Friday, October 31, 2008

Laugh It Up


We are a sum up of all experiences, and advices taken, are we not? So when I got a comment earlier today from a noted Triathlon Coach and Sports Scientist out in Vancouver, I read it, and I must admit, a lot of what he said made a lot of sense.
Particularly, the part about going out and having fun.

Kinda looks like last year's entrance, but it's grand all the same.

When I PR'd in Philly this past September, I was stoked. In fact, I was high-fiving Scott at the starting line even before the race had started. Being happy keeps you loose, and actually helps you to do well. I can either be that, or be tense and do poorly. Gee, seems like a tough choice, doesn't it? (sarcasm).

I got to leave my job early today (thanks boss! :-) ) and headed over to the Javitz. Thank God, because I needed the extra time. Coming home it was 2 hours and 40 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic on the LIE, Northern and Southern States. To make things a bit trickier, I had to pay for parking. One garage wanted to charge me, get this, $50 dollars for the first 2 hours! It was like over $70 for 3 hours!!!!

Let me point out to everyone that while NY is expensive, the going rate is half that. And it was at the Kinney Park system just a few blocks down. This place was a bunch of crooks. I did not pay them (at the robbery place) and left.

Now let me show you a picture of this garage for everyone to take a good look at it.
The address would be approximately 510 W. 34th Street, near the corner of 10th Avenue.

Stay Away from this garage!!!!!

The Marathon expo was in its usual mayhem. Many foreigners plunking over high sums of money (thanks to the weak dollar). I had vowed not to buy anything myself, but I caved and bought a couple of books for whom the authors were there in person. I got both books autographed and some funny stories to tell. But that's for later.

One bit of an emergency. I accidentally left my driver's license at home. Not a smart move. In order to get my race number, I needed a photo ID. Shit. It was just then when I realized I had my work photo ID tag, and everything went great thereafter.

Here's my numbahhhh:

After that episode had ended I made my way over to the Karhu athletic shoe kiosk that is being currently run by Jack Rabbit (great great place for runners, tri's and all athletes alike - - gotta check it out!)
where I saw Scott and we headed downstairs to the food court for some grubs.

I must admit that for $9.50 I got a very tasty Chicken Parmesan cutlet over a nice bed of pasta. Funny Moment: I was showing Scott, this new application that I had on my iPhone called "midomi" which I downloaded for free. In it, you sing or hum or even talk the words to a song, and it gives you back all of the information regarding that song. It's a great little app for when you are missing the name of a song.

Well anywho, Scott says, "So any song? Like "You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore", and shit like that" he says? And as I was saying yes, we started walking into the bathroom. Here comes the funny moment. He's going towards the urinal, and at that point I noticed there were other people there.

"Dude. There is no fucking way I am going to be singing that you don't bring me flowers anymore, especially with people in the stalls". At this point, Scott nearly lost it, and we were cracking up. I swear I might have missed the bowl, not even sure. And totally unprofessional for even bringing it up here, but I am more about honesty than anything else anyway.

So here is the other somewhat funny moment. I get to the booth where Liz Robbins is selling her book "A Race Like No Other" (see inset). And she says to me, "You look very familiar." The other girls say, "Oh boy, we should be getting his autograph, that's Mark Ruffalo...." Damn, I should have played the part. Perhaps she would have given me the book for free? Anyway, she mentioned that just like she mentioned in her interview on television, on how her knees were bad, and how she decided to "Run A Marathon" as opposed to "Run" one, I half-heartedly mentioned that perhaps she could get new knees from the proceeds of the book, to which she wrote in my book:

However, it was even funnier when I got home.

My father calls and after I mention about this incident, he goes....

"Did you pursue it?"
And I said, "Pursue what?"
He goes, "Did you try to flirt with them or get their number or something? After all, you should have since that sounded like a compliment to you."
I said, "Oh please, nothing could be further from my mind."
then he goes "oh yes I forgot have a "girlfriend"..." and started to completely crack up as if he KNOWS that I have fabricated everything.

So i deliberately paused and said, "uh huh that's right i have a girlfriend already".

