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I've said it before.  I will say it again.  The ONLY reason why I spend give ANY money to an organization as insensitive as the New York Road Runners, is because of the New York City Marathon.  I love that race.  And until now, and EVEN with their exhorbitant prices, I still loved that race.  I've done it TEN TIMES.  But after this year, it might be my LAST TIME.

The New York City Marathon was founded by Fred Lebow.  Fred left us in 1992, but not before he forged a legacy for runners, not just in New York, but around the world.  His enthusiasm, his loving, giving nature to the runners, was only second to the thrill of running itself.  Something for which Fred spent exhaustive years teaching those who didn't know about the sport.  He brought the sport beyond the track for which only collegiates ran on, and took it to the streets for all to enjoy.

If Fred Lebow was the disciple, and we were all his pupils, then the New York City Marathon was our classroom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the classroom has been violated today.

In an ongoing series of events dating back a few years now, the NYRR club has been positioning themselves to be THE PLACE WHERE ELITE ATHLETES compete.  Considering the competition to attract talent with marathons sprouting up everywhere around the country, perhaps this is a necessary strategy.   But it seems that the organization has not augmented this strategy to one that was founded by Fred Lebow, where the common folks like you and me would be served by the organization. 

The New York Road Runners used to be a place where you would be applauded for your willingness to do something that was, in essence, good for yourself.  And they made it fun.

Gone are those days.  Gone are the days where the words "Thank you all for coming here" at a race, was only the first of many thanks.  Nowadays, the cost to run is ridiculous, even by today's economic standards.  And the amenities are only getting thinner.  With the exception of the introduction of medals at the 5 Borough Grand Prix Races, it appears that the New York Road Runners Club has once again drawn the ire of its fan base.  And they did it yesterday in the grandest of ways.  By introducing a new "wrinkle" to the already expensive and ever-popular world class race, The New York City Marathon.

The "wrinkle", which came barely 2 months before the race, was one that has affected a great many runners, including myself.  The baggage check has been obliterated.  In fairness to the Road Runners, they are stating that this was done due to  "overwhelming runner feedback about post-race congestion and long wait times to exit Central Park.".  They have even set up a press conference to discuss details and perhaps do a Q & A.  But it's already too little, too late, and that's EVEN if they re-instate the baggage issue.  Too many other things have occurred in the past to runners, at the hands of the NYRR, like last year's "No Refund Policy" when the Percy Sutton race was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.   Or the earlier start times to races whereby it made it impossible to get to Central Park if you had to commute in from other parts (ie. Long Island, Westchester).  Or the increased number of Saturday races, forcing people to have to pay for parking garages, when Bloomberg announced that avenue parking on Sundays would be free a few years ago.   Or how about the doing away with the life-memberships, and killing the 15-time NYC Marathoner, and you're in for good.
All of these things that they did, they came up with reasons to counter the logic, that told good people like you and I, that this was done, for the sake of bringing in more elite athletes, and forgetting the large base of people that made the NYRR what it was once, when it gloriously shone under Lebow's leadership.

Queens and Bronx?  Forget about them.  You can't get enough elite athletes to run half marathons.  But turn Queens into a 10k and Bronx into a 10 miler, and suddenly you can attract elite athletes to run in these races.  Great stuff, except did anyone ever ask their members what they thought? 

Or even if they did.....Would they actually even listen?

Case in point.  The New York Road Runners holds a monthly meeting with the heads of each running group (ie. New York Athletic Club (NYAC),  Westchester (WSX), Reservoir Dogs, Central Park Track Club (CPTC), New York Harriers, and of course, our group the Forest Park Runners.  Our President, Jack Berger, mentioned to me last night, that at last month's NYRR-led meeting, that the issue to cancel baggage check was mentioned.  He stated how EVERYBODY there objected to it.  They quickly stated that it was "just an idea" and that it "would be something that they MAY THINK of doing for NEXT year's marathon".  

So again, I ask....Does the New York Road Runner's club listen to ANYBODY????

The answer is flat out a BIG and RESOUNDING NO.

But don't take it from ME.

Take it from the nearly 500 people who have posted on the NYRR facebook page, since the announcement was made less than 24 hours ago.

And without further adieu,
I present to you the VOICE of the PEOPLE, THAT HAVE MADE THE NEW YORK ROAD RUNNERS.  Without us, the New York Road Runners ARE A BIG FAT *ZERO*.

Thank you Mary Wittenberg, Peter Ciacia, Janet Cupo and the rest of all of you.  You accurately represent your member base about as much as Todd Akin accurately represent the sensitivities of women who have been victimized by rape.


And here are the rest, including the originals (too many photos to post so I cut and pasted it onto a note pad)

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These are all great comments - we'll be taking questions during a live chat on the ING New York City Marathon page at 10:30 a.m. EDT with NYRR President & CEO and ING New York City Marathon Race Director Mary Wittenberg and SVP, Event Development and Production & ING New York City Marathon Technical Director Peter Ciaccia.
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Shira Zamir questions about what? this seems like a done deal. what is the point of taking questions after you announce a thoroughly idiotic decision? Do you like abuse?
Yesterday at 8:13am • LikeUnlike • 27

Jessica McLalin Shehab I agree with Shira. If it's a done deal, what's the point in taking questions. I'm too angry to discuss it anymore!!
Yesterday at 8:15am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Marco Cammayo NYRR where the f*ck is the money going that you use for baggage transport??? "Ease congestion" my a$$!!!! This is just another budget cut so you can make more profit!!!!
Yesterday at 8:18am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 8

Rose K Maguire You do realize is that now instead of having "congestion at the finish" you are going to have mass chaos in the park and surrounding streets. Every runner will now need to have someone waiting for them with warm clothes and their essentials. And it will take a while for everyone to find their person. And they will be cold doing this. Karma = 30 degrees and snow for the race and mass hypothermia issues.
Yesterday at 8:21am • LikeUnlike • 13

Larry Ikard Massive fail. Ease congestion by just allowing those without bags to exit the park earlier if necessary. No baggage check is not an "exciting new development". If you couldn't get the deal done with UPS's union, just come out and say it.
Yesterday at 8:24am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 8

Hannah Lederman I'm pretty sure compulsory "donation" is also called "theft".
Yesterday at 8:26am • LikeUnlike • 8

Jae Gangemi but they did b/c UPS will be there to help take anything you do bring to goodwill. dumbest policy ever!
Yesterday at 8:27am • LikeUnlike • 2

Tiffany Harrington Harris Another opportunity for sidewalk vendors. Selling sweats at the end of the race. I am just so disappointed at the lack of problem solving skills. There had to be a better solution.
Yesterday at 8:28am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

Karen Seaton Hyams Very bad decision!!
Yesterday at 8:28am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 6

Nando Amico As a first year runner all you're doing is adding more stress & weight to our 26.2 mile journey. Stripping away our 'safety blanket' doesn't seem logical. I need/ we the people of NYRR need a warm change, a phone call, and quick bite, that would be found in our bags. We accomplish such a feat, and then get ushered away wet & cold. NYRR must adopt a better baggage system. I hear the Chicago marathon's baggage return is very efficient. Think deep NYRR, you have a lot of dedicated runners depending on this.
Yesterday at 8:32am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 17

Carrie A Meconis Whatever happens in this "question and " answer" period, please don't try to pacify us by saying it was our suggestion and this is the greatest race in the world and then talk on and on about the elites. Because now none of those things are true anymore...I seriously can't believe with all the smart people that work at NYRR that this was the solution. Unbelievable.
Yesterday at 8:32am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 11

Nicole Corre I'll be working and so I can't participate, but i hope there might be a way to reverse this decision. I have never complained about the post-race exit from the park. It is not ideal, but it is the price you pay for finishing in such an amazing location. There will still be congestion, as there is with any race in Central Park. You will still need to walk the same distance through the park to exit, no? I would gladly take back bag transport and put up with the delay. If you don't want to put up with delays, then go run a smaller and less popular event.
Yesterday at 8:34am • LikeUnlike • 11

Justin Wood Allow those that don't have bags to leave the park earlier if they would like to meet with family and friends by giving them the option to do so. It doesn't make sense to eliminate the choice of checking in your bag, as on the whole many will not want to be tossing away their hard earned gear.
Having a bag check is necessary and could be facilitated with a number of volunteers or paid individuals that would be cheaper than UPS if you utilize a fleet of school buses like the Boston Marathon. Each row of seats takes in 50-100 bags. Change the pricey buses that don't have bathrooms anyways for the non-ferry transport option, and use school buses which should be more cost effective, then reuse the same buses for your bag check. That should ease costs and be more runner friendly
Yesterday at 8:35am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 11

Giovanny Leon What a terrible decision. My first NYC ING Marathon and this is how you welcome me?
Yesterday at 8:36am • LikeUnlike • 5

Riku Pääkkönen Make the bag check cost 10-20 usd and fewer people will use it and there is a business opportunity for someone.
Yesterday at 8:38am • LikeUnlike • 6

Stacy Jakubas Seriously. Who thought this was a good idea? For years runners have been saying the best solution is to have a separate exit for those not checking bags. Runners could choose this option much like they do transportation and have a sticker on the bibs to identify who exits where. Who makes these decisions?!
Yesterday at 8:43am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Marlon Unas Esguerra
here's a question: ARE YOU FREAKIN' IDIOTS OVER THERE? #NYRRListens
Yesterday at 8:45am • LikeUnlike • 5

Jae Gangemi if any of you are an elite runner or received an invitation, have no fear, you can check a bag.
Yesterday at 8:48am • LikeUnlike • 1

Todd Prokop The marathon you're putting on is in November, you can't abandon 35,000 people in central park in singlets with no way to protect themselves from the elements. This policy might work if you're sure it'll be 65F and sunny, but other weather will make the finish somewhere between unpleasant and dangerous. And really, I can't believe NYRR thinks that after payment and partway thru training is an appropriate time to announce this swap.
Yesterday at 8:48am • LikeUnlike • 4

Michelle Johnstone This decision was probably made to ease the congestion at the end because they have raised the running entry field up to 65,000 runners. It's certainly not for runners comfort. If you join TFK you
and raise money for NYRR will will of course get the baggage service.
Yesterday at 8:50am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Jennifer Owings I've never run a marathon without some sort of baggage check and to announce it 10 weeks from race day seems a bit suspect. This is akin to telling your members in August that you have upped the 9+1 policy to 11+2 effective immediately. Fair warning please? Increased security costs shouldn't mean cutting corners- and If you keep this policy on Nov 4 don't do it under the guise that it is for 'our' benefit. Why not have 2 exit routes for runners- one with baggage pickup and one without?
Yesterday at 8:50am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 12

Adrianne Faya Just once....ONCE-- listen to the 45,000 participants running the 2012 race!
Yesterday at 8:56am • LikeUnlike • 7

Jennifer Owings Oh yeah- and is it really gonna be 'worth' it to RR if there are serious medical emergencies as a consequence of having no baggage check?
Yesterday at 8:56am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Jo DeCicco I'm happy I'm running the MCM this fall.
Yesterday at 8:56am • LikeUnlike • 1

Christian Alberto Ledesma This is an absurd policy change. You can't go making this decision with just weeks to go. There are many people who don't have friends or family traveling with them to the race. When they finish, in their shorts and singlets in 40 degree weather and their body temperature drops, where do they find a change of clothes? If you're sticking to this, and it sounds like you are, I DEMAND a $20 refund - which is what I would expect it to cost to transport my baggage from Staten Island to Manhattan and have someone watch for me.
Yesterday at 8:57am • LikeUnlike • 8

Larry Ikard ‎@ Christian Alberto Ledesma, sadly $20 would barely cover the cost of gas...
Yesterday at 9:03am • LikeUnlike

Jo Blackmore I've never experienced the baggage check as I've run my previous NYCM's with Fred's Team,who have their own pickup area.But I know that in past years,I've put on sweats,fleece & a warm hat & needed all of those items.I can't believe a free poncho is going to replace that.And then I'm expected to travel 3 hours to get back Upstate in this because I can't pack a change of clothes??!!That's a ludicrous idea.At the end of the day,there will still be 45,000 + runners all needing to cross the finish & make their way out of the park,so there's still going to be congestion somewhere.Can you not just have an express exit for those runners that choose not to check a bag & give those of us that want to the option to do so??I usually try & defend NYRR as I think that for the most part,you guys do an amazing job,but this is one of the most ridiculous ideas ever.This isn't just some 5k in the park in July!! It's a huge,long,overwhelming&exhausting day for most of us & to then think I'm just gonna wander out into the streets & try to get home wearing my running clothes & a free poncho is just plain rude!!!
Yesterday at 9:03am • LikeUnlike • 12

Kevin McConnell I better find a garage close to finish line so I can change my clothes..coming in from New Jersey...Gee next they won't be giving fluid or an apple to ease congestion...or a finish metal or a blanket..or a.....
Yesterday at 9:13am • LikeUnlike • 2

Matt Villicana This is BS! What are the people who don't live in NY, and won't have people to wait for them at the finish line supposed to do? Carry a bag for the 26.2 miles?!?! Where did my $255 go?!?!
Yesterday at 9:16am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 6

Jennifer Owings Are you going to change the course mid-race too?
Yesterday at 9:16am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 6

Shira Zamir I love how the website says that they are NOT making a profit, in fact they are making a SIGNIFICANT investment in the post-race poncho! Do these folks actually have a communications team? If so, they should be fired.
Yesterday at 9:21am • LikeUnlike • 2

Andrew Prior NYRR- Properly functioning live chats are not exactly in your wheelhouse either.
Yesterday at 9:21am • LikeUnlike • 4

Matthew Rothman NYRR has to stop catering to the elite athletes. Make them live with your stupid policy also. And see how many of them put up with this crap!
Yesterday at 9:26am • LikeUnlike • 5

Rose K Maguire

New York Road Runners: Bring back the baggage check!
Because who DOESN'T want a fresh pair of socks or some comfy clothes after running 26.2 miles through New York City with 45,000+ friends?!
Yesterday at 9:27am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 10

