Friday, February 27, 2009

Mornings are better.

Though I write this late at night. I must admit that I have a great day when I start it off early.
Yesterday, I woke up early, and was able to put down 5 miles at the gym. I did this all before 7:30am. Just in time to wash off my self-made grime, make breakfast and lunch, and still get to work on time. The rest of the day went very well, as I had a lot of leftover energy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hefty Sums

No, it's not about my weight (though it may have well been). It's about the cost of a ticket at the new and highly-anticipated ballparks in New York. With the Yankees charging what appears to be $850 per seat per game for their field boxes, and the Mets charging close to $400 for the same, I figured that that third-tier vendors like StubHub would be left with little wiggle room to upsell.

Take a look....

$20,589 per ticket. For 1 meaningless game in a schedule of 162 games. Are you effing kidding me?

On another note regarding hefty sums.....Republican "potential" candidate, Bobby Jindal, went on the offense last night right after Obama's speech by proclaiming that government spending isn't the way to recovery. Really, Mr. Jindal. I guess you must not be looking very much at what is happening in your own backyard. Didn't your state graciously and hungrily accept $8 billion dollars in aid from the government a couple of years ago? I have too many good hours in my life to waste posting EVERY source, but here is one regarding just how much against your state of Louisiana was against this so-called GOVERNMENT spending:

What is the Republican party thinking about by having a governor from the state that has received more aid (justifiably so might I add) then any other, represent why it isn't good for the government to spend money?

What is most comical about the comical Republican party is that they are considering Bobby Jindal as the next potential candidate to take on Obama in 2012. Though I am just speculating, it appears to me that the Republican party thinks that Obama got voted in because of his color. It just seems so coincidental that this rich-white-boy-banker-backed-party has suddenly decided to pick a person of "color" to represent them. Again, I might be completely off base, but this is the perception that they give to me, when they send a person up there to the television networks, who can't even speak correctly, look glassy eyed, and appear completely disingenous in front of the cameras. What is it with this party anyway that they can't even speak correctly?

Come to think of it, perhaps I should take back what I said about the Mets tickets being outrageously expensive. With the $8 billion dollars that Mr. Jindal's state just received from the same government that he is criticizing, this amounts to 388,557 field box tickets at CitiField. And that, my friends, is a lot of tickets now, isn't it?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are We Food-lums?

Here is an interesting perspective on the subject of eating:

Running was going well, but I haven't run in a couple of days, and with the kids coming into town this weekend, I might not have too many more opportunities either.

The Coogan's race is in a week. Heaven help me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alex Rodriguez, YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

You and every single person that makes millions of dollars to humanly excel at a sport by cheating at it.

My 7-year old son loves baseball. He is one of the best on his team, and is by far their best pitcher. Of course, he is young, and things can change. Next week for example, he will turn 8 years old. I remember when I was 8. That was about what, 19 years ago? Just kidding. I wish.

When I was 8 years old, Hank Aaron was giving chase to Babe Ruth for the coveted Home Run Title. While there is no way to know what ANY athlete "did" back in those days, I sincerely doubt that a man as great as Henry Louis "Hammerin' Hank" Aaron, ever gave it a thought. No sir. He worked hard to achieve his record. He did it through sweat and grit, he did it through public persecutions and racial threats, and even life threatening situations. And most of all, he did it honorably. Not like you Mr. A-Roid. Not like most of you making all that coin out there playing a game, while many others like myself make several hundred times less, and are working their asses off just to keep our jobs.

My son, like his mother, is a Yankee fan. He chose this team because of their "supposed" integrity. But the truth is, integrity is the last thing you will see in the face of the game these days. I am disgusted by the stench of cheating that goes on today in the game. I am disturbed by the message that you send to all would-be athletes, like my son.

I will never condone any kind of performance-enhancing drug for my child. He will outperform and beat chumps like you by doing it the way Hank Aaron and Hank Greenberg did. Not the way you and every despicable cheat out there has. I'm glad that the likes of McGwire, Palmeiro, and Tejada, among others will never see the light of day in the Hall of Fame.

And Roger Clemens? That man is a big fat pig. He deserves to rot.