Once i said that he laughed in a way that only a true Sith Lord could laugh.

I have my father so fuckin' fooled, that it is hysterical!!! He really thinks I fabricated my girlfriend up out of thin air!!!!!

Speaking of which, I sent her this picture and she really liked that scarf for going sledding and stuff. $30? Too pricey.

A bunch of people I dont even know. Smile! You're on Blogrunner Camera!

German Silva (former NY marathoner and Olympian) talks to crowd with Liz Robbins, author of "A Race Like No Other" to his left. His big cautionary remarks were, a) break up the races in three parts, miles 0-10, miles 10-20, and the last 10k. He also mentioned not to try and do more than 10 seconds faster than your pace for the first 10 miles or you will struggle later on. All sage advice.

Additonally, I had the honor to meet Bart Yasso, who is a runner's icon, the "Mayor Of Running" as other have annointed him, and a funny writer too. He's had adventures in both running and cycling all around the world, and here he was today, standing a few feet away being interviewed on camera, and mentioning his love for the Dallas Cowboys. When his interview finished, I met the "Mayor", and he took my book and wrote the following words:

This was the Gatorade Display. It was of a man running inside a plastic bubble. Sort of like John Travolta in that made for TV movie, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble"....but on steroids.

Time to get political. Hey John, this is what I think about your campaign. Eat it, buster!

And just to make sure I give equal playing time here, in McDonald's they interview people 3 times before they hand over the uniform to flip a burger. McCain only interviewed Sarah Palin once.

My perennial favorite booth....the Snickers Marathon Kiosk. Please repeat after me with the voice of Homer Simpson....."Mmmmmmm......Snick-ers......."

Finally some nice B&W artwork of various points along the race course.

Hope you like them as much as I did....

Well that's that. Going to bed soon, and will veg out all day long tomorrow.

......Here comes the fun again.....

Mind over Gray-Matter

One of the mysteries of the human body that is only evident to people who have been under extreme physical duress over an extended period of time, is that of the complaining of the "first voice". By that, I mean the voice that is within our brain that wants us to quit, give up, or at the very least, acknowledge that there is the need to exhibit "pain". And as the miles begin to pile up, the ability to block the brain's primitive wiring that signals pain to the associated area, becomes more and more of a challenge.

The tricky part is not only to know how to block these signals, but in the case of self-preservation, know the difference between whether those signals are warranted or not. Even if I was a master in controlling my mind over matter, would I want to prevent my brain from sending a signal to a bone that's broken to signal pain, for example? Of course not.

According to Tim Noakes, MD, author of "Lore of Running" he states:

In a marathon, the race really begins from 32km (20miles) onward, during the last 10km. From here to the finish, the marathoner's brain speaks of logic and therefore appeals to the first voice, which will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. The marathoner's only recourse is to call on the spirit, which fortunately functions independantly of logic. It accepts that marathon running goes beyond logic - the humans were not designed to race marathons any more than they were designed to scale Everest. And the human spirit soon learns that the marathon is one way for ordinary people to define irrevocably their own physical, mental and spiritual limits. By the 32-km marker, the marathoner must be ready to define these personal limits.

My advice is to ignore all logive and to take solace in the realization that every other runner feels just as bad as you do. You should view your own efforts as being every bit as important as anything else you have done previously up to now.

The other thing that Noakes goes on to point out is the fact that runners of all caliber get slower. He even showed the charts to prove it.

The other items are adrenaline. Mental factors can trigger adrenaline release but they are not always warranted. Like coming off the Queensboro Bridge and seeing scores of people screaming at you and cheering you on. The brain wants to say "Hell Yes!" but I think the body has only so much adrenaline available at any given moment. Unless I really need it then (and let's hope I don't) then I need to just turn up the volume on the iPod.

Other factors that may make me lose control of my adrenaline, is my girlfriend, who I love, and love her support. That alone, makes me want to sprint. So, sorry to say girlfriend, but I can't be thinking of you, until I really need to, and that might not be until the very end.

Same thing goes for my kids, though I think I can start thinking of them once I am back in Central Park.

