noticed the "get-up" I had on. All red, yellow, and black. She immediately recognized that I was dressed like a flag of Spain, and started to laugh. Her assisted-living nurse was there. She was like a bump on a log, watching the Spanish novellas, while my grandmother pranced all around the house.

********1937 (at age 21)****************** 2007 (at age 91)*********************

She turns 91 in a few weeks. I hope I have the same stamina and brain power when I get to be that old. Heck, I hope I get to be that old!!!

On the way back I saw something run across the sidewalk on Kissena Boulevard and into the wild, unkept weeds of Kissena Corridor Park. It was a lizard! I never knew they could exist in NY.
I got home, just in time to shower and go back out. Macy's was having a sale and I needed Polo's for my highly anticipated vacation in sunny Puerto Banus in the heart of the Spanish Riviera. Ahhhh..... Just the sound of that makes me slip into vacation mode...Ahem. I better stop. My lunch break is almost over (writing this today, Tues. and I'm at work now).

Well, I am on a roll. Having run over 30 miles in 3 days, is a record. Officially a record. I've never run that many miles in any 3 day period. Ever. What's even more bizarre is that I felt less sore after yesterday's run than I did the day before that. I've been very mindful not too push myself too too hard and risk injury. I think I may have crossed over into a higher mileage plateau, and if this keeps up, I may have to re-evaluate my training sessions.

So, after a dreadful week, training wise, I have really put together a great set of runs. Can I keep this up? Can my fatigue be further postponed. Only time will tell.

Next week, when I am in Spain, I highly doubt that I will have access to the Internet, but even if I don't I will still journalize everything I can. I just don't know how many miles I'll be able to get under my belt, with all the partying that I am thinking I might be doing. This may be the biggest challenge for me yet this year. Again, only time will tell....