Norma Campbell You're not going to change your minds, so why take questions? We all know how NYRR works.
Yesterday at 9:29am • LikeUnlike • 5

Maritsa Cholmondeley What Marlon Unas Esguerra said
Yesterday at 9:29am • LikeUnlike

Ashlee Leuschner Living in the city I probably wouldn't have checked anything so this isn't a huge issue for me. But I do see where a lot of people are coming from. Especially people who don't live here and have no friends or family coming to the race. I definitely think Jo has a point that there should be two different exits, one for people who didn't check and one for people who did.It is a shame that this is happening and hopefully the group of runners that pay consistently for NYRR races can come together and make some changes. However I also think that calling for bad weather as "karma" and punishment on NYRR is a little harsh considering that it only hurts the Not that you could actually make that happen but, let's focus our anger at the situation. Instead of ranting and raving (which never helps matters) why don't you actually offer some constructive criticism so they can take your comments and maybe make changes. It is only August 23rd...if they really had good comments on here and enough "calm outrage" and logical thinking, maybe NYRR would change the policy. It isn't November 3rd people. Tell them what you would do differently in a constructive way. and no I am not affiliated. I just think we as runners should be supporting each other and the sport.
Yesterday at 9:29am • LikeUnlike • 3

Cenk Bülbül I hope you are planning to refund us for the UPS truck rental fees you charged us!
Yesterday at 9:32am • LikeUnlike • 6

Steven LA Mura Why have a special time for this? Can;t they just read what people have posted on the thread so far?
Yesterday at 9:33am • LikeUnlike • 4

Sam Spillane Berg When I received the no baggage check email this morning I was THRILLED!! Running the NYC marathon is one of my favorite things, and the post race exit from the park is one of my least favorite. I have never checked a bag and still needed to wait in that misery at the end! I am so happy with this decision! Thank you NYRR!
Yesterday at 9:35am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Juan Martinez Fred Lebow must be rolling in his grave!
Yesterday at 9:36am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 9

Joshua Harper Mary an her executives make 6 figure salaries and are happy to pay huge appearance fees to pro athletes but they all turn a deaf ear to the local runners. Fred Lebow would be ashamed of what has become of the nyrr. Sad. Pathetic. And unnecessary.
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 13

Sam Spillane Berg I will say that two separate exits, one for baggage check and one for those who chose not to check a bag, would be equally as helpful!
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 7

Richard Kirtley A great decision. Now I don't have to argue with race staff as I cut out of the park via the W. 72nd Street Exit. It's pointless to have to shuffle along at a snail's pace for 45 minutes to exit the park. Let us out as soon as we get our medals, blankets and recovery drink.
Yesterday at 9:39am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Takashi Mizohata I ask for refund, since NYRR doesn't offer me what was promised at the beginning. I assume I can expect interests on it, right?
Yesterday at 9:42am • LikeUnlike • 10

Shira Zamir

New York Road Runners: Bring back the baggage check!
Because who DOESN'T want a fresh pair of socks or some comfy clothes after running 26.2 miles through New York City with 45,000+ friends?!
Yesterday at 9:48am • LikeUnlike • 3

Antony Currie Is it really the bag pick-up that's the biggest issue in causing congestion? Surely it's because Central Park is far too narrow a place to finish a race with so many runners? It's narrower than the finishes at both Chicago and London, as I recall. And a lot of the congestion comes right after the finish and before the 72nd street transverse, which is where the route splits into two: one for regular runners and another for Fred's Team, or whoever it is. I appreciate this might be hard to arrange, but why not have the race finish on Central Park West, or Broadway below the park? There's a lot more space.
Yesterday at 9:56am • LikeUnlike • 4

Nicole Locklair Thanks for reinforcing my decision never to run NY again, not because of the great crowd, but because of your short-sighted policies. Instead of addressing crowd congestion, you decided to piss off the international running community who are paying top dollar to run your race by denying us bag check. Way to fail.
Yesterday at 10:00am • LikeUnlike • 18

Ken Costantino NYRR is at the service of runners and not the other way around. There needs to be baggage accomodations.
Yesterday at 10:00am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 6

Erin Howard Um, some people have jobs and can't just talk about running at 10:30 am. A more fair time to have this conversation would have been after work. This is a huge change for the thousands of runners that have supported the NYRR for years, and its something we should have the chance to get a FAIR say in.
Yesterday at 10:01am • LikeUnlike • 2

Gerland van Ackere ‎"great comments" and "taking questions". eek, even if I didn't work in communications I'd know that is not the right way to treat thousands of angry participants! The word "action" would be sweet.
Yesterday at 10:15am • LikeUnlike • 4

Riku Pääkkönen All this is acceptable if the weather is good but if it is raining and cold it will be dangerous for many.
Last year the problem was not the congestion. There were just badly organized pick up area. The bags were not in any order when runners started to arrive to the area.
Yesterday at 10:16am • LikeUnlike • 1

Luciano Rezende Price increase and service cuts. That`s the way to go, NYRR. Good luck on your live chat.
Yesterday at 10:19am • LikeUnlike • 6

Katie Bryant In my experience baggage hasn't been the problem. The slow down comes by funneling all the runners out the same park exit into the mass of waiting friends and family. This is only going to get worse as runners will be in immediate need of dry clothing and food for refueling. The Chicago Marathon finishes in Grant park and runners are able to disperse throughout the park; there's even changing tents. How about allowing runners to move throughout Central Park instead of staying corralled on the west side.
Yesterday at 10:28am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Luiza Negrão Silva I’m so disappointed!!! I don’t want a fleeced poncho, I want my own sweater, a dry and warm long sleeve t-shirt. For the price I paid, I should be able to check at least a small bag of clothes.
Yesterday at 10:29am • LikeUnlike • 2

Sherab Melvin Not a smart move. Should you have conducted a survey before making this decision?? Wait in the village at the start can be cold and damp.
Yesterday at 10:43am • LikeUnlike

Santiago Bravo Another bad decission done by NYRR!!!!! ok, so you have to walk a mile, perhaps 45-1hour to get your bag!!! big deal!!! besides, walking after finishing your marathon is good for you right??? At the most, this stupid decission will save 20 mns....did they bother to think how will runners keep warm after running 26.2 miles??? and that most runners would want to change into dry chothes???? What a bad decission, they are just interested on more money on their pockets!!!
Yesterday at 10:45am • LikeUnlike • 2

Drew Guthrie I think it would have been better to announce the change later this year but make it effective next year. I believe people who entered the marathon this year and paid their money already did so thinking that baggage service would be included as part of their exorbitant entry fee. Taking that service away is not only bad business but also runs afoul of the high standard that NYRR normally aspires to.
Yesterday at 10:58am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 7

Jessica Hagenbuch Did the person who came up with this idea, ever run a marathon? I'm just curious.
Yesterday at 10:59am • LikeUnlike • 3

Amy Freeze hi i'm doing a story on the new bag check policy... i'm interested in talking to runners who can be in central park about 1pm at tavern on the green. this is for WABC TV Ch. 7 news. thanks in advance... please email m if you an make it.
Yesterday at 11:07am • LikeUnlike • 8

Rachael Thompson Bachleda amy when will your story air?
Yesterday at 11:19am • LikeUnlike • 1

Mattias Murhagen The chat was pretty much insulting. I just UN-liked NYRR. I'm sure that'll tell'em..... nah... probably not...
Yesterday at 11:28am • LikeUnlike

Derek Rose I for one say, GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE BAG CHECK! I have run several marathons without checking baggage, and it is liberating, not having to worry about your stuff. Do you have baggage checks on your 20 mile runs? No, probably not.
Yesterday at 11:31am • LikeUnlike • 6

Shari Klarfeld They should've at least given an option for bag check though - or told people about this before they applied for and paid for this...
Yesterday at 11:46am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Robin D. Gray What a stupid statement! Don't most people start and finish there long runs from home where you don't need baggage?
Yesterday at 11:47am via mobile • UnlikeLike • 12

Rose K Maguire Derek- most people's 20mile runs start and stop at either 1) their home/apartment 2) a car 3) a gym where they have access to heat and warm clothes. If it's 35 degrees for the race, someone who lives in Brooklyn/queens/staten Island will get home 2 hours after they stop their watch. A fleece lined blanket is not going to cut it. Also, some people will not have the luxury of a friend or family member to meet them after the finish.
Yesterday at 11:50am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 15

Christine Raniga Robin--when you do a long run, you wind up back at your home!
Yesterday at 11:50am • LikeUnlike • 2

Lori Baird I live locally, can carry a MetroCard and my phone, and have folks to meet me in the park, so this change doesn't affect me. But I saw a comment from someone who's coming from the UK and staying in New Jersey. I would hate to be that pour soul if it's raining. Imagine an hour or two trip in soaking wet clothes with only a poncho. And this chat was really disappointing, but not surprising to me. The lottery announcement process was a disaster, too. Fees keep increasing, but more and more it feels like the NYRR is more focused on money--and does little to dispel that creeping concern.
Yesterday at 12:13pm • Edited • LikeUnlike • 9

Kevin Ma VIPs will be able to check bags, of course you will have to pay $50 extra for that.
Yesterday at 11:58am • LikeUnlike • 1

Carissa DiFazio What was the BAGGAGE HANDLING that was included in our entry fee of $255 then? --
Yesterday at 12:26pm • LikeUnlike • 5

Matthew Imberman For many locals and most marathon vets this won’t be a huge deal, as they know to plan ahead. My biggest problem is that so many people choose NY for their first marathon and many of them travel long distances to run it, so I just don’t see denying them something that every other major marathon provides. It can be hard enough locating your family with a cellphone at the end of a race, now we get to try doing it without one; or, we wait in line with tens of thousands of other runners to use a courtesy phone?!? If the problem is traffic at the finish then fix the traffic, but don’t kill the bag watch. Alsol you should have announced this before people sent in their fees.
Yesterday at 12:30pm • LikeUnlike • 5

Patricia Perlo There are hundreds if not thousands of people who do NOT have anyone who can meet them at the finish line with warm clothes. A fleece lined poncho over 26.2 miles of sweat just doesn't do it. Race 26 miles with no money, no change of clothes, no MetroCard/Train ticket. This is simply an OUTRAGE. What else are you going to cut? And by the way didn't the entry fee just go up by what $60?
Yesterday at 12:33pm • LikeUnlike • 6

Frank Morton If you don't have anyone meeting you after the race to bring you stuff, how the hell are you supposed to get home (or back to your hotel) without keys or money.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 2

Joseph Roeder NYRR has increased the fees and reduced services. Does a poncho (although nice) really make up for this? Simple answer is no. This is an outrage to pull months before the race, a year ahead I could understand but this is unacceptable especially for runners from out of town/ country.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 4

Patricia Perlo NYRR - Have you considered this: What if we have torrential rain the way we did in 1983? Back then we only had city busses and the baggage worked like a clock. You even changed in the buses. What do you think is going to happen if we have torrential rains combined with 40 degree temperatures. Is a poncho going to keep your feet from getting potentially frostbitten? Or for that matter your ears as well.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 5

Joe Garland I ran the 1983 rain. I also worked baggage in 1979 and the bags were simply placed on the city buses. We then took them out and organized them. It was hard work to organize -- the only identification was the little numbers you see at normal NYRR races nowadays -- but we somehow got them together, and I don't think anyone had much of a wait.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Joyce Macek Did a woman make this decision? Do I need to get detailed? - if it's not an idea time of the month.. Yeah, sometimes you need to change the bottom half after a marathon. It happens.
22 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Liz Simons Even if you do have someone waiting for you at the end--as I will--how the heck are you supposed to get them your keys in the morning? This is fail all around. We should ask for refunds if they don't change it.
22 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Michael Kirsten This is an absurd decision and we are obviously not being told the full truth. I can't wait to see how long the line is to use the call center (maybe 40,000 people long?) while we freeze our butts off. This is a terrible decision.
22 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Robin D. Gray I guess you could take them to small claims court! I'm sure you would have a good case. Heck, if you are injured and were going to pull out, this could be a way of getting your money back!
22 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike

Candice Hirsch-Kirsten NYRRC has become too big for it's britches - it's time to put the "old" guard back and get rid of these 6 figure idiots running the organization. They have no concern for the local runners, and seem to only be interested in money (OUR MONEY since race fees have skyrocketed), and the "fame" of a race that caters to the elite runner.
22 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Dereine Coleman I'm not going to be repetitive by posting my comment, so I'll just say the whole thing is WHACK! Nice going NYRR!! Reason 101 why after 10 years I will NOT be renewing my membership.
22 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 6

Allison Hosking Having lived in NY for the past few years and done the NY marathon we are now back in the UK. I'm signed up for this year's marathon but this is a complete joke as I for one as a now overseas runner would find it very difficult indeed to not be able to check a bag in. What's going on NYRR?!!!!
22 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Atilio Ciucci They already got rid of meeting areas, so now you'll need to run with your phone to find your people afterwards...good cal NYRR
21 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Allison Hosking I think this is what us Brits would call 'taking the piss'.....
21 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

John Ferris
My favorite quote of this insane NYRR policy:
"What should I wear to the start?
Warm, water-resistant clothing is recommended for the staging area, which is outdoors. We recommend that you start to set aside clothing now to wear to the s...
tart and donate. We will be providing updates and tips from our Medical Director on how to stay warm at the start."
So they are telling us to wear water resistant expensive clothing and then give it away. My jacket from New Balance is $200! It is what I would have worn! We already paid $216 to race, why do we have to give away our expensive clothes too!
As for great tips from medical director - how about - BRING BACK BAGGAGE CHECK!
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21 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3

Paul LaGattuta Stupid, nonsense and I am sure it is increasing their bottom line. With 2 months to go they are still planning major components of the race - i call Bull Sh!t!!!!!!
21 hours ago • LikeUnlike

