Friday, July 15, 2011

Four months...

So much to tell, so little time.

First off, I'm going to be a father again, and this TWINS!

How's that for a start to my blog which had been abandoned now for what, 4 months?

Karen is due in a few weeks in fact.  We can't wait, as I've been helping Karen to "nest" our home in the joyful and anxiously anticipated arrivals.

That's the great news.   In other good news, I redid our club's website and I'm getting great feedback on it.  A huge thanks goes to my dear friend Bonnie, for letting me have access to do these changes.  It's been a great learning experience, and am having a blast managing it.  The website is

My parents are coming up this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing them.

My children will also be with me, so we've got a full house of love and joy again.  Matt and Steffie will be excited to see their grandparents for sure.

My training has been very poor I hate to say, but with the coming arrivals, what can one expect right?

The Boomer Run 2 Breath race was a paradox by name.  Given that the humidity was at around 93%, breathing was anything but easy, for everybody in the race.  Boomer Esiason took the mic, minutes before the race, and even he mentioned that he couldn't believe how all us "maniacs" were out to run, given the hot and sticky weather conditions.  I will say though, that the trees in Central Park helped to give us some form of protection against the sun, at least.

The course was a new one.  Yes, it was the 6-mile loop, the same loop that thousands of races have started and finished on, but it was new because of where it exactly started (just south of E. 70th on Central Park Drive), and went counter-clock finishing up on a slight uphill on the transverse on 72nd.  I remember cursing to myself seeing the last little hill.

The weather was so stifling, I had to run bare-chested the last 2 miles.   Having not really trained in quite awhile, I was happy just to break 8:30 per mile, and even then I was still in the top 25% of the field.

The high point of the race:  When crossing the starting line, I saw Boomer, and fist-bumped him.
The low point of the race:  Nearing mile 4, a tall guy dressed up in a head-2-toe lung outfit made of pink shag hair, passed me by.

I didn't see anyone from Forest Park there, but later on would see that KJ scorched the race.  He came in 22nd overall.  Unimaginable!

I did see Julio (Aguirre) as I was heading back East to exit the park and waved hello.   Some videos and pictures are listed below.

As you can see, I was making (or trying to make) light of a hot and sticky situation!!!!