To all my enemies out there, I can't be thinking of you at all. Anger does not suit me well, as it completely drains me of adrenaline. I would only think to use anger with like 200 yards left to go, but my girlfriend will be in my head at that point.
That and.....

the big kahuna. the dream of the sub 4.

Hell, if I am already over 4 hours, then I won't need to worry about it, but if I am (and I intend on being) close to the 4 hour mark, I will do all I can to cross the finish line. I just read a Runner's World article that says that sprinting at the end of a marathon can be actually lethal in rare cases. So, it will be important to listen to all my environmentals.

Now that we've tackled the mind game, let's move on to the muscle.

I have muscle. It will be used. And used again. I need concentrate on not overstriding, especially increasing footstrikes on uphills to go in concert of shortening my strides on the uphills. I also must rememnber not taking the down hills too fast.

It will be almost cold. 40-48 degrees. My guess is that it will be around 43 with a wind chill of about 39.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Damn Leg!

Okay so my 2 hour training last night gave another part of my knee a slight hurting. Nothing serious, but it seems like I am falling apart at the seams.
But I don't care. I am on a collision course with destiny now, and I will not let it derail me.

I have been comparing what my 5k splits will need to be (as you saw in yesterday's blog) with that of what I have done in recent years. And yes, it is very aggressive comparitvely speaking. But, and as my cheerleader commanded me over the phone the other day, I must BE AGGRESSIVE. B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-I-V-E AGGRESSIVE!

Onto other news. There are more and more stars that will be running this event.
Kara Goucher, who shares my birthday (though not the year), and who beat Paula Radcliff at the Great North Half-Marathon, will be onhand to challenge Paula and others. Being also born in Queens (Astoria, which is where I was born too), I have nothing more than best wishes that she comes home with the gold. Here below is a You Tube of her conquest over Paula (another great runner) in the 2007 Great North event:

Another video:
This one is from author Liz Robbins and about her book of the New York City Marathon, entitled: "A Race Like No Other"

Split Times........2006.......2007.......2008..
@05 kilometers:...0:34:48....0:28:43....0:27:21
@10 kilometers:...1:03:54....0:57:08....0:53:42
@15 kilometers:...1:33:32....1:25:51....1:20:52
@20 kilometers:...2:05:13....1:54:52....1:48:35
Half Marathon:....2:12:34....2:01:01....1:55:01
@25 kilometers:...2:41:55....2:25:31....2:17:25
@30 kilometers:...3:19:54....2:56:22....2:44:59
@35 kilometers:...3:57:11....3:28:10....3:16:37
@40 kilometers:...4:35:41....4:05:26....3:46:57
Full Marathon:....4:47:47....4:20:11....3:59:40

In 2006, I was running injured, hence the higher times.
Last year, was my 2nd fastest year ever. Compared to last year, it will be between kilometers 5 and 10 where I need to set the tone. Brooklyn is flat, but it is crowded too. I must try to run as straight as I can, only weaving to pass the slower runners in front of me.

The next "improvement" surge I will need to focus on over last year will have to be between the 25th and 30th kilometer milestones. That is up 1st avenue in Manhattan. Groovy.

The last of the big pushes, will be between the 35th and 40th kilometer. This will be the killa'dilla. We're talking improvements over last year at between 21st and 24th mile marker.

What is going for me will be the temperance of the kill on my side. While I do get the butterflies every year (this year being no diff), I also have a "game plan" and I also have less fear of this course than ever before. My only concern again is the muscular biomechanics. To run for 4 hours is not like running for 2 hours. The 2nd 2hours is nothing like the first, and the last hour is nothing like even the 3rd hour. How bad do I want it? I want it real bad.

As I am about to shut this darned thing off, my darned leg is feeling better. Now
I rest. For 10 hours. Goodnight.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Source of Inspiration.

None other than on the same day that the Philadelphia Phillies have been crowned World Champions, I get an email from ING Bank showing the video of me crossing the finish line at the Philadelphia Distance Run back on September 21 of this year.