John Ferris
The devil is in the details my friends. I read through all the questions and answers of the NYRR area new No-Baggage Policy. It is about money. Quoted from the passage on the page as follows:
"What can I do if I must bring things to the s...
tart that I don't want to donate?
We are working with UPS to offer a prepaid shipping service that would allow runners to send one UPS package, subject to size and weight limitations, from the start to be delivered to their home approximately 2−7 days after race day. More details will be available soon."
Ah ha! See - so they have baggage to ship back to us, for things like my trainers, but they want money for it verus the actual free service of baggage as promised when we signed up for this expensive $216 race. I see a lawsuit coming! Already someone wrote, who is a lawyer, who has written for the New York Times, about the possibility of a lawsuit.
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21 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3

Kam Jandu
wow, in europe we call this misrepresentation - basically a service has been procured which through practice implies a bag drop facility is included and now the vendor changes the policy without due compensation. of course i will run anyway...
because it is a lifetime dream but i hope a tidal wave of criticism prompts a rethink. yes, change it in 2013 if you want to save money and then applicants can make an informed decision to enter or not but not after the applications have closed - DECEPTION!
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21 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 4

Meir & Co Diamonds Wholesaler Inc NYRR after 11 years time to move on hope there is no such a "Too Big To fell" when it come to running clubs....
20 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Christine Hinz NYRR, you have lost your way. It's all about keeping sponsors happy and the bottom line flush (how much does Mary make?) and not giving a crap about the runners any more. Shame on you.
20 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

John Ferris
I think it is pretty apparent from the petition, the comments on here, and I'm sure the flood of emails and tweets concerning the issue that this is a failed policy before you even implement it. I expect you will provide an anno...
uncement on your website of an apology to all the runners who paid to run this race, admit defeat, and reinstitute the baggage that we were promised when we signed up. From what I can see, there is definite grounds for legal action, and I’m sure there is some money hungry lawyer already dreaming up the case, which should be pretty easy to win since you promised a service that all of a sudden won’t be supplied.
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20 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 4

Brian O'Connor This organization's response to the anger has been pathetic. Want change? Email useful addresses: Mary Wittenberg -- and Peter Ciaccia --
19 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3

角鬥士 Most expensive marathon with dumbest policy!!!
I want a refund..
19 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Jamey Mangum although not running this year/ my plans were on for 2013. We shall see----hopefully the NYRR crew will come to there senses by then----if not / earlier please for those who actually may still run in 2012. Admittedly the wait on the end was torture (last bus of 48 for me) but far better than no bus at all.
19 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

William Laviano Hmm, treating people like cattle and denying them basic amenities while raking in the cash. Is New York Road Runners (NYRR) a running organization or an airline?
19 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 2

Kimberly Ramones
Someone commented earlier about not complaining about it and instead offer constructive criticism... Well I have been following this thread for a while and have seen NUMEROUS suggestions on how to rectify this. Some include: move the bag ch...
eck outside of the park, have two exits-one for baggage and one for no baggage, charge a fee for only those who want to utilize a baggage check. I suggest refunding the money to those who will not be using it and keeping the accommodation for those who have paid for it. Eliminating the baggage check altogether only benefits the runners who don't use it. I hope NYRR retracts their policy and adopts one of the many suggestions from their users, as there are alternatives that can be a win-win for ALL the runners.
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19 hours ago • Edited • LikeUnlike • 6

Amanda Guerra
Baggage check is a non issue for me as I live spitting distance from the finish, but for everyone else, I think getting rid of baggage check is a very bad idea. I am not sure how getting rid of baggage check alleviates the congestion at th...
e end of the race. From what I understand, the congestion is because you are basically trapped in the park. Why not two exits like someone else mentioned. One for bag check, one for no bag check. My bf brought up a good point. This change may be because UPS decided it didn't want to donate the drivers and trucks. Either way, it was a really bad decision.
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17 hours ago • LikeUnlike

David E Smith Only one question. How do I get a full refund?
16 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Daniel Renahan
Dear NYRR, why dont you guys go out there and stand in the waiting coral for hours on end, run the marathon, then have to wonder around for your family/loved ones while trying to battle the hypothermia which many of the competitors face aft...
erward, no change of clothes, no phone (unless you honestly feel like carrying one that long and hope your sweat doesnt kill the battery), and just hope that after you pile out of that "less congested" area now you can manage to find someone. This is after raising the price from last year and after the amount of money that was put into traveling by either car, train, plane, etc. This is all about the benjamins. All the higher ups in NY have ever expanding pockets and this organization is no different. You guys probably had to pay extra in order to close the streets or something and this was the perfect scapegoat. I express my deepest empathy for anyone running this year, I am so elated I chose not to run this year! I only hope that NYRR will come to their senses and take back this rash decision
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16 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Alex David TheMachine-Gonzalez Great job, NYRR....You just made the people that handle the Chicago Marathon look like geniuses. I applaud you all.
15 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3

Alex David TheMachine-Gonzalez
This is of no surprise to me. The NYRR club has been slowly but surely downsizing. They want nothing to do with Half Marathons outside of NY anymore, which came after the reduction of races outside of Manhattan. Fred Lebow is turning in ...
his grave. What a disgrace. The best indication of ignorance however had to be the photo of the woman smiling just above the part where the Road Runners basically stick it to everyone that doesn't live within a mile of Central Park. NYRR should have be ashamed of the many things they've done in the last 2 years, but this one tops the cake.
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15 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Joseph Corona HATE this idea. Awful. Fire your PR director for allowing this to happen
14 hours ago • LikeUnlike

John Ferris
I've been watching this all day unfold. I've made comments. When my friend text me this morning and told me no baggage it seemed as if it was a laughable joke. After thinking of this more, I realized something. We paid for membership wi...
th NYRR and we are paying customers! When we signed up for the race we were promised fluid stations, transportation to the race if we wanted, and BAGGAGE! Now, if we went into a store and paid for a service or good we would expect just that, but yet in this case, we aren't getting something we paid for - and as many of us know, a lot! Some people $216 was nothing to, and others of us it was a lot of money to run a race, especially if we run other races all year round! Now - again we are customers, and they have no right to take away a service after we paid for a product. I hope there are some lawyers looking at this. I'm guessing someone could make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (hmmm). To implement this ten weeks out is ridiculous. If they told us before we signed up then things maybe different. If they polled us and used survey data and showed us that over 50% of people favored this idea then ok, majority wins perhaps, but from reading this, I don't think there was any consultation with the customers! At the end of the day - NYRR the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!
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14 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Derek Rammelkamp I'm guessing next year you guys will be increasing the fee another $60 and cutting the water stations??? Just give us the bags back, this is the most inconsiderate thing you could have done to try to solve the problem of a so called crowded pick up area at the finish.
14 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Sean West I have been a NYRR member since 2008 (30 races so far). This has been a terrible year to be a member of NYRR between the changes to the 5-borough half marathon series, shortening of sign-up time to get member discount for races, and general increases in prices. I am incredibly disappointed with my NYRR experience this year, and I am questioning whether or not I will renew my membership in 2013.
13 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3

George Gensler It does not inspire confidence when NYRR deletes comments from a chat they invited runners to join.
13 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3

Rachel Dina Owens
Epic fail. Time for me to defer and let you come to your senses for 2013. This on top of reducing qualifying times by 23 minutes for women to 3flat where not even or barely the top 100 finishers (women) last year would qualify. The issue la...
st year wasn't the baggage it was the fact that thousands of runners were corralled through a tight winding "corridor" forever before they got to baggage and worse there was no place to stretch - we were pushed from the finish line into the corral, forced to keep moving and let out a mile later on the street. I thought that was the worst planning for a large marathon exit - I was wrong NYRR you topped yourself this time!
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13 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Mark Verzosa Wait til you all get to the expo and try to buy to buy one of those fanny packs. They will cost an arm and a leg!!!
12 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike

Nina Delgado crazy and ridiculous!!
12 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Christopher Vincent Connor You fools New York Road Runners (NYRR), don't you see you are turning those most loyal to you against you? You are starting feel like a slimy, underhanded corporation greedy for money and not caring at all about the people you are meant to be serving.
12 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Bob Moran What will happen after I finish the race?
You'll have your photo taken and receive your medal,
4 hours ago • LikeUnlike

John Ferris
My biggest anger right now is that there is absolutely zero communication to us concerning this issue! Obviously we the customers do not like this policy, were promised a different service than now we are receiving, and are not even hearin...
g from you as you hide underneath your desks! If this is not reversed by tomorrow I'm filing with the Better Business Bureau and I suggest everyone else does the same. This policy is ridiculous now or 2013, but at least if I knew about it before signing up I wouldn't have paid $216! They should also once again have asked us in a survey and not just one of congestion, but if we want baggage or not! Afterall we are the customer - and what type of business ignores their customers?!?! Everyone - Better Business Bureau filing - we can't be promised baggage and then not be given it as part of our service after the fact! Also, note I don't take my anger out on the normal workers of NYRR - you are just doing your job - I do however take it on the upper level who apparently have lost touch with what is important - your customers!
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3 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Liz Benson Truman ‎3 words- CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT
2 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 1

Liz Benson Truman I wrote a much longer post which seems it was deleted.....
2 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Derek Rose Rose
, Christine and Robin — Regarding baggage checks on long runs ... Actually, I do some of my long runs in central park, starting and finishing in columbus circle not far from the marathon finish line, and then take the subway back home to my apartment down by city hall. I thought that was what many NYC runners did, but apparently not. Regardless I do not expect it to be 35 degrees on race day!
2 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Wayne F. Kaskie What's next? No running allowed along the's too dangerous. This is mockery. The good news is we can save some money but canceling my 9+1 for next year. I'll find another race to run.
2 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Pradeep Subedi
I would like to wear warm clothes to the starting line especially since I have to leave my house may be around 4:30 or 5 in the morning in November. Also, I would like to change my shirt and socks after the race as I am pretty sure I would...
be "swimming" the whole course. I do not like the idea at all.
NYRR is getting too commercial (for a non profit organization). And I am glad that I am not renewing my membership. I would be looking for more local low key races to run from now on.
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2 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Derek Rose Folks if you really, really need a change of clothes after the finish line and can't get a friend to bring some to you, there is a Gap not far from the finish line, at 67th and Broadway. This can be a good excuse to go shopping!!
2 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Jonathan Schienberg
This is laughable. The failed policies of Wittenberg and her egregious salary continue astound. NYRR is in desperate need of new leadership. With each decision they make - including last summer's decision to not refund or compensate anyone ...
after canceling a race due to Hurricane Irene - you have to wonder what in the world the people running this org are thinking. Yes the bag check was imperfect, but actually it worked a lot better than a lot of things do at NYRR - and it provided a valuable service. You've definitely lost me as a member with this decision, and I am sure there will be thousands more.
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about an hour ago • UnlikeLike • 1

John Ferris Derek, not everyone has money to just go shopping for new clothes! We already paid a lot to run this race! We were also promised baggage in the application!
about an hour ago • LikeUnlike • 1
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New York Road Runners (NYRR)
We've announced today that we are implementing a new No-Baggage Policy for the 2012 ING New York City Marathon. This is in response to overwhelming runner feedback about post-race congestion and long wait times to exit Central Park. To learn more, please visit: We'll also be taking your questions during a live chat here at 10:30 a.m. EDT today with NYRR President & CEO and ING New York City Marathon Race Diector Mary Wittenberg and SVP, Event Development and Production & ING New York City Marathon Technical Director Peter Ciaccia.
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Adrianne Faya BOO!
Yesterday at 7:15am • LikeUnlike • 1

Treva Foss Thoms At first I was like "what?!" but after reading about it, I think this should be pretty darn good.
Yesterday at 7:15am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Dyronne Luarca I understand the need to speed up the exit, but a baggage check is pretty vital for me, not just at the marathon but other NYRR races. This news is disappointing that we had to sacrifice this convenience. I still don't completely understand the correlation between the baggage and exiting. Couldn't bag pickup not be part of the exit so it would not slow things down?
Yesterday at 7:16am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 20

Alex Keblish Runners already pay a steep price to run the NYC Marathon, and now you're taking away a standard service available at half-marathons and's true there are issues with post-race congestion and long wait times to exit Central Park, but I'm disappointed NYRR didn't attempt to come up with alternative methods to remedy this...
Yesterday at 7:19am • LikeUnlike • 26

Cenk Bülbül I hope you are going to reconsider this decision. After having run 26.2 and drenched in shorts and a tank top in most likely 50-55F, I can't imagine not having access to dry and warm clothes - be it 30 mins walking distance away. Worst decision ever! :-(
Yesterday at 7:21am • LikeUnlike • 17

Mary DeBernardo Last year was my first ever marathon. I spent so much time, obsessively packing a bag with all the things I could anticipate needing at the finish: food, water, gatorade, change of clothes, small toiletries, slippers......and what did I use out of that bag? Nothing, not one thing. All it ended up being for me was one heavy bag to carry home on the train.
Yesterday at 7:22am • LikeUnlike • 2

Kristy Hill The only negative is the phone situation. I would have like to have mine to take pics & find my friends to hang out with at the start. I don't mind donating my stuff, I usually do that anyway with throw aways. Besides the phone, I think it's a good idea.
Yesterday at 7:23am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Herb Carroll I wonder how many of those who complained about the congested finish would have chosen to give up their baggage to solve this problem. I suspect you'll have many more complaints about the solution to the problem than the problem itself. I would definitely choose to tolerate a congested finish over not having the ability to baggage for essential items such as keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. I can't pr with a fanny pack! Is this still a race?
Yesterday at 7:23am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 29

Gianluca Mario Stefano Albè R u crazy?!It's cold central park at 4/5p.m. and the poncho is not enough.
And my personal items?!?!
I come from another country and probably my friends can't be in central!?!
Yesterday at 7:25am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 8

