Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1985 NYC Marathon Medal - 2 Down, 1 to Go.

To my "ex" friends who had stripped me of my 3 NYC Marathon medals back in 2004, I want you to take notice. I just won an auction last week on ebay, and now I have a NYC Marathon medal for the one that I did in 1985. All that's left now is 1 more. I ought to call you when I get my last one. I ought to call you and tell you both to take my three medals, open your mouths from which your venemous speech emits from, and swallow my medals hard. You are nothing but spineless cowards who enjoy the sense of power, by imposing self-made idiotic judgment over those who suffer or who have less. A shame on you both. For 19 years (1985-2004) I thought you were my friends, but all you will ever be is a shameful and pitiful couple, who thought they were Jesus Christ and Mother Theresa, when I was down and out in 2004.
The funny thing of it all, is that my anger towards you has probably subsided a lot more than your guilt over stealing my medals and my DVDs has. Sorry. Life is not easy when you live an uneasy, and unclean life. I've been there myself too, but had changed my act. I hope since then you both have as well, but probably not. I should have known back then when and how you spoke behind other's people's backs, how you probably spoke of me when I too was not around.
You are both a bunch of thieves.
Once a thief, always a thief. Like I said before, I've been there myself and am not without sin for sure, but I will still go on and say this nonetheless.......
Enjoy Your Afterlife...LOSERS!
Now let me go back to a time long ago when life was much simpler....
Just like today, you had to be a member of the New York Road Runner's Club. However, you didn't have to run 9 races, or volunteer or anything to get in. You either had to be quick, as in quick to be the first to get your entry postmarked as close to midnight as possible to get a guaranteed entry or be a sub 2 hour 30 minute marathoner which I wasn't. Fortunately, I didn't mind waiting the 12 hours around the GPO on 34th Street on a lawn chair with thousands of other hopeful runners to be able to participate. Above was my application and my MAC (Metropolitan Athletics Congress app) to get in.
Best of all... Click on the left and look closely at the application. The race cost TEN dollars. And how much does it cost now? How the hell did they even make money back then and... Talk about INFLATION!!!!!

The wait paid off. I made it in!

My running number showing my time from the previous (and first ever) marathon in 1984.

Not only do I log miles now, I did it back then too. Only it was in a book and not online or via an iPod or GPS watch. My how times have changed.
Commercialing for the NYC Marathon was huge back then too. Manufacturers Hanover, Mercedes-Benz (which Fred Lebow would give to the winner along with money) and Perrier (pictured above) were the annual big advertisers.
This was the shirt we got for the race. Made of cotton. Cotton? What's that?
I only know of Hi-Tech Vapor Wear Polytech Breath-Right Wicking Fabric! Again, things were simpler back then, albeit not the best...
In 1985, the New York Road Runner's Club had a monthly (or bi-monthly) magazine called New York Running News. Well..lookie here...this was the annual NYC Marathon issue. PS. Pizzolato won his 2nd consecutive. did I do?
I weighed 125 pounds. And flew like the wind. Marathoning was very difficult at the age of 20 though. Like any horny 20-year old alpha male, I was too busy thinking of sex, and of other impatient matters, instead of discipline. That's why even though I could do a 10 mile run in an average of 6 minutes flat per mile, I never was able to rise up to meet that kinda goal in the Marathons back then....However, I did finish in 1985 (of course) and....
....and who would have known that it would have taken 23 years, and at the age of 43 to finally break that record? Wow!

When I finished, they wrapped me in this. I felt like a baked potato. It was great!
and unlike all the online marketing, gazillions of photos, dvd's, and all other shameless ways to exhibit yourself today from the zillions of cameras snapping up photos of you, we were lucky if we got more than 1 photo. And, the only way you knew was when TSC Graphics would send you something like this (above) in the mail. It was acard, with a photo-proof on it about an inch square.

This would come in the mail too. It was a card congratulating your win. If you didn't notice already, I lived in Kew Gardens at the time. It was my first place that I lived by myself (for a while anyway).

The magazine you saw above with Pizzolato, had me in it too. In fact, every finisher was in it. Were you in it too? Let me know, and I'll look you up! ;-)

Finishing, and getting the medal is by far the best, but it was always nice to get this too. A finisher's certificate, courtesy of the New York Road Runners. I have every single one of my 9 New York City, my 1 Miami, and my 1 Chicago certificate framed and on the wall in the living room over my big tv. Love looking at it for inspiration. Sometimes I will look and say, "Who the hell does Alex González think he is, anyway?" It's pretty awesome.

But after finishing, nothing, and I mean nothing, is more complete than this...
....and now you are back home to where you belong and that's with me!


  1. Excellent!!!
    Regarding the stolen medals and anything else, including DVDs and CDs one can only conclude that whoever took them is jealous of your success and has a very low self esteem. Obviously, he or she will never be able to win anything in life as a result of own efforts and sacrifice. I pity people like that because I don't think they have a minimum level of intelligence to feel bad about their acts. They are here in this world by mistake, and that is so sad!

  2. Wow Very nice thought of running . Nice article use in the post .thanks for nice posting

  3. GDay, fellow marathoner from Melbourne, Australia. I also ran the 1985 NYC Marathon on that day in October so long ago.
    I cracked my Tibia bone at about the ten mile mark and basically hopped on one leg for the rest of the race, I did finish, even though my time was 5:13:31. Didn't come all that way not to finish.
    An experience I will always treasure.
    Years later a so called work friend borrowed my finishing photo and medal and lost it. Never to be seen again. Turned to ebay and won a bid for a 1985 medal and starting photo on the Bridge.
    Just remember, people can't take your memories from you.
    Well done and congratulations to you and all who go the distance.
    regards David Willison