When Ba-roid Bonds broke the single season Home Run record, and the All-Time Home Run records, we ALL knew the deal. The game's most coveted statistic destroyed... by a lie. Alex, you were supposed to beat Bonds and restore honor to the game....NOT DESTROY IT COMPLETELY! (Shit, I sound like Obi Wan talking to Anakin on the mining planet of Mustafar....what a fuckin' nerd I am... lol)

We will never learn who the other 103 people are that tested positive along with A-Hole. The Ballplayers Union, will hide behind their shadows. The Union represents their players, but they don't represent the game itself. In fact, judging by what their actions in the coming weeks and months over this will be, I am beginning to think that they are going to be doing nothing to release these names. Heck, it's better to ruin the whole sport, and cast a doubt on everyone that comes up to bat, then to know who the other cowards are, right? Yet another shining example on how these scumbags should be tossed permanently from baseball. They are out for themselves, not for the greater good of the sport.

I'd petition Topps Baseball Cards to print only the ballplayers that are clean, but my fear is that from the 660 card set that it produces annually, that we might be down to the size of a deck of playing cards. What a pathetic mess my game has become. Bud Selig should have taken a stronger stance before on this. All of this has happened under his watch. Bud Selig sucks ass.

In my opinion, any ballplayer caught using or even owning a performance-enhancing drug should be kicked out of MLB, without salary, and with their records banished as well. They soil the game. It's going to take decades to fix and clean up this mess.

Of course, Alex now says he is clean. Has been since 2004, if you can believe him. Yah. Right. He is clean alright. Clean from ever being caught again. No one is stupid, A-Lie. We know that you changed from using a steroid from you 2003 positive test, to an HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is completely undetectable through any tests. Don't insult us by telling us otherwise. You lied once, you will lie again. ONCE A CHEAT. ALWAYS A CHEAT.

However, Alex is sadly just one of the many lying ballplayers destroying the game. I will promise you one thing though. If my son ever makes it to the 'bigs'....If he ever becomes one of those 1 in 100,000 children that will someday play on a field of legends...then you will see once again what it takes to have a real talent, and not a real cheat. And for all those would-be athletes who decide to take the A-Fraud route, the easy, lying and cheating path that he and so many losers have taken, know this....Take all the injections you want to, because when you step up to the plate, my son is still going to strike your ass out on three pitches.

In other words, take a seat, jackass!

We don't want your cheatin' kind to further sully the game that he is trying to love.

My Stomach Is A Big Piece of Crap

I have lost *some* weight ( my never ending nonsense, lol ) . I am down to 166. Last night, when I went to the gym and ran another 5 miles, I also did some ab work. For now, let's add the letters "fl" to ab to make "flab", because my stomach is big freakin' bowling ball. I have to get rid of this junk!

As I look at my Runner's World Calendar I see that this month's advice is about abs. How interesting.

Running can strengthen your abs, depending on your form. Keeping your torso straight and your shoulders back reinforces abdominal stability. Slouching takes your core out of the equation. If you catch yourself starting to slouch, take a deep breath and feel yourself naturally straighten. As you exhale, simply maintain that upright position.

Sure, all of this is good, sound advice. Assuming you don't eat bread, that is.

Speaking of it time for pizza yet?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bronx Half Marathon Part 2

Another reason why I love this sport so much...
It's the only time I'll ever smile while I'm in the Bronx!
Diggin' hard for the finish line!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bronx Half-Marathon Report

I drove an Infiniti today.
No. Not the car.
Brooks Infiniti.

These sneakers which have been fitting me rather nicely, were put to the test today at my toughest of all Half-marathons, The Bronx Half. The result? I was very pleased.

As with all my races, I have been consistantly lowering my durations. Last week at the Gridiron
and this week too.

In my first Bronx Half in 2005, I posted a 2:02:47, followed by 1:58:18 (in 2006), a 1:57:48 (las year) and this year, 1:53:24. Not bad for a 168 pound porker like me (note: after the race I went down to 165)

As you have probably read from my previous visits in the Bronx it is very hilly, and can be very windy. However, today the wind was actually a welcomed relief at times, due to the strength of the sun. Good thing for me that all I was wearing was a long sleeved T-shirt.

Additionally, it was nice not to see any loose dogs on the Grand Concourse to chase me like before.