Kristel McKanna Awesome! I never check in a bag and always borrow a phone to meet up with my husband who bring me warm clothes. Perfect. Especially if I can avoid that long slow march after the race!
Yesterday at 7:26am • LikeUnlike • 2

Jessica Benjamin So you'll be refunding us some of our money, right?
Yesterday at 7:28am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 24

Andre' Lejeune You Suck..
Yesterday at 7:29am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Jane Hollman This is by far the worst decision ever. You are assuming people are doing this race with family or friends supporting who can hand them warm clothes at the finish. Not everyone has that and not everyone is staying in manhattan. So what about the people who have to commute on the train home. Is a stupid poncho going to keep them warm? I don't think so. And now I will be forced to run with a cell phone, house keys, money and my metro card just because of this stupid policy. I am pretty sure you could have come up with a better solution
Yesterday at 7:30am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 28

Ronald Rivera Great idea!
Yesterday at 7:30am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Ben Waldman If you are complaining, odds are you haven't run the NYCM. The finish line baggage situation is easily the worst part of the experience. It's a parking lot. Sure, bag check allows you to store clothes if its cold, but that's negated by the fact that if it is THAT cold, you'll be an icicle after the half hour plus wait to get your clothes.
While it can be a slight inconvenience for some, that is far outweighed by the positive impact this will have. Great job, NYRR.
Yesterday at 7:34am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 7

Hiroyasu Tamura Purely insane. NYCM is now the worst runner friendly race in the world.
Yesterday at 7:34am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Jeff Votteler Worst decision ever. So you'll have enough phones for 45000 runners to contact loved one. Yeah, OK? If its cold and rainy you'll be able to handle the thousands with hypothermia? What about the clothes that I wear to the start to keep me warm that I don't throw away???? You charge $250 for this?
Yesterday at 7:36am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 9

Jorge Vasquez People complain about schools being inadequate but the govt doesn't respond by not providing free education anymore.... If you guys need to cut costs just say so. Don't try to spin it like you are helping everyone by doing it.
Yesterday at 7:37am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 7

Michael Markowitz Higher prices, less service. What's not to love?
Yesterday at 7:37am • LikeUnlike • 9

Rose K Maguire So you now expect runners to carry: cash, Metro card, phone, keys while they run? Will you be supplying a race belt for this since I NEVER run with one???And you will also be supplying warm clothes at the end, right? Since I always immediately change out of my wet clothes.
Yesterday at 7:38am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Janet Gottlieb So let me guess. UPS bailed?
I'm puzzled because for years you've been claiming you needed to watch us for awhile to keep us safe. If I wanted fairytales I'd run Disney.
Yesterday at 7:41am via mobile • Edited • LikeUnlike • 9

Colleen Fitzpatrick I didn't check a bag in 2009 because I thought it would save me from the finish line congestion & was find with the mylar. Although I would have loved to have the poncho they are describing. I ran a 5:09 marathon & was in the last wave, it took me 45 min to get out of Central Park. If it speeds that process up great!
Yesterday at 7:38am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Adam Schwartz The problem I found was not at the pick-up baggage area, rather right after the finish getting my medal, the cover-up and then waiting for the picture. That was where the most congestion was. By having the UPS trucks, it "forced" me to walk about 20 blocks which you should do anyway after running 26.2 miles. Don't agree at all with this decision.
Yesterday at 7:39am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Luis Mora Great news!
Yesterday at 7:41am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Jeff Votteler I know Boston is half the size but why can they do it with school buses and zero problems. BAA for the win!
Yesterday at 7:43am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Yvonne Chu Is nyrr going to pay for my hotel room instead? It takes me 2 hours to get back home to brooklyn...with only a poncho?!?! My friends are also running so I don't have anyone to hand me stuff at the finish. What about keys, cell phone, money, metrocards? I think having a fast track option for those who don't want to check a bag is a better solution. Please rethink!
Yesterday at 7:44am • LikeUnlike • 7

Jeffrey Blum This is so lame, when it's nicely done you can pick up your bag in no time. You should double check the process for Boston Marathon I picked up my bag under 15 minutes. I'm gone have fun racing with a phone, cash, mta card and my mastercard. It will be definitely priceless!!!
Yesterday at 7:44am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

Gregory Vidler Lame!! This means that I will not only have to walk out of the park, but also the 2 miles back to my hotel before I can have a change of clothes?!?! Lame!! I am not the fastest runner, but I work very hard, and carrying a phone and cash and a Metro Card is not really an option. Lame!! I guess this will be my last NYC Marathon -- too much hassle!!
Yesterday at 7:44am • LikeUnlike • 2

Michael Gargiulo The solution is simple: Just book a room near the finish through Anthony Travel for the special NYRR discounted rate of $579 per night (2 night minimum required).
Yesterday at 7:45am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 6

Greg Pasternack So, what are we paying for? I'd say fewer water stations would be wise. Or revising policies to the entry requirements / reducing entrant limit. If the photo station were eliminated, people could bring their own cameras or make friends with people with cameras. Plus, it's frigid at 5am in early November, and after paying so much money just to enter the marathon, I do not want to be forced to sacrifice anything else apart from my energy.
Yesterday at 7:47am • LikeUnlike • 3

Terrence Mills Not now do it next year I always have dry clothes with me when I'm done this is bad timing.
Yesterday at 7:47am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Larry Ikard This should be a great comment thread.
Yesterday at 7:48am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Larry Ikard A fleece lined poncho is exactly what I want after a marathon.
Yesterday at 7:49am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

George Roa I've been saying it for a couple of years. Nyrr is being run just like a corporation aiming for growth. It pretends to do things for runners but it has a business agenda. Lost its soul a while ago
Yesterday at 7:50am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 11

Grace Christie Devine I do applaud the attempt to fix that horrible end to a glorious race. It seems like a lot of thought went into this. We probably won't know until race day whether or not it will be successful. But, being more the tortoise than the hare these days and watching people around me actually collapsing in the barely moving exit line to baggage in the 2011 Marathon, I am hopeful this will be a positive step.
Yesterday at 7:53am • LikeUnlike • 3

Luis Trias People, when are you going to get it? NYRR only cares about the bottom line.
Yesterday at 7:53am • LikeUnlike • 6

Jennifer Mateyaschuk Maselli Last time I ran, I got so cold afterwards I could not stop shaking. Getting across town took almost 45 minutes. It was freezing. Was looking forward to throwing on sweats after this one.
Yesterday at 7:54am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Jessica McLalin Shehab This is horrible! Who was complaining? I loved the long walk after running 26.2 and my legs need it. Last year I had my iPhone in start village so I could take pictures, chat with friends, share the experience, etc. Now I can't document any of it! Also, you're going to have 50k runners at the you're opening it up to friends & family so they can bring in our dry gear - it will be even more massive congestion! And I can't imagine being in that crowd without my phone. I can't imagine the phones you provide will be readily accessible - how many people will be in line for those? I am so disappointed & disgusted.
Yesterday at 7:55am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Pierre Williams Wow I was going to enter the marathon but now I'm going to have to reconsider since I was under the impression that there was a spot for me to check my bag in..
Yesterday at 7:55am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Robert Fritz Are all the people who support this employed by NYRR? This is ridiculous. So much for putting on a world class marathon.
Yesterday at 7:55am • LikeUnlike • 5

Jennifer Liriano Thats really dumb. Ppl need to have patience anyway. Not like u r running to get ut stuff rt after anyway. No matter what its a mile walk out. Its really stupid.
Yesterday at 7:55am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Aaron Lively Was baggage costing NYRR money to operate? If so, will you be putting the money you are saving from cutting out baggage back into the runners pocket?
Yesterday at 7:56am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Robert Fritz Can you tell me if the elite runners will be allowed to have baggage?
Yesterday at 7:58am • LikeUnlike • 19

Efrain Ortiz This is the best alternative you guys could come with? Hope you're dropping those registration fees...
Yesterday at 7:58am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Fernando Felipe Leiva In my experience the bottleneck was not at baggage pick up zones, outside of the park, but right after the finish line inside the park. The exit from the park took way too long, baggage pickup was relatively fast.
Yesterday at 8:01am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Danielle Bonaccorso I agree that the congestion at the finish line was a pain but this was the ONLY solution you could come up with? People want access to their cell phones, a change of clothing, food (not everyone wants the apple you hand them at the finish line). You really think their won't be congestion at these "Call Home" stations? Or at the Family Reunion Center? It was so much easier to be able to get your cell phone, call your family/friends and meet someplace a little further away from the exit precisely so you could avoid congestion. Now the congestion will simply be moved from the finish line to the Call Home/Family Reunion areas
Yesterday at 8:01am • LikeUnlike • 1

Tiffany Harrington Harris No, NYRR. What's up with you guys?? You are supposed to take feedback and come up with a solution, not give up do away with baggage trucks. I know that one of the many people planning this event have to have been creative enough to find a solution. You guys charge way too much for this race to pull something like this. Very very bad call.
Yesterday at 8:03am via mobile • Edited • LikeUnlike • 5

Marty Jaugietis Disagree. I'd rather wait 30 mins and change than have nothing at the finish and have to get home in salty sweaty chafing marathon gear :/
Yesterday at 8:02am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Janet Gottlieb If this is framed as an improvement based on runner complaints why not institute the solution the complainers asked for: let us leave at 72nd Street, with the people retrieving baggage continuing north.
Yesterday at 8:03am • LikeUnlike • 14

Stacey Skole NYRR, your greediness has reached an entirely new level. There's NO WAY that you're not saving money by doing this. What happened to the NYRR I used to love? Glad I made last year my last NYC Marathon.
Yesterday at 8:03am • LikeUnlike • 1

Ydette Estrada Worst idea ever. Not everyone will have someone waiting for them at the finish line to give them personal belongings. Who wants to run 26.2 miles carrying a bunch of stuff like your cell phone, ID, money, metro card, etc?!? Plus it's cold in NYC in November and a poncho is not enough to keep you warm until you make it home. I packed sweat pants, sweat shirt and uggs last year and needed it all at the end of the race. You really didn't think this through and are taking the easy road out to try the solve congestion issue. Which I don't think you have solved at all because now the congestion will be at the "call home station." This is truly a horrible idea and not fair to the people that truly need bag check. That is what we PAY all these ridiculous race fees for and what some of us truly rely on.
Yesterday at 8:04am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 7

Young Cho And I thought I finally figured out how to keep warm at the start last year (my fourth NYCM). I assume with this new policy, you'll also be providing indoor waiting area at the start, change of clothes at the end (not just ponchos) and free transportation home, right? You should also have UPS mail us the medals and the food package since that is the cause of much of the clutter at the finish. Wouldn't a better solution be to have runners spilling out onto central park west for bag pickups (in addition to inside the park) and have people meet family elsewhere?
Yesterday at 8:04am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

Bernd Erpenbeck This is not a joke or something?
Yesterday at 8:04am • LikeUnlike • 2

Jennifer Liriano What if u don't have family meeting at the end.... Its bull. Fees go up and service goes down.....
Yesterday at 8:06am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Robert Fritz NYRR asked the Local running clubs about this at a quarterly meeting about 6 months ago and everyone in the room was dumbfounded that they would even consider this. It was met with overwhelmingly negative feedback. So much for listening to your customers...
Yesterday at 8:06am • LikeUnlike • 23

Neal Sussman I normally defend NYRR from the usual asinine comments that result from minor implementations, but there are no words for this awful and apparently hasty decision. Raising the price to $200 and then taking away a crucial service that many need is just absurd. Remember the blizzard that happened a week before last year's race? What if we get another situation like this Marathon day this year and there are 45,000 left in soggy wet clothes. Come on guys. Think harder for a better solution. Perfect example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Yesterday at 8:06am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 7

Tonya Stankov Glad I didn't hit the lotto this year!
Yesterday at 8:06am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Emily Bryant Extreme, extreme, extreme dislike. I have run 5 NYC marathons. Baggage @ the finish is essential. Express exit option for those without baggage would have been a much better solution.
Yesterday at 8:07am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 12

Rebecca Goldberg Epstein This is completely ridiculous. Did they completely ignore the fact that your body temperature plummets at the end of this race and access to warm clothes, not a poncho is imperative? Or that carrying a cellphone while running 26.2mi is just added bulk? How about thinking of the race from the racers point of view...? I can't believe someone actually gets paid to make decisions like this.
Yesterday at 8:08am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Theresa Trzaskoma This is embarrassing, NYRR. The greatest marathon in the world can't solve the congestion issue? Maybe there should be fewer runners?! I have to imagine that also in the works are more "premium" packages so you can pay extra for a heated tent at the start and to have your bag at the finish. . . .
Yesterday at 8:09am • LikeUnlike • 3

Christine Raniga This is ridiculously stupid and not done for the benefit of runners at all. It just makes things inconvenient for those that don't live near central park!! Rather than streamline the exit, just get rid of it? Guess they couldn't find a way to make money off of it. Done with NYRR after this marathon.
Yesterday at 8:11am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

David Wallick Not happy about this. I often travel alone to and from the race via car to Metro-North and back again (adding subway to the return trip) and this is pretty much now impossible. It just doesn't make any sense.
Yesterday at 8:11am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Joe Garland Sounds like baby-and-the-bathwater.
I agree with Janet Gottlieb, make it clear that one need not check a bag and can exit the Park at 72nd. If you want to wait, you have the option of checking a bag. If not, put a $10 bill in your shorts to pay for a MetroCard and hop on the train at 72nd Street.
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Michael Konstas Not sure who is coming up with these ridiculous ideas - if You really want to see if people like the idea, why don't you put a vote for 3 days in nyrr and then you decide what is best for the runners!
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Katie Bryant Terrible idea!!! To me it's setting the runners up for injury/ illness by delaying their recovery and standing around in cold November weather without a change of dry clothing.
Yesterday at 8:12am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Robert Cibella This is a terrible idea!!! NYRR, you continue to stage events as if they are your first events. I have been a member for the past 8 years and each year NYRR has made worse decisions. This is yet another way to inconvenience people who are serious about running the marathon. I doubt complaints came from people who finished the marathon in less than 5 hours!!! With 45,000 people running and now the majority coming in at 6+hours, of course you are going to have serious crowding!!! Ridiculous!!!
Yesterday at 8:12am • LikeUnlike