The first 50 seconds or so of this video is just fluff. But you will want to pay close attention at the end to see me finish. This was the fastest half-marathon ever, as I set a PR in crossing the finish line with a pace of 7 minutes and 50 seconds per mile. Hot Dog!

Now, in case you need a reference point. I've taken the liberty (no pun intended) on taking a freeze frame of me as I am crossing the finish line below. Look at it, and come back up and try it again...

I was 159 at the time, but guess what? None of this matters. I am going to do the opposite about my weight, because I am going to EAT YOU ALIVE, New York City Marathon course! I am going to eat you up, and hopefully be able to spit you out too.

3 Days To Go: Good Workout.

Sometimes ya just need a physical booster to make yourself feel more confident.

Tonight I went to LA Fitness. I spent 2 hours running on the treadmill, striding on the elliptical, lifting weights, pulling weights using my hamstrings, doing over 300 situps, and finished up with stretches more overhead presses, and more elliptical.
And I feel great.

The remaining quandry was whether or not I was going to carbo-load tonight or not. At 165 pounds this morning, I am overweight by 5 pounds. Now, it will be unsafe and stupid to lose all 5 pounds between now and Sunday, because that would mean a) that I have had to fast in an extreme way that will strip me of carbohydrates, or b) would have to work out like 5 hours a day until D-Day, which aint gonna happen either.

So, the solution will be as follows. Tonight (Wed), I have eaten a GU ROCTANE Gel Pack loaded with potassium and only 100 calories. I also drank a glass of water too and will take a centrum vitamin. That is it. When I got on the scale, I was already 163 at the gym. Though now, I just weighed myself again, and it shows 165.4. What the?? Perhaps my scale is actually off by 2 pounds? Tomorrow morning (Thu) should be interesting.

Two non-running items

Obama - Just saw the infomercial he put on. Very impressive I must admit. It is refreshing to see a candidate who talks to the average American showing how he is willing to tackle the issues the comfront us all.....rather than attacking his opponent, as his opponent JUST DID AGAIN on the ensuing commercial. Give it up McCain, nobody likes you or your ra-ra Crab woman from Alaska.

Phillies - I am a Mets fan, but I am a Baseball fan first. It was great seeing the Rays make it all the way, but you gotta love these Phillies. They really have warmed my heart. They are a good team to root for.....when they are not playing the Mets! And I am not saying this because my girlfriend is a Philly fan either!!!!

Back to running....
For those of you who have honored me, by placing me on the free fan alerts website keep track of whether or not I am able to break the 4 hours barrier, this is what I am going to attempt to do....
Fan Alert....2008..
After 05k - 0:27:21
After 10k - 0:53:42
After 15k - 1:20:52
After 20k - 1:48:35
Half-Mar. - 1:55:01
After 25k - 2:17:25
After 30k - 2:44:59
After 35k - 3:16:37
After 40k - 3:46:57
Marathon - 3:59:40

May the wind be at my back the entire way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Checklist for the 2008 New York City Marathon

Every year around this time, I start to get fidgety about what I will be taking with me to the starting line in Staten Island. Back in 2005, and even when I had packed everything the day before, I still somehow managed to leave my Polar SX625 at home. What an ordeal. I had to take a cab all the way back to get my watch. Ugh.

Since then, part of my preparedness mantra includes a visible checklist. All of the things that will be relevant for that years race will be jotted, printed, and checked off on Saturday. Peace of mind before a Marathon is penultimate in guiding a runner to personal victory.

2008 New York City Marathon Checklist

Day Category-Item
Mon. [ ] Race-Reserve Bus Ride from Runner's Edge.