I've posted my split times and other info on RunningAhead.Com below. If you are a runner, and really are serious about measuring your progress, is still by far the best FREE tool out there. I've been using it for over 2 years now and I have no complaints whatsoever.

and in NYRR: -> Official New York Road Runner's Race Results

The only people I saw were Jack and Maritza. I saw Jack heading to the finish, while I was walking back a second time to get another bagel about 1/4 mile away from my car. Maritza, who jumped ship from Forest Park, finished about 3 minues after me. We saw each other as I was going back north on the Grand Concourse at around 182nd street. She was still going south towards the 179th turnaround. She is progressing nicely, having shaved off 14 minutes from her previous best of 2 hours and 9 minutes for a half-marathon. Keep it up, Maritza....You'll get there soon!

A few things I noticed along the run today of interest. They had a lot of gatorade in the first 5-6 miles, and very little along the Grand Concourse. Towards the end, the Gatorade was pretty watered down, but then I remembered reading somewhere that towards the end of a race it should be watered down else it doesn't get digested properly?

I drank very little water this morning, and no Gatorade before the start. I did however have a chance to warm-up. I got to the race at about 6:30am, and found parking right on Goulden, about a 1/4 mile from the starting line. Unfortunately, it was also in the finish line path to the 3668 runners who finished today, so I was not able to leave until after 11am.

Strategies Invoked: Reserved my strength for the uphills. I lowered my arms and ran lightly past the 11 mile marker going south and downhill on Mosholu Pkwy S. to be able to give myself more arm pumping power going back up hill on Mosholu Pkwy N. I did this both times I went through this section, and also on the windy bumps along the Grand Concourse.

I did begin to cramp up after Mile 2 in my right foot. I took a salt packet for it. Not sure if it did any help, but it didnt get worse, and I finished OK as I crossed the FINISH by Bronx Science.

The french toast bagels were good. Thank you New York Road Runners!

I will definitely be posting up some pictures soon of the event, plus any others that I might get from Brightroom, so stay tuned!

My next race will either be the Snowflake 4 Miler (21Feb) or one of my favorites, Coogan's 5K in Washington Heights (1Mar).

Overall, today was a wonderful day. 56 degrees!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3rd consecutive day.

While the 2009 New York Rangers were not moved enough from Adam Grave's number retirement celebration, I was. Right after I saw him and his son crying as they lifted his number 9 to the rafters at Madison Square Garden, I, who was supposed to stay home last night, became driven to run.

I went to the gym, and ran until they literally turned the lights off.

The Bronx Half-Marathon is coming this Sunday. While I have greatly reduced the number of races that I am running in this year due to my own budget cutbacks, this was a race that had already been prepaid. It is easily the toughest half-marathon, I have ever run in, only breaking the 2 hour barrier once (1:58:41).

With my lack of preparation thus far this year, I'm doing everything I can (last minute) to put on some kind of a decent showing in the Bronx. Temperatures are supposed to top 50, but that won't be until the afternoon. It will still be chilly at race time, I bet.

Of course, the highlight of the Bronx Half will be the dead rat that I always see near the university. I have seen it all 3 times that I have ran this race. I'm beginning to think it's part of a fraternity prank.

Yesterday marked the 3rd consecutive day I've run. Believe it or not, that is the first time since before the NYC Marathon in which I've done 3 straight days. Goes to show you, how far from the wagon I fell off. There's no mystery then as to why I was weighing 169.8 right after dinner and before I did my run last night. I'm down to 167.4 now and am hopefully going for a long run tonight.

I'm feeling the "air" of competitiveness slowly creep back into me.....

Monday, February 2, 2009


This stands for something in Spanish, the meaning of which I'd rather not reveal.
Yesterday, was a lousy day for me indeed. I ran the NYRR Gridiron 4M without lust, and the hills in Central Park ate me up and spat me out. I never do well in the winter especially on hilly courses. This one is going to bite me for sometime though. My 8:01 pace, which only 2 years ago, would have been considered acceptable, was abominable. I need to lose weight and run more.

I am cutting back on races. All part of the incredibly tight budget that I have been faced with. Even with that said, next Sunday is the Bronx Half-Marathon. Unless something amazing happens to me this week, I feel a major failure coming on. I've never done well on this course, and I am in completely incomplete.

Tonight I am hitting the treadmill. Only 3 short miles though, because I only finished racing yesterday.