Hannah Lederman ‎"Thanks to a major new initiative with Goodwill Industries and UPS, you will be able to leave warm-up clothing at Fort Wadsworth to be donated to provide a positive benefit to the community." - ABLE? No, the word you're looking for is "REQUIRED".
Yesterday at 8:13am • LikeUnlike • 11

Joyce Lau I understand the need to implement this new policy ... however, when I registered for this race a few months ago this was not explained. Many of us rely of baggage check to place our coats or other items that we need before and after the race. Running two marathons prior, the early morning at the start is extremely cold (even with layers to shed during the race) and the heat wraps given at the end don't do much. Baggage check is essential ... there should be an option for those who do not want it and maybe a separate exit for them after crossing the finish line.
Yesterday at 8:14am • LikeUnlike • 2

Annabelle Wilde Personally I enjoy the walk to baggage claim after the race. I like how I am forced to keep moving and resist the urge to just sit down. Last year I ran the Chicago Marathon with nearly 36,000 finishers and the whole bag check process was extremely streamlined: separate areas for different corrals, close to one's corral and all within Grant Park, not to mention no wait time. I wonder how long the wait will be to use the "Call Home" station?
Yesterday at 8:14am • LikeUnlike • 5

Kevin Lavare Maybe if you limited entries to 20k you would have less problems. I ran last year and the start and end of the race was a disaster. Stop tring to make more money by adding runners and work on adding to the experience of the runners. The "experience" is what made the NYC marathon so famous not being one in a crowd of 45k people.
Yesterday at 8:14am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

Andrew Prior this is the single dumbest thing that nyrr has done and that's saying alot. Please tell me this is a joke. As someone like many commenters who has run NYC before along with Chicago and Boston, there has to be a better way to ease congestion at the end of the race instead of having us all run the race packed down like Sherpa. I hate applebys.
Yesterday at 8:14am • LikeUnlike

Pradeep Dwivedi Totally dumb idea.. How do you expect international participants, who don't have local contacts to manage clothing etc, post race finish ! Are we expected to lug the whole thing ?? This is seriously ridiculous!
Yesterday at 8:14am • LikeUnlike • 3

Stacey Cooper Really, you want me to travel back to Westchester County by train in sweaty clothes and a poncho!?! How does this actually help recovery for runners?
Yesterday at 8:16am • LikeUnlike • 11

Shira Zamir One of the most misguided decisions in the history of running...right up there with Ryan Hall choosing God as his coach.
Yesterday at 8:16am • LikeUnlike • 5

David Brinker The option of mailing stuff home would be a nice and graceful way out of this pickle. I join my running brethren's comments that this certainly could have been communicated better.
Yesterday at 8:17am • LikeUnlike

Larry Ikard Worst. Idea. Ever.
Yesterday at 8:19am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

Rainier Dones I did this race last year, i would agree it was congested at the finish. But to solve this by removing baggage check in?! No UPS to pay,more family/friends to come to the finish to spend more money. I guess i can figure out what this all about.
Yesterday at 8:19am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Adam Reiner Given the fact that this policy was changed due to "overwhelming runner feedback" it's ironic that a majority the comments in this thread are overwhelmingly against it. Back to the drawing board, Mary.
Yesterday at 8:21am • LikeUnlike • 3

Janet Gottlieb For those who want more than a poncho to keep them warm on the trip home or to the hotel, NYRR will also conveniently be selling overpriced finisher items at the finish, and claiming it's to mae it easier for runners who had to, in previous years, return to Tavern the next day to buy them. Wanna bet?
Yesterday at 8:22am • Edited • LikeUnlike • 4

Patricia Dove J So I am getting a refund on part of my entry fee correct? I live near the START of the race no where near the finish! I am expecting a sweat shirt not an aluminum blanket to wear home!
Yesterday at 8:22am • LikeUnlike

Rose K Maguire You do realize is that now instead of having "congestion at the finish" you are going to have mass chaos in the park and surrounding streets. Every runner will now need to have someone waiting for them with warm clothes and their essentials. And it will take a while for everyone to find their person. And they will be cold doing this. Karma = 30 degrees and snow for the race and mass hypothermia issues.
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Courtney Colombo Stewart Seems kind of extreme. There has to be another solution to ease congestion. Multiple exits? People travel for this marathon and bringing nothing with them isn't an option for some.
Yesterday at 8:23am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Mariah Gianakouros Wow, I was a bit shocked...exiting was a nightmare last year, but I think this is going to introduce a new level of issues...and it's really not fair to change a major policy so close to the race...deferring to next year looks more and more like a good idea so they can work out the bugs on this problem and do it right next year. Disappointing!
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Jeffrey Dweck How can you run a marathon - one of the biggest in the world, and that's point-to-point, without baggage check?
Yesterday at 8:26am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Carrie A Meconis This is awful. Seriously? This is not a joke, how could THIS be a better solution? How can NYRR claim to be supporting its runners? Terrible terrible top down decision. This company is just that...a company. Guess I'm doing a different marathon next year that actually cares about its runners.
Yesterday at 8:27am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Jessica M Laracuente I have to say this new policy sucks! Last year I had to bring along my stick so that I could roll my calfs out while I waited 2 hours to start along with that I had a magazine, my cell phone, and clothing that I did just not want to donate. Baggage check is essential with any event especially the NYC marathon!
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Marlon Unas Esguerra last straw...this is my last NYC Marathon. I already qualified 9+1 for 2013, but you can keep that entry. You insult me, NYRR. and I helped raise $6000+ for TFK last year! In light of this news, I cringe at the thought of how you mut run your youth programs.
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Ambreleah Susanne Dusseau Good job NYRR at another failure! Did you actually think about this before making the announcement? Wrong solution to the congestion problem!
Yesterday at 8:34am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Brian Fleishman This is very disappointing news. Although baggage check may not be wanted by all, at least provide it for those that do. put the trucks beyond the exit if necessary. I paid $227 to enter and that's the NYRR member price. Look what the non members and non US participants are paying. Will you be offering a full refund to those that want to drop out now? This may encourage people to 'illegally' sell their numbers to others.
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David Winter Thank you for making the decision to never run this race again a no-brainer. Really f-ing stupid, folks.
Yesterday at 8:36am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 5

Jeffrey Dweck It's not going to solve the problem; people will always rest, stretch, dress, undress, dress again, eat, drink, throw up, eat again, text, etc. at the finish. Besides, some other business or enterprise will pick this up and make even more money with more congestion. Get the city on board, redirect the finishers and UPS to 72nd, close another few blocks, be smarter with your waves, and bag numbers, caffienate your volunteers, set up food, changing and family meeting stations (that could all be sponsored - how does Miller Lite sound?) outside the park so people WANT to leave, and do what you do best - deal with it! Heck, I think a parade of trucks celebrating marathon day is kinda nice, actually.
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Sandi Roegman I remember this question on the survey. I find it curious that there was enough support against congestion at the finish to warrant the "no baggage check" option.
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Jay Pearlman This really creates an hardship for people who will not have the luxury of having friends and/or family spectating in the park. A poncho just won't maintain most people's body heat after a marathon in what could be pretty cold NYC November weather. Also, just from a business standpoint, the time to tell us about decreased services is BEFORE 45,000 people have paid their non-refundable entry fee of nearly $200.
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Stacey Cooper Race officials will be taking questions at 9:00 am et on twitter with the hashtag #NYRRListens. Seriously.
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Jennifer Bolstad Could the NYCM Medical Director please comment on the recovery benefits and safety of wearing sweaty layers under a poncho in cold post-race temps for 1-3 hours vs changing to dry clothing within 30-60 min of finishing?
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Janet Gottlieb NYRR looked at the impediments on their road to world domination--adding more and more runners each year--and the baggage-handling was a barrier. The only explanation which makes sense.
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Rebecca Ditsch Not sure how you can say that creating call home stations at the start (particularly useless) and end of the race will help people who need access to their warm, dry clothing, a change of shoes, cash, medicine or anything else. Assuming a runner *has* friends or family in the area to call, it will take them an extraordinary amount of time to reach the runner after the call is placed. This is reprehensible and embarrassing. For years this has been a world class event; this is a bush league mistake.
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Scott Steib I can somewhat understand the policy. What I hate is the spin and lies that the NYRR tends to wrap their communications in. Come out and tell us that this will suck but you feel you have to do it. Don't pretend it is for our good.
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Dee Sombatthanasuk Please revoke this policy. Thank you.
Yesterday at 8:48am • LikeUnlike • 1

Alexis Makayla I think this is a ridiculous idea, kudos to Rose K Maguire for explaining what's going to happen now, making it worse. But the best idea for ALL of you to do is vote with your feet and dont run this year - let them have 900 people run it this year and they'll get the point. This was a cost-cutting measure and everyone knows it. Companies do it all the time to maximize profits. They'll do this with something else next year if they know they can. Vote with your feet this year and they'll hear all of your voices.
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Ryo Higuchi This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life.
Yesterday at 8:50am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Melissa Kelson I'll wait and see how this plays out before deferring.
Yesterday at 8:50am • LikeUnlike • 1

Jo Blackmore I agree with Jay.I'm coming alone from Upstate,so now I'm expected to travel back to Grand Central & then 2 hours north on the train in my running clothes & a poncho??Are you serious?!I have to admit that I've never experienced the baggage check as I've run my previous NYCM's with Fred's Team,so they have their own baggage pickup,but surely offering folks the option to leave without picking up a bag makes more sense?At the end of the day,there's still going to be 45,000 runners crossing the finish & needing to get out after picking up their medals,ponchos,& food,so there's always going to be some kind of congestion,but assuming that we all want to go without a bag is just thoughtless
Yesterday at 8:51am • LikeUnlike • 3

Gerland van Ackere Absolutely outrageous! Yes, last year it took 45 minutes after a long run to pick up one's bag. It was bad! but why not have the UPS trucks on Central Park West as opposed to the loop? or somewhere else, anywhere would be a solution. Getting rid of them all together? Thanks for trying! I'd rather wait in line and get warm clothes and snacks, and my keys, and my phone, and my wallet than have to run with all of it. FAIL.
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Pascal Lauffer time for a new leadership team
Yesterday at 8:51am • LikeUnlike • 1

Richard Chung I like your style, NYRR. Charge the participants fully months before this announcement and then drop this news. I'm sure you will refund runners who want to bow out now. :)
Yesterday at 8:51am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

Julie Lichty Balay I ran the race in '99 an 2000 and had no issues at the end. Maybe you should go back and do it the old way-and perhaps limit the field to 25-30k people as it used to be. it was a great race back then-can't say I have any interest in doing the race it has become:(
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Herb Carroll Next NYRR will institute a 25$ baggage fee like the airlines.
Yesterday at 8:54am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 7

Janet Gottlieb ‎@Herb, if they're charging to mail your stuff home, they sort of are.
Yesterday at 8:56am • LikeUnlike • 1

Robert Fritz NYRR once again sends the signal that competitive runners are no longer welcome. How's that whole new website you promised coming along?
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Stella Kwon This is the most outrageous, ridiculous race policy I've ever heard. Very disappointed...
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Sam Safdieh Why don't you do away with post race photos if you really want to speed up congestion. And medals.
Yesterday at 9:00am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Jeff Rios I could write a book about how absurd this is, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows it. I will just say this. I would like my money back for this race, and I am never running a NYRR race again. I'm no longer interested in supporting an organization so completely out of touch with those they service.
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Scott Steib No backpacks allowed either.
Yesterday at 9:01am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Randolph Driblette ‎... and for next year's marathon NYRR will announce there will be no buses to the start, but the swim to Staten Island will be a great way to start your race!
Yesterday at 9:13am • Edited • LikeUnlike • 14

Adriana Pacheco TERRIBLE IDEA. Very disappointed.
Yesterday at 9:02am • LikeUnlike

Anne DeMarco This is a bad idea!!!!!
Yesterday at 9:04am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Linda Chris Daniels Hopefully it's obvious that NYRR needs to retract this new policy, but it also points to the underlying problems the organization has and their detachment to organizing quality races for sake of profit. There are bigger changes needed at NYRR...
Yesterday at 9:05am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 6

Andrew Baranello To ease congestion reduce enrollment. You block out most tri-state runners to bring in Europeans and out of towners. The last race I ran was too crowded on its course never mind the finish
The NYC marathon will go the way of the ironman. It will fall out of favor because athletes will see it for what it is.....A money grab. You will deserve what you get
I will not be renewing my 10 year old NYRRC membership this year. I'm done
Yesterday at 9:06am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 6

Steff Ashley Rainess Too bad I paid over $200 for this race, and can't even check a bag. This is not a solution, its avoiding an issue that many other marathons have figured out how to fix! Why don't you communicate with other successful marathons like the Rock 'n' Roll and take their tactic?
Yesterday at 9:08am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Jerom O'Rell Pay more, get less, shut up.
Yesterday at 9:09am • LikeUnlike

New York Road Runners (NYRR) Check on INGNYCM Facebook at 1030 to ask questions directly to Mary/Peter in a live chat
Yesterday at 9:10am • LikeUnlike

Terry Di Paolo DISLIKE. Seriously - are you kidding me?
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Suzanne Svahn Kocherga What about if you DON'T have friends and family in town and you need to transport yourself somewhere? Should everyone run with an extra bag with money etc? SO happy I ran this race last year!
Yesterday at 9:11am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Stacey Gawronski Runners who choose to run without phones: don't forget to write down the numbers of friends and family you'll be contacting via the "call home" station, unless you're of the rare few who actually has all these phone numbers memorized. Simply obnoxious.
Yesterday at 9:11am • LikeUnlike • 3

Terry Di Paolo I had to check my calendar that this wasn't April Fools Day -
Yesterday at 9:12am • LikeUnlike • 6