Wed. [ ] Meds-Print out & laminate inspirational email from girlfriend

Thu. [ ] Electric-Select Music – Load into iPod Shuffle
Thu. [ ] Race-Pack Marathon Registration Card

Fri. [ ] Meds-(2) Tylenol packs.
Fri. [ ] Meds-(6) Endurolytes
Fri. [ ] Meds-(7) Salt Packets
Fri. [ ] Meds-(8) GU – ROCTANE Fuel Gels
Fri. [ ] Meds-(8) GU – ROCTANE Fuel Gels
Fri. [ ] Meds-Chap Stick – for the lips
Fri. [ ] Meds-Glide – for boobies and crotch
Fri. [ ] Meds-Glide FX – it’s like ben gay
Fri. [ ] Meds-Water Bottle
Fri. [ ] Electric-Charge Garmin 305
Fri. [ ] Electric-Charge iPhone.
Fri. [ ] Electric-Charge iPod Shuffle.
Fri. [ ] Electric-Pack your Bose iPod Shuffle wraparound headsets

Sat. [ ] Cloth-Asics Jacket
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Black Ski Top
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Green Pillow
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Lay out running shorts with pockets.
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Lay out running top.
Sat. [ ] Cloth-New Socks
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Plastic baggy – for salt packets & Endurolytes
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Poland Springs Gloves
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Pack Technical Gloves
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Select running cap.
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Select Sneakers (go with the New Balance 1062s).
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Spare socks
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Sunglasses
Sat. [ ] Cloth-Sweat Pants
Sat. [ ] Cloth-War Red Hat
Sat. [ ] Hygiene-Clip Your Finger Nails
Sat. [ ] Hygiene-Clip Your Toe Nails
Sat. [ ] Meds-(2) Bandaids for nips
Sat. [ ] Meds-Bagel with Butter
Sat. [ ] Meds-G2 Gatorade Red
Sat. [ ] Meds-Pack pics of my girlfriend, and my kids.
Sat. [ ] Meds-Setup Dunkin Donuts Coffee
Sat. [ ] Meds-Sugar Free Red Bull
Sat. [ ] Meds-Load up GU Roctanes on Fuel Belt.
Sat. [ ] Meds-Attach Glad Snack Baggy with safety pins onto Fuel Belt.
Sat. [ ] Race-Pack green bible.
Sat. [ ] Race-Pack NYRR Marathon Guide
Sat. [ ] Race-Pack latest edition of Runner's World.
Sat. [ ] Race-(1) Blue Arrow blanket
Sat. [ ] Race-(1) Flannel blanket
Sat. [ ] Race-(3) Black Hefty Lawn Leaf for Vapor Barrier on Ground
Sat. [ ] Race-Affix Label To Bag
Sat. [ ] Race-Affix Running Number to Shirt
Sat. [ ] Race-Check weather on
Sat. [ ] Race-Run Number Fill Emergency Info
Sat. [ ] Race-Set alarm clock for 3:30am.
Sat. [ ] Race-Set clock back one hour (Daylight Savings Time)
Sat. [ ] Race-Reinforce NYC Marathon Plastic Bag

Sun. [ ] Cloth-Sneaker Pouch for car key and money
Sun. [ ] Hygiene-Hot Shower In The Morning To Wake Up
Sun. [ ] Race-$40 cash in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Credit Card in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Drivers License in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Get Dressed, Put on Watch, iPod, iPhone
Sun. [ ] Race-Insurance Card in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Registration in Asics Jacket
Sun. [ ] Race-Run a Sub-4 hour marathon.

As you can see a lot goes into being prepared for race day (at least for me anyway).
The blankets, pillows, etal, is thanks to having to wait for 4 hours in the cold in Fort Wadsworth. This will keep me warm and dry.

And now for a vintage video. This one is courtesy of New York Road Runner's Club, one of the finest running clubs in the world.

The Strategy is Set.

I have decided upon a course of action. In the past I have recommended to everyone alive, never to do anything different at the last minute when racing. Having said that, my course of
action will indeed be different.

I have run the New York City Marathon 6 times.

In 1984, I was 19. The Challenge? To Finish A Marathon. I ran it in 79 degree heat. One person died on the Queensboro Bridge. He was from France. 300 people were rushed to the hospital. I finished my first ever marathon in 4:31:03.
Mission Accomplished.

In 1985, I had trained even harder. The Challenge? Run an entire marathon nonstop without having to stop to walk. I finished that race in 4:09:47. Mission Accomplished. Record Pace to Date.

In 1986, After getting married to Lorraine, I let it all go to waste. June 28th was my last day of training. 4 months later, and with all the hoopla of the race (TV commercials, bus and subway ads, radio shows, etc), I decided to run it. The Challenge? Be able to finish a marathon after not having run 1 time in 4 months. I was miserable. The pain and anguish began at Mile 4. But my will kept me going. I fought and I finished that race in 5:21:57. Mission Accomplished.

In 2005, after not having run a full marathon in 19 years, I came back to the lore of running. I wanted to see what my old 187 pound frame could do. I trained for six odd months, and nearly broke my first marathon time from when I was 19 back in 1984. I finished that run in 4:34:14. Mission Accomplished.

In 2006, I trained even harder. I wanted so badly to break that 4:30 mark along with that 1984 time 20 years before. With one month left, I attempted a 20 mile long run with new sneakers that were barely used. It did not bode well. I tore my right calf muscle about an inch long. My orthopedist told me to skip the marathon. I went for a second opinion. The second orthopedist told me that if I ran the marathon, that I would risk tearing my calf to the point that he said I would never be able to run again. Challenge: To Finish A Marathon While Injured.
I ran. 4:47:47. Mission Accomplished.

In 2007, I trained even harder than that. I lowered my body weight to 149 at one point. And ran nearly 1250 miles by the time the Marathon came around. The Challenge? To Break Four Hours. I finished it in 4:20:11. I did not break 4 hours, but I did post my 2nd best time ever and eclipsed that first marathon I ran in when I was 19. At the age of 42, no less. How about that?

Now for this year.
I have already run over 1500 miles. And have broken several of my own records to include my best ever half-marathon of 1:42:52 in Philadelphia. I have minor aches, and have slowed down my running to nearly a halt over the past week or so. My goal was to shatter my personal record of 4:08:47, but I don't want this anymore. I don't want the stress and aggravation of putting it all on the line to try by trying to knock off an entire 12 minutes in order to achieve my objective. It's not what I want.

What I want is to break 4 hours.

The strategy has been up for debate for quite awhile. Last year, I followed all of the running experts who mentioned about staying pace the whole way. Well, I did, but it did not help, and I still cramped up and perished in the Bronx. Again.

Well I am sick of perishing.

I have two legs that are in good shape. I have the intensity of a ferocious creature, and the heart of a lion. And fuck my cramps. I will hop the last 6 miles, if need be, at a 9 minute flat pace. I am not slowing down at any point. I am going for broke. Will I do it? You fucking damn right I will.

And if I don't, and my speed kills me from even finishing the race, let alone finishing well, then no big deal. I will walk across the finish line. I've already accomplished finishing the NYC Marathon, and have done it 6 times. I have nothing left to prove. There is no reason left for me to run this race just to finish. I need a new challenge, a new goal. My dad said it best, and so have others too. Why am I running then? I am running to challenge myself. I am running to prove that I can be better. That I can win.

While the execution is dangerous, the logic is flawless. Finishing is no longer the objective. Winning is the objective. Breaking 4 hours is winning. I am not quitting and I am going for broke.

Let me repeat what I am saying here, because this is war now. I am going for broke.
Sub-4 or Death.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Mental Nightmares Just Wont Stop.

Okay, so things aren't as scary as the title suggests.

However.....This is the time of the year in which all I ever do is wonder about how much I am going to suckass, just as much as I think about how much I am going to kickass. Depends on when you ask me, you will probably get a different answer.

My girlfriend is convinced that I can break 4 hours, and she really made me believe it when she spent the weekend with me and the kids, but now I feel as if though I am slipping back again. My left calf is much better, but it is still a little tight. I skipped going to the gym this morning, because above that I was exhausted, but also because of the calf. The knee is a helluva lot better though. Thank God, right?