Kevin Ma What am I going to wear and eat after the race? I am sure VIPs can check baggages and of course they will have to pay for this service.
Yesterday at 9:13am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Ryan Mitchell It sucks, however we as people will adjust. First and foremost I will not be running anymore of their races.
Yesterday at 9:14am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Nikolas Rogers After you implemented the three different wave starts I noticed better movement and less congestion at the finish...I had no problems moving along and getting my stuff from the UPS trucks. I do like the idea of putting the trucks out on Central Park least give that idea a try before bagging the whole thing (pun not intended). Just like in ultra distance trail races drop bags are necessary...especially in a point to point race. You will always have congestion after the finish...even without the trucks there. Please reconsider. Thank you
Yesterday at 9:41am via mobile • Edited • LikeUnlike • 2

Andrew Maldonado Set your alarms for 10:25, get the popcorn, and sit back. But seriously, this is going to make both the START and FINISH much less enjoyable. This is a HUGE FAIL.
Yesterday at 9:19am • LikeUnlike • 1

Bill Homan Seriously disappointed in you, NYRR. I'm a penguin runner and didn't experience any congestion at the finish line, at baggage or getting out of the park. There weren't exactly a lot of runners left by the time I got there. I do run with my phone, Metrocard, spare cash and keys so I'm used to it. However, having dry clothes and food that I know works for my recovery was a huge plus. And please don't frame the Goodwill/UPS initiative as "new". Tons of clothes were left in the villages last year to be donated. I echo many others here regarding having an Express Exit for those without checked bags and those who did check one can continue north. Your timing is really poor too as this should have been announced in the winter so that most of the runners could have had this information when deciding to register. I was floored at the HUGE spike in the registration fee from 2011 to this year and to cut a service essential to so many and crucial to their post-race recovery smacks of just looking to save $$ (none of which the runners will see, I'm sure).
Yesterday at 9:19am • LikeUnlike • 4

Hannah De Simone Trager This is AWFUL. Please reverse your decision! The amount of time we take to train for this event and now I can't even bring a camera to capture the moments before the race unless I run the next 26 miles lugging it around?? we NEED bags!!!
Yesterday at 9:20am • LikeUnlike

Neeraj Sahni I usually don't check bags but reading these comments I don't think it's fair to not allow bag check entirely - there should be an option. I suggest find a spot to pick bags farther away from finish line to avoid congestion. This way people who don't have bags are not adding to the crowd or standing in lines for no reason!!
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Carmen Gloria Figueroa Sotelo What an absolutely horrible idea! Why couldn't you just remove the baggage retrieval areas to someplace where people who checked a bag would have to perhaps walk a bit further but at least they would have the choice? Encourage people to not check if they can avoid it and have a limit on the size of the bag if you wish, but this is ridiculous. This marathon is often run in cold conditions. People need to have access to DRY clothes soon after finishing, and your poncho is not gonna help that.
Yesterday at 9:20am • LikeUnlike • 1

Meghan Berry Read the fine print: "...upon exiting the park, you'll receive a water-repellent, hooded, and fleece-lined Marathon Finish Line Poncho." I've seen runners collapse during the post-finish cattle herd and medical personnel struggle to reach them because it's so densely packed. For those who are complaining about wearing sweaty clothes on the train, I'm concerned about how you deal with real problems! What's so terrible about giving this a try? Policies can always be changed.
Yesterday at 9:23am • LikeUnlike • 3

Warren Sze Why not eliminate the entire problem and not have a race? How can you not have baggage? Not having it is a lazy solution. There are so many other things that can be done, smaller UPS bags, limit participants, etc.
Yesterday at 9:26am • LikeUnlike • 1

Norma Campbell The solution to finish line congestion isn't to do away with baggage. It's to LET PEOPLE OUT OF THE PARK IF THEY DON'T HAVE ANY. It would be so easy to have an exit before the baggage trucks to let runners leave if they don't have a bag.
Yesterday at 9:26am • LikeUnlike • 13

Kenneth Stemmler Stupid.
Yesterday at 9:29am • LikeUnlike • 1

Joseph DiGaetano so you are saying no bag check anyplace i am contacting the media
Yesterday at 9:29am • LikeUnlike

Miriam Beyer I'm not even running the race this year, and I've been shouting at the air for a half hour. How can you announce this now? How can you do that to runners? You are bafflingly blind to the needs of your constituency. And the kicker: By announcing you'll be transporting bags for elite runners, you are straightforwardly acknowledging how critical, how essential, having a personal bag is. I am beyond comprehension. What's next? No shoes allowed?
Yesterday at 9:31am • LikeUnlike • 21

Rose K Maguire

New York Road Runners: Bring back the baggage check!
Because who DOESN'T want a fresh pair of socks or some comfy clothes after running 26.2 miles through New York City with 45,000+ friends?!
Yesterday at 9:33am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 4

Enox Rios Mary this is so wrong . Are we cutting corners $$ .. This is absurd and insulting ... If this happens I also will cancel my RRC membership ...
Yesterday at 9:35am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Jim Bixler WTF are you thinking? Runners will not have clothes, keys, or money... a NYRRC mugging I guess
Yesterday at 9:37am • LikeUnlike • 1

Alexander Newbold Awful idea!!! You guys need to seriously rethink this
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Johnny Wong Everyone is focusing on the finish - what about the start? Do runners not need to carry anything with them that isn't disposable at the start? The wait time on SI can be unbearable - even worse when the weather is uncooperative. Also, bag retrieval isn't the bottleneck in my experience. Central Park being so narrow with so many people is the bottleneck. Once you approach the first trucks the congestion actually clears. The solution is to pare the field down or move the fences in CP to make the finish area wider.
Yesterday at 9:40am • LikeUnlike • 12

Elana Roffman please reverse this decision! the day requires patience from everyone, start to finish. waiting to pick up our bags is a small price to pay for necessary meds, dry clothes, a change of shoes and phones.
Yesterday at 9:41am • LikeUnlike • 5

Elizabeth Morris Apicella What's more likely is that NYRR has been looking for an excuse to stop checking they connected it to the congestion problem. This is a terrible idea, separate exits is a great (and much less dramatic) solution. Everyone has cited the reasons why this is an irresponsible move just 10 weeks out from race day, so I've only chimed in for NYRR to see how many people feel this way. If its really neccessary to push the issue, they can start this new policy next year so we all have an opportunity to make an informed choice about entering the race in the first place.
Yesterday at 9:44am • LikeUnlike • 3

Phil Sneller What a joke.
Yesterday at 9:44am • LikeUnlike

Larry Ikard Sweet! We all get a Snuggie at the finish line to wrap around our disgusting, sweaty bodies!
Yesterday at 9:48am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 2

Russell Tischler Runners, Look no further for a solution! The Russell baggage team is here. We will pick up your luggage at the starting line and drop your belongings off to you at the finish line. This will allow you to truly enjoy the thrill of running through NYC without the stress of worrying about your baggage. If interested, please call 301-461-3677 to discuss the details. Thank you!
Yesterday at 9:48am • LikeUnlike • 6

Michael Gerwien For those who have not experienced the finish as it has been, it is *not* "congestion". It is a literal mile-long line of WALL-TO-WALL, shoulder to shoulder people. If there were ever to be a scare in that mass, for any reason, there would be a very real risk of people getting trampled. This was beyond uncomfortable - it was dangerous. I've complained about it for the past three years when I've been there. It HAD to be changed. Having said that, eliminating baggage check is NOT the solution. You're eliminating one dangerous and potentially deadly situation for another. One bad weather day will put the health and possibly the lives of runners at risk. NYC Marathon is the only race I've ever run that had such a crazy and dangerous exit / bag pickup combination, and I've never heard of any other large race (or small one, for that matter) having such a problem with bag pickup. If all the others can figure it out why can't NYRR. Some have mentioned Central Park West as a solution - a couple of years that was used for family meetups, and posted with letters for last names. Last year that was eliminated as well (supposedly at the demand of NYC) and each family had to figure out their own place to meet. Which makes me wonder, is this being driven by the city of New York?
If this policy stays in place, I have run my last NY Marathon. Which is sad, because the race and the course itself is one of my favorites.
Yesterday at 9:48am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Sebastien Baret They are going to remove the water stations and not close the roads as well - there are complaints for congestion !
Yesterday at 9:48am • LikeUnlike • 1

Lana Lewin Did UPS pull out as a sponsor of the event? Just wondering what really prompted this decision.
Yesterday at 9:51am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Patrick Ruppe I think it's a fantastic idea to minimize post-race congestion, but I'm concerned that the unintended consequence will be that runners will lose too much body heat, too quickly, and they'll have no way to combat it...are you certain no baggage is the only way to speed up the post-race exit from the park?
Yesterday at 9:52am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Arthur Yam This is insane. I've run your marathon twice and the bag check was NOT the bottle neck getting people out of the park. If the weather is cold that day you are gonna have some very miserable and sick people at the finish.
Yesterday at 9:53am • LikeUnlike • 2

Jonathan Jeffries I'm happy. What I've always wanted at the end was the medal, the heat sheet and for people to get out of my way so I could get to the subway and go home. Hooray. I repeat, Hooray.
Yesterday at 9:53am • LikeUnlike • 5

Christian Alberto Ledesma

New York Road Runners: Bring back the baggage check!
Because who DOESN'T want a fresh pair of socks or some comfy clothes after running 26.2 miles through New York City with 45,000+ friends?!
Yesterday at 9:55am • LikeUnlike • 4

Pierre Williams Wow glad they pulled this stunt right before I was about to join NYRR..
Yesterday at 9:55am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Daniel Piestrak ‎@Russell Tischler, My friends and I are very interested in your baggage team! I'll be calling later today to ask some questions.
Yesterday at 9:56am • LikeUnlike

Alma Maria Liebrecht Now it's time to live up to your mission statement by "responding to community needs". (as in, bring back the baggage check)!
Yesterday at 9:56am • LikeUnlike • 1

Randy Locklair PS I hope the Call Home area is run by the same tech company that does your tracking app! hahahaha! Prepare to have your call dropped 10 times before you get through!
Yesterday at 9:57am • LikeUnlike • 4

Nick Frei WIth dismay and disappointment I took notice of the new No Baggage policy. As a regular runner - 11 NY races under my belt so far, 12th one this year - I think this is a terrible idea. Will there be 40,000 cabs waiting at the finish to drive us back to the hotels? Or are we supposed to take the subway or walk, in our soaked clothes? The more I think about it, the angrier I get - as far as I can tell the NY marathon is not only more expensive, but this time with less service. Even more grating is the fact that NYRR cloak the announcement of this dis-service in Orwellian double-think language of "better safety & comfort" and "corresponding to the wishes of the participants" - more likely UPS pulled the plug (perhaps one of the parties being too greedy) or they cocked up their negotiations. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Emily Anne Aldridge So glad I didn't register this year, and now I'm not regretting that I haven't even tried to do 9+1. As it was, I was already noticing how congested the course was, and it really took away from the race. I felt like they cared more about my entry fee than making sure runners had a good race. Looks like no more NYCM for me! It would be so much easier if they just had an express exit for those who didn't check bags. I've run with the NYPD running club, which does have an express exit for NYPD and FDNY runners (the clubs handle their own baggage). Why can't all runners exit sooner if they don't have bags??
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Rosemary Stramka For the money we pay there should be a way to get people who don't want to check a bag out of the park sooner while still keeping the bag check option
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Erin Howard This is ridiuculous. I've run NYC 5 times. You NEED to check things- like a credit card to get home in case you have to take a cab, or your cell phone, and, for God's sake, warm clothes! It's November and you've just run 26 miles in shorts and a tank. Alot of people have LONG communutes home - they don't all have family meeting them. This is just inconsiderate on the part of the NYRR.
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Derek Balcom Completely insane. No need to mince words.
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Caroline Nagy Limiting the number of runners to 30,000 makes more sense to me.
Yesterday at 10:03am • LikeUnlike • 3

Sarah FitzPatrick I feel like this is a bad joke and only the NYRR staff are in on it...
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New York Road Runners (NYRR) We will be taking your questions in a live chat beginning at 10:30 a.m. EDT on the ING New York City Marathon page.
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Ross Tulloch Poor form changing the rules after charging way too much for a race. Why not just charge for bag check?
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Maya Cernotova They can't be serious!!!
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Laura Eschricht

New York Road Runners: Bring back the baggage check!
Because who DOESN'T want a fresh pair of socks or some comfy clothes after running 26.2 miles through New York City with 45,000+ friends?!
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Jean Simeon This is an incredibly callous policy. NYRR clearly was not considering the needs of its members. I feel like this organization needs representatives from the running community in its leadership. This is one of many recent policies that suggest NYRR has lost touch with the problems and concerns of its members.
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Charles Yoo Since you can change policies after the fact, why not offer refunds to us as well?
Yesterday at 10:16am via mobile • LikeUnlike • 12