I am (as usual) a bit obsessed with this whole sub-4 hour thing. So, I started to analyze my times at last year's event:

2007 New York City Marathon
distance h:mm:ss pace
5k 3.1 0:28:43 0:09:16
10k 3.1 0:28:25 0:09:10
15k 3.1 0:28:43 0:09:16
20k 3.1 0:29:01 0:09:22
25k 3.1 0:30:39 0:09:53
30k 3.1 0:29:51 0:09:38
35k 3.1 0:31:48 0:10:15
40k 3.1 0:37:16 0:12:01
41.92k 1.4 0:14:45 0:10:32

My finish here was 4:20:11 which was my 2nd best effort ever at a Marathon.
Of course, what I am looking to do, at 1 year older, is not only best that, not only best my PR of 4:09:47, but I have the balls to think that I can actually break 4 hours.

Then I took a look at the course map, and elevation maps:

I even called Darth up to give me advice on what approach I should best utilize
1) Go faster in the front half, bank up the seconds under the 4-hour pace, and use for later.
2) Stay as even paced as possible througout the entire run. Did this last year.
3) Mix it up.
4) Take the subways. (Just Kidding of course).

He asked me what I thought I could do in each mile. Taking elevations (above), location (above) and overall mental and physical states, this is what I came up with as the "best" of the possibilities of me to break 4 hours:

2008 Proposed Times
Mile Marker - Distance - Time
1 1.0 0:09:30
2 1.0 0:08:30
3 1.0 0:08:30
4 1.0 0:08:30
5 1.0 0:08:30
6 1.0 0:08:30
7 1.0 0:08:30
8 1.0 0:08:45
9 1.0 0:09:00
10 1.0 0:08:45
11 1.0 0:09:10
12 1.0 0:08:45
13 1.0 0:09:10
14 1.0 0:09:20
15 1.0 0:09:10
16 1.0 0:09:40
17 1.0 0:08:40
18 1.0 0:08:40
19 1.0 0:09:00
20 1.0 0:09:20
21 1.0 0:11:00
22 1.0 0:11:00
23 1.0 0:09:30
24 1.0 0:10:20
25 1.0 0:09:00
26 1.0 0:09:15
26.2 0.2 0:01:40
26.2 3:59:40

If I could stick to this plan, I would be completing the race in less than 4 hours.
Either way, I am faced with the burden of previous failures at the 4 hour mark. Perhaps, I am making too big a sitch, and should just take my own advice I give to people, which is to just let all of this fly over my head, and not get so wrapped up about it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Calf Dont Fail Me Now.

So while my girlfriend was playing baseball against Matt & Steffie on the Playstation 3, I decided to go out for a 5.2 mile run. It was very humid and cloudy today, and the wind was at my head on the way down. The run was decent, except there was a tightening of my lower left calf muscle. My girlfriend was really sweet though. She massaged the area for nearly half-an-hour, and now as I write this tonight, I must admit the area feels a lot better. My knee was feeling well though. Excellent.

Also, for those who are interested in knowing what my girlfriend looks like, I just want you all to know that she is very camera shy. I've been slowly but surely convincing her to take a picture, and I finally snapped off one. Here she is below. Hope you all like it:

Isn't she cute???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ten Spot with Ten Days To Go.

Today Ten was the magic number.
It all started off with the laziest of wills. I was happy to be in bed, when I should have been getting my ass in gear. This is what happens though when you have a great Bob-O-Pedic bed. You don't want to leave it. But my girlfriend called me this morning and inspired me to get movin' and get into the gym. I did and three a sprint 3 miles, plus upper body and hamstring work.

Then again in the evening, she called me and inspired me. Even did a cheerleader's cheer. Pretty incredible and very inspiring. I was going to just do another 2-3 miles. I wound up doing 7 miles.

I will be taking off tomorrow, because my knee is slightly tender, but I am overall satisfied with the results.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Alex

It looks like today was another bust. This has been a bad week runwise.
Feets don't fail me now! Meh.

Boy this is a suckass blogpost.

This sucks!


PS. Happy Birthday to my girlfriend! *smooch*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Accessorizing Instead of Exercising

Bed, Bath and Beyond Bad.

I went to get a set of silverware, and wound up completing (finally) my dining room.
So, going to the gym got wasted. Oh well. What can I say? I surely hope that a day missed after everything I've done all year long will kill me at the race next Sunday.