Rebecca Burkett NYRR, you've sunk to a new low
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George Gensler Why not move the baggage trucks out of the park and into the Family Reunion Zones? That takes care of the congestion problem.
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Martha Corazzini I'm really glad I didn't make the lottery. This is absolutely absurd! How can you expect runners to travel and wait 3hrs before the race, then travel home in just their (wet) running clothes??? Sounds like the PREPAID UPS and Finish Line Poncho people got a pretty sweet deal on this.
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Derek Balcom I've run NYC three times. The first time I thought I would go without a bag, so I could get out faster at the end. I spent about 45 minutes sitting in a port-a-john at the start because I was so cold--blocking the wind helped me stop shivering. I did have throwaway sweats on, but didn't want to chuck anything of actual quality warmth. And at the finish, I was pale with blue lips by the time I met my family (and I finished in 3:30 so it didn't take all that long to get through the finish). My family was actually scared to see me, I was in such rough shape. This was on a typical day too--sunny, around 50 at the finish. Imagine possible rain/cold. It's not just a bad policy. It's a DANGEROUS policy.
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Cherie Yanek This is ridiculous. Another reason why I won't do the NYC marathon after this year. I have to run 26.2 miles and not have dry clean clothes to change into at the finish. (Nice how you assume that we have family to meet us at the finish w a change of clothes.) Ponches are not going to keep us warm. Neighboring restaurants will love the influx of people in sweaty disgusting clothes wanting food. People are going to get sick. Meeting our families will be hard and we'll have to carry stuff w us during a marathon. What an insipid idea.
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Jeff Smith The need for warm clothes is superfluous. I've run NY six times and each time it took me more than an hour to get my bag in the finisher's chute. By that time getting my clothes was the least of my my worries. My last two NY marathons I didn't even have clothes in the my drop bag. Those of you worried about credit cards or long commutes: how do you deal with your training runs? Do you leave your keys at home, take no identification with you? These are small items and easy to carry in a shoe pouch or waist pack. One issue I'd raise with NYRR: runners should be allowed to run with hydration packs or hydration waist packs. That would allow runners to carry a phone, credit card, keys, etc. If this is what NYRR thinks they need to do to eliminate the hour plus gauntlet walk post marathon, then I'm in favor.
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Emmy Stocker move the baggage trucks onto CPW!!!! For $265 this is what we get? No way to store any cell phone, camera, medicine, money, dry clothes or anything? ridiculous-put the trucks onto the avnue and let runners exit at 72nd street!
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Mattias Murhagen It would have been a questionable idea for NEXT year's race. For THIS year's it's beyond idiotic. What, you don't think we take convenience and safety into account when we sign up? If the issue is congestion then either funnel people out onto CP West and put the trucks there, or just allow all of those people without bags to get out of the park onto CP West right away. The only positive thing I see coming out of this is that other local running clubs will get more customers, myself definitely included.
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Alison McKenna Baggage pickup for Wave 1 last year was outside of the park on W. 80th St or something-that seemed to work quite well. The problem was being in the cattle pen for 30 minutes before that inside the park!
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Timiong Aquino wow. running a marathon without clean clothes to change on after... what a solution. count me in as one the folks NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE after this year.
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Pat Ostrander Thumbs down! Getting into warm, dry clothes was the first thing I would do when finished and made a huge difference. Who wants to get back to Jersey in damp shorts and a soggy sports bra? Eww
I'm sure NYRR knew most of us would freak out so hopefully there will be some new, creative ideas to deal with the new problems created by this policy.
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Beatrice Whitaker This really a bad idea. If it happens to be chilly that day people are left with only a fleece lined poncho! Every runner will not have someone to hold a bag for them.
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Kimberly Ramones This is an outrageously bad decision. If the feedback was that there was too much congestion post-race, then why wouldn't NYRR try to make a plan to correct it, rather then get rid of baggage altogether? The problem wasn't the baggage it was the funneling of people after the finish line. By the time I got to my baggage truck last year, I retrieved my bag in under 2 minutes.
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Eliot W. Collins No NYC Marathon for me! On November 4th I will be here instead. It cost MUCH less, and the logistics will be MUCH less complicated.

Elizabeth Echegaray Cool, with so many of you threatening to drop out, quit NYRR and never run a NY marathon again, it opens up the field to other runners that haven't been accepted. I think if you are running the race because of the passion you feel for it, or are a person that is truly disappointed for not getting in via the lottery, you will suck it up and adapt to a policy that was implemented by people who know far more than we do about the logistics of organizing a race (especially one this large). This may be an inconvenience, but it is not a tragedy. Wear donatable clothing to the start, put one or 2 small items in a pocket. We are getting a poncho at the end. It takes a certain kind of toughness to run 26.2 doesn't it? Don't lose that over baggage... I certainly won't let this get in my way!!!
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Ed Orlinski
Seriously? I agree that the congestion at the finish is really awful and should be fixed. But if water stops were also congested, simplyeliminating THEM wouldn't be the most effective solution. In both instances, you should plan on more requests for medical help...
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Jeffrey Hess
Cant find the link for the chat
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Rickard Newman This is like reading a The Onion-article.

The ING New York City Marathon
‎,ING New York City Volunteer Information
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Christine Raniga Elizabeth, after running 26.2 miles, we don't need to be "inconvenienced." Additionally, there is usually and historically very poor signage for families to meet runners afterwards, and this will cause massive congestion and confusion. Extreme delays for runners meeting family who can provide them with proper warm clothing, proper fluids and food, or even medicine. People shouldn't have to be forced to run with their phones and potentially damage them. If other equally large races can get it right, why not NY? There has never been a problem with it before--that justification is completely made-up. NYRR is responding to a non-existent problem with an outrageously poor solution.
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Kim Ablondi This is an interesting decision and one I feel will truly help the post marathon death march of getting through the park. The west drive will feel so much wider without all those UPS trucks and runners stopping to change their clothes mid-march. I think we have to trust NYRR on this one. I have done the NYC marathon 18 times and only once did I use the baggage trucks. And that one time - it wasn't worth it. While many people may not be happy about this change - saving 15 - 30 minutes getting out of the park, meeting up with loved ones sooner or just getting home into that ice bath that much quicker - I am am game to try. You know if this doesn't work they will revise their strategy for 2013. Have some faith. NYRR are pros at this event.
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AnneMarie Graham As an overseas entrant, I'm willing to be the Call Home facility will not allow me to call a foreign mobile number, so I won't be able to coordinate with my family support. It seems a bit odd that they put the price up so high this year, and yet we are getting a lot less for it
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Ed Orlinski There are so many other options. The most obvious is move the baggage trucks pick-up from a very narrow path of West Dr. over to a wider street Central Park West or Broadway north of Columbus Circle.
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Robert Fritz Elizabeth, you obviously have never run this race and don't deal with NYRR on a regular basis. They are motivated entirely by their bottom line. Also, running 26.2 is nothing. Running it fast while carrying phone, keys, wallet, change of shoes, clothes and body glide is in fact VERY difficult.
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Carlos Maldonado Horrible decision! What about all the tourists and runners that don't have someone waiting for them at the finish line?
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Amy Freeze hi i'm doing a story on the new bag check policy... i'm interested in talking to runners who can be in central park about 1pm at tavern on the green. this is for WABC TV Ch. 7 news. thanks in advance... please email m if you an make it.
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Paul Berry How exactly would this reduce congestion? You still have to get out of the Park.
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Adam Kuklinski They've remove my comment :(
Yesterday at 11:11am via mobile • LikeUnlike

Jessica Caroline Wow, after collecting our payment, you provide less service, and require us to donate clothing if we want to stay warm before the race? I believe you owe runners a partial refund. And what does a long walk have to do with the decision? Runners have to walk a long distance to get to transportation regardless of checking baggage. Not everyone has friends and family ready to hand off a change of clothes.
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Isabel Jinez Perhaps NYRR should share the budgets vs actuals for the last five marathons so we can see the costs associated with some of the decisions being made. I would assume that there is "no cost savings" associated with eliminating bag check because a significant portion of costs was formerly absorbed by UPS in the form of their sponsorship. Are we to assume that UPS is no longer going to be a sponsor? Is that a reasonable assumption given this change? Also, while we are on the topic of costs, SB Consulting gets a fee of $4,500 a month to "help board members feel comfortable in discussing NYRR's programs with their colleagues/friends/family." Really? $54,000 a year for NYRR to "feel comfortable"? What about our "comfort" when we travel home after the race? See page 6 of NYRR's 2011 tax return available at

Sean Begley Dumb move
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Obi Wilson I hope this policy doesn't carry over to the NYC Half Marathon either. This is stupid. Athletes get to have their bags at sporting events. Why can't regular folks have the same privilege? I mean what other policies are in store? Drug testing too. I hope it gets reversed. sorry folks, this is not a good policy.
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Tamuna Makharadze Very thoughtless and irresponsible decision!
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RunKino NYRR is probably saving 7 figures by no longer hiring UPS to deliver bags to the finish, but are trying to appease new complaints by spending 6 figures on fleece-lined blankets at the finish. It's not adequate.
Are we supposed to run with our wallets, cell phones, & jackets? This race is in November, and it will probably be jacket weather when most of us finish.
And if overcrowding is an issue, why are there 4 waves now? Doesn't 4 waves mean more people?
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Benjamin Duchek Buy some cheap clothes. Dump them off in the beginning. And enjoy getting out of the park faster at the end. Complain all you want about the timing of the announcement, though; that's horrible.
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Harold M. Martinez Um, wait...Didn't the entry fee include the bag check?
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Jerald Maghirang Not even running this, but a better solution is to have a "No Baggage Exit" Lane and "Baggage Pick-Up" Lane at the finish. It's a Win-Win, right??
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Lynn E. Richardson Terrible plan, badly can't come up with something better than his? It is going to be a nightmare to meet family and friends to get comfortable and WARM. This race comes with a hefty fee and bag check should be a part of it. It's also and international race. What if you don't live in the city and don't have family who is going to carry your stuff around all day?? I'm on my 10 NYRR race of the season and this makes me makes me NOT want to run w/ NYRR.
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Penny Levine Wow! My first marathon and having to run with keys..etc.for 26.2 miles!! No winter clothes waiting at the finish!! Seriously??
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Sam Meldrum Wow, what a response! It's a tough call because in a way, I'm glad NYRR is making an effort to address the bottleneck but at the same time, I recognize the need for certain items. My guess is that NYRR is going to cave and there will be a bag check.
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Kandie Jenkins If you remove baggae NYRR where are people suppose to keep their drivers license and phones? The waiver we agreed to protects NYRR from any and all "physical" injuries not property damage as a result of "No Baggage Claim". To remove such a thing because of the complaints of impatiant people who should EXPECT it would take a long time to get their bags because of the OBVIOUS amount of people is disorganized. Instead of removing baggage create a think tank and come up with a more organized system.
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Jessica Valentino HOW IN THE WORLD COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE "...the best solution that provides a positive runner experience..."??? Maybe it's just me but there is NOTHING POSITIVE about this decision! NYRR, you've sunk to an all-time new low. Thanks for caring more about the money and prestige you generate from this race and less about the athletes. This bureaucratic madness is just plain bullsh*t!
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Alex Minkoff Look, when you get to the end, you need 2 things: warmth, and a way to call people. IF they do an adequate job with the fleece and the kiosks, this will be accomplished. The amount of space and confusion saved by the trucks means you get out of the park FASTER, and to a place where you can get clothes from family and/or get back to you apt./hotel to get warmed up faster.
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Karen Zolnowski Moore Yet another reason that I'm glad I'm not running it this year. There are so many other, better marathons out there.
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Lacy Gene Garrison This policy change is an awful decision.
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Michael Patrick Rooney NYRR has lost the plot. Bigger is not better. This will be my 7th NYCM and last.
Yesterday at 12:08pm • Edited • LikeUnlike • 4

Carissa DiFazio So this is what the NYRR website USED to say....I'm pretty sure I read BAGGAGE HANDLING in their list of what our fee paid for: Included in the Entry Fee
Entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2012 including hydration and fueling stations, medical support, entertainment, baggage handling, security, etc.
Official Handbook
Goody bag, including Official Program, snacks, and special offers
Official technical shirt provided by ASICS
Official transportation to the start from Midtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, or Meadowlands Sports Complex (New Jersey)
Start festival: breakfast, entertainment
Finisher materials: medal, food and beverages, and United Airlines/Foot Locker Heat Sheet™
Official finisher certificate
Official Results Magazine published by New York Runner
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Koon Wah Gee Did UPS pulled sponsorship for baggage check ? Did New York City increase fees so much that there isn't any money for baggage check ?
Yesterday at 12:10pm via mobile • LikeUnlike

Stacie Brown Kallenberg I am so NOT happy! This will be my 4th NYC Marathon and I have never found the baggage to be a huge issue. It definitely is the lesser of the evils compared to freezing in just a bra tank or singlet and shorts while making my way home. The mylar blankets are fine immediately after; however, dry & warm clothes are much preferred by most runners. Moreover, I have Celiacs Disease thus I can't eat the post race pretzels, protein bars or bagels, so I would stash my own high carb snack in my checked bag. I am disappointed NYRR would change the policy after registration. Not fair or kind!!! Just another thing to stress about because "26.2 Miles - what could possibly go wrong???"
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Elizabeth Echegaray Robert, This will be my 5th NY marathon, and I run often in NYRR races. Sometimes I check a bag sometimes I don't. Don't confuse my personal opinions with an ignorance of the race. All I need out there is my strength, my health, warm clothes in the morning, and that poncho sounds so grooovy. I am grateful to NYRR for making this possible and I have faith in their choices. I am not saying...Wow, I LOVE that decision...but I will adapt to their choices because....Wow, I LOVE running in the NY Marathon!
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Zora Castillo Wait- what? where are we supposed to put our things?
Yesterday at 12:17pm • LikeUnlike

Carissa DiFazio This is very interesting as I keep finding that our entry fee of $255 included BAGGAGE HANDLING:
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Matthew Imberman For many locals and most marathon vets this won’t be a huge deal, as they know to plan ahead. My biggest problem is that so many people choose NY for their first marathon and many of them travel long distances to run it, so I just don’t see denying them something that every other major marathon provides. It can be hard enough locating your family with a cellphone at the end of a race, now we get to try doing it without one; or, we wait in line with tens of thousands of other runners to use a courtesy phone?!? If the problem is traffic at the finish then fix the traffic, but don’t kill the bag watch. Alsol you should have announced this before people sent in their fees.
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Vicki Christini Other big marathons are able to handle baggage. I've run them and seen it happen. NYRR's problem with baggage was storing them by bib number which equals approximate finishing time. If the bags were stored by last name then the mob of finishers would be evenly distributed amongst the many trucks. Which would have been an easy fix.
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Joseph Roeder

New York Road Runners: Bring back the baggage check!
Because who DOESN'T want a fresh pair of socks or some comfy clothes after running 26.2 miles through New York City with 45,000+ friends?!
Yesterday at 12:38pm • LikeUnlike • 5

Lauri Fauerbach Adams Yes, Carissa, you're right. Our registrations included baggage check. By removing this option, NYRR is now in breach of contract. One of our fellow runners should file a lawsuit on our behalf.
I travel 80 miles, by myself, to get to the buses in SI to take me to the Fort for this race on race day, and will do so for the 9th time this year. I've always brought disposable "comfort" items for the staging area like extra clothes, blankets, hats etc. that I've gladly donated. But for the 16 mile+ trip from Central Park back to my car in SI I've needed dry warm clothes in my bag to keep me warm (except for last year's very warm anomaly, which is not typical). If I get hypothermia walking to the mylar as I did in '08 or, worse, pneumonia, I'm sending my medical bills to NYRR. I'll also be sending them a bill requesting reimbursement of my entry fee for the Philly Marathon two weeks later if I get too sick to run that as a result of this new asinine policy. Because it's clear that NYRR has zero interest in the health, safety, and welfare of its participants and because I've spent so much time and money getting guaranteed entry for next year, this policy definitely makes next year's event my 10th and final NYCM. This is the last straw.
Janet G had the best solution: have a "sneak out" option at 72nd and then let those of us who rely on baggage FOR SAFETY REASONS travel on to get it. Simple, effective, and appealing to everyone. Then again, it makes sense so NYRR of course didn't consider it.
Yesterday at 12:43pm • Edited • LikeUnlike • 2

Ernie Monteiro you know what, i'm sick of being told that i should be grateful for the chance to run in the marathon. I paid 265.00, ran 9 races ( at ever skyrocketing increases in price) and volunteered. I worked for this! this is a major inconvenience. i don't llive in the city, i'm not returning to a midtown hotel- i'll have to hobble my freezing behind all the way back to brooklyn. I don't know what's going on at NYRR, but it seems like they are doing everything possible to make the races less enjoyable, especially for new yorkers..
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Beth Rodgers Perhaps runners were unhappy with the post-marathon walk, but I hardly believe, if given the choice, they would choose to forgo baggage! NYRR, you should know better. And you DO know better- you're just not being honest with us and I resent that.
Yesterday at 12:54pm • LikeUnlike • 5

Triplesport Varese You are CRAZY ! That's the only service we need. Haow can you think that runners (who pays 400 €) can afford it without dry clothes at the arrival ???
Yesterday at 12:54pm • LikeUnlike • 2

Sean Haubert Gang, calm down. I'm certain they're reading your comments and listening to you. It's days like this I don't miss being the Social Media Guy at NYRR!
Yesterday at 1:02pm • LikeUnlike • 5

Victoria Rich Adding to the hundreds of outraged marathoners...a terrible idea, for a (n expensive!) race just over 2 months away. As a New Yorker and nyrr member, I am disappointed by the changes over the past several years making races less enjoyable. I love this marathon and look forward to it every year but this tops the list of bad decisions, and will make me re-think future runs.
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Katrina Amaro Why don't they open up some East-bound roads right after the race like 72nd street? Instant congestion relief. Or are those reserved?
Yesterday at 1:17pm • LikeUnlike • 1

Nick Kinling Horrible decision. You charge so much and now offer even less
Yesterday at 1:20pm • LikeUnlike

Rene Jimenez They do business whit our passion run. F***
Yesterday at 1:20pm via mobile • LikeUnlike

Kandie Jenkins As with any other company in the service industry, I expect to receive the service I paid for and a refund if I don't receive it.
Yesterday at 1:31pm • LikeUnlike

Dietmar Stork If I can't meet up with my wife (which is probable), I will have to take the bus back to Jersey in shorts and a wet shirt. Sounds like a lot of fun
Yesterday at 1:42pm via mobile • LikeUnlike

Diana Ellinghaus So, just how exactly are those call kiosks going to ease the congestion at the finish line? "Mom? Yes, I finished, yes it was magical, no I'm not hurt, no I can't talk to dad now, on 57th and columbus, no, not on the south side, on the north side, I can't hear you, say again?...oh hi dad, yes it was magical, yes on 57th, yes freezing, I'm freezing...thanks, love you too"
Yesterday at 1:44pm via mobile • LikeUnlike • 3

Candice Hirsch-Kirsten I DON'T have pants to donate, and I'm not buying a pair. NYRRC ASSUMES EVERYONE WANTS TO DONATE TO THEIR CHARITY, AND THAT IS NOT OKAY. I paid a lot of money to register for this race. NOW, I have to run with my keys, AND my phone. You took alot of money from the athletes and are providing LESS services than before. IF a runner doesn't want to check baggage that should be their CHOICE NOT THE NYRRC's CHOICE. THIS WILL BE MY LAST NYC MARATHON - I HATE THIS ORGANIZATION LATELY.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 6

Tang Tang I echo the sentiment here and am very disappointed in NYRR's baggage solution. Atypical of NYRR's usual creative solutions. With this being announced less than 3 months before the race NYRR should provide refunds to runners who do not wish to run the NYCM in 2012.
23 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike • 1

Arual Lezah Kcaj NYRR is no longer for New Yorkers. 95% of the time that I run I do not use bag check. But a marathon, in NYC is a different story. NYRR continues their trend of catering to out of towners. For those who are staying in manhattan in hotels, no bag check isn't that big of a deal. For the rest of us, who have to commute in from Long Island and other parts of the city 1.5+ hours away, IT IS a big deal. A poncho isn't going to help my a$$....pun intended.
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Joanne Brady NYRR you make it harder and harder to support your organization. Your decisions seem increasingly dictated by greed and not the benefit of runners.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 9

David Lee They already tried moving the UPS trucks out to CPW in 07 or 08 I can't recall but it did not alleviate the congestion. Bottom line is the path is too narrow and too many people. I used to have to deal with getting a champion chip clipped off before walking to the UPS trucks even without having to deal with that anymore its still a bottle neck. Only way to alleviate the congestion is to let everyone exit sooner but NYRR wants everyone to walk to let the blood back into there legs.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Jo DeCicco Hey elite runners: Karen, Ryan, Meb, you have clout and while this is not a problem you face, maybe you can speak for us non-elite runners and ask NYRR to change this crazy no baggage policy.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3

David Lee My prediction. The fees will go up again next year and by 2014 it will be $300 to register. Don't forget if you do 9+1 your looking at well over $500. This year is def my last NYC Marathon.
23 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 5

Liz Simons Mine too David. I am disgusted with the direction in which NYRR is going. This is the nail in the coffin for me. I am done.
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Russell Tischler Runners, Look no further for a solution! The Russell baggage team is here. We will pick up your luggage at the starting line and drop your belongings off to you at the finish line. This will allow you to truly enjoy the thrill of running through NYC without the stress of worrying about your baggage. If interested, please call 301-461-3677 to discuss the details. Thank you!
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Martin Grimes I don't enjoy racing with money and keys, but I guess I have no choice. Not a fan.
23 hours ago via mobile • LikeUnlike

Paul LaGattuta Stupid, stupid and more stupid. Thos
22 hours ago • LikeUnlike

Meir & Co Diamonds Wholesaler Inc very very bad move...most Marathon around the world provide that minimal service ...think of a need for any level runner at finish some want a phone to call family some warm gear or energy drink name it...not every change is good change fees are going up and service cutting down ...the walk at finish is part of the marathon experience and its good thing to walk after a long race ...if NY marathon to big put a cup of runners no need 40.000+ runner have 20.000 but keep it sample like Boston Marathon... Thanks no thanks.
22 hours ago • Edited • LikeUnlike

Jennifer Schramm Hmm...maybe this will make the lottery easier next year. I did the 9+1 but am seriously considering not signing up for 2013 because of this - and I could technically go without baggage check- it really is just the principle of not giving NYRR another dollar.
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Aimee Quesada worst decision ever!
22 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 2

Davey Wavey I was gutted to not get in to do the marathon this year, but now I'm really quite glad. How about looking at how other places run large scale races? The Great North Run for instance, (Newcastle, UK), is around 55 000 people and they manage to put on buses for bag storage and this race is point to point too. If they can, they you'd think such an organisation like NYRR could or is that too much to ask???
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Bobby Leong NYRR - "Hey we have a problem with a service, how do we solve it?". NYRR answers, "Let's get rid of the service and sell it as a benefit!" Well done, NYRR!
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Melissa Schulz This really stinks. I hope that you will listen to your members and reverse this decision. For the folks that DONT want to check bags and get out of the finish line chutes earlier, go for it. Then everyone wins!!
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Bobby Leong I quit NYRR in March. I'm done
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Lynda Prior Dislike!
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Lüc Carl Yeah this is a very bad move. I understand congestion is a problem but you cannot charge me $200+ and not give me a one foot square area of space to leave myself some dry clothing.
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Rick Johnson Bad, bad, bad!!! Going from a badly executed baggage plan to none at all.
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Rick Johnson My experience was that there was NOT ENOUGH ROOM for runners to get past other runners getting their bags. There was no problem with the short lines to get our bags off the trucks but those short lines would block people from getting past. Be more creative about baggage.
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Hiromi Karagiannis You are kidding, right?
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David Ignell BREAKING: Due to rising commodities prices, NYRR event planners have decided to replace finisher's medals with gold star stickers #onioned
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Cizek Lou Having Run (OR Worked) *EVERY* NYC Marathon Since 1979: (except last year due to my Stroke) *AREVOIR*!?! (you can KEEP IT)!!!
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Anna Balta I am not so much concerned about myself or how I will get in touch with my family since I know my way around in this city but hast NYRR considered the international runners who may need a map of the city, a phone to make INTERNATIONAL calls with and an MTA card??? Some people don't have pockets in their running cloths, where are they supposed to put money or their MTA cards? The least you should offer is free MTA single ride cards for all runners at the finish line so we can get home. But still... this decision is a joke especially AFTER we all paid our fee which included baggage drop off. Will it keep me from running thie race in teh upcoming years? no.....
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Tara Trombetta Unfortunate decision for so many reasons, most of them all listed here. But really, NYRR, who thought it would be a good idea to test this idea out for the first time with a race of this size? Was there no other solution, perhaps moving the finish line to an area that's more open? Or offering multiple exits? Or letting people who have to travel in potentially wet clothes/shoes some forewarning prior to paying out and signing up?
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Julian Calero this is the stupidest idea ever. i thought the method last year was just fine. this inconvenience makes no sense at all. let me guess... this corresponds with a nice raise for the president and committee members....oh, i get it now. or even better (and still in accordance with the raise theory) it's now going to be a luxury service you have to pay $200 to check a bag. sheer idiocy.
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Julian Calero The NYRR is a for profit organization and this race is just another money making scam for the NYRR. How many questions do i have to answer correctly about how much money i'm going to spend in the city on broadway shows, hotels, and other crap before i'm able to get back into this race again?
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John Chan this is not fair nor I think it is right to make this sudden changes now .. WE all paid for baggaged and to be able to changed into something warm and dry after the marathon... I live in staten island and would hate to have to commute all the way back home through the subway, ferry, etc all wet , dirty and uncomfortable....... I am very unhappy
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Brian Burke Fred Lebow is rolling in his grave. There was a man who cared about his runners and running a class act race... I waited 4 years to get into this race, paid around $300, and you drop this on us now? The most ridiculously high race entry fee I have ever paid and I'm getting the least amount of service. And the audacity to tell us you are doing it for us in our best interest?
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Diane Bluhm ‎New York Road Runners (NYRR) this is incredibly poor on your part. I don't about everyone else but i am so excited to finish this race soaking wet, then be unable to locate my family who will have dry clothes with them because i won't have a cell phone with me and then apparently swim across the river back to NJ because i will not have a metro card on me or money or debt card. If there was an DISLIKE button on facebook consider it clicked and when my NYRR membership is up i don't think i'll be renewing it. Cause i don't want to belong to an organization that does not care about the wellfare or health of its runner...... Just another thought its New York and it could possibly snow on Nov 4th.... bring on the hypothermia!! EPIC FAIL NYRR!!! DISLIKE!!!!!
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Brian Burke Breaking News: Due to the drought, the NYRR has decided to remove all water stations. Instead, they will be offering all runners a special issue paper cup, sponsored by UPS, which we can use to pull water out of the East River. This is being instituted based on runner feedback and is in our best interest...
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David Goodwin Agree with the vast majority here. No baggage means no,
- Changing into fresh clothes, a highlight of finishing the marathon
- Having access to your phone (announcing to your friends you've finished / are safe, meeting family)
- Having access to favorite snacks / drinks
Additionally, a disposable poncho sounds un-green / a lot of trash.
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David Goodwin Can't wait to see all the elite runners with their fanny packs so they can carry their metrocard, money, phone numbers, etc
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Bernd Erpenbeck David I am sure NYRR will provide bag check for elites and VIP runners!!!
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Nancy Berg Linville Hey, NYRR, what about those of us who do not have family that can meet us? I agree with all the people who have posted that this decision after collecting everyone's ridiculously high entry fee is a complete fail on the part of NYRR -- it's just a thinly veiled expense reducing strategy for NYRR to pocket more of the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS in entry fees alone. Such GREED at the expense of those who support the organization and the event. Shameful.
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David Goodwin When we signed up, didnt it say:
Included in the Entry Fee
Entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2012 including hydration and fueling stations, medical support, entertainment, _baggage handling_, security, etc.
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Peter Macari DISLIKE!
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Carolina Campbell Terrible idea!!!
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Cesar Echegaray To all the ones that complained about don't having PROPER CONDITIONS, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!, just RUN and SHUT UP!!!!!!! SUCK IT UP!!!!! Marathons are about sacrifice, strength and courage!!!! Just DO IT!!!!!!!! Otherwise watch it on TV!!!!! A lot of weak people around here!!!!!!!!
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Val Skin wow... just wow....
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Leslie J. Martin Seriously? Even the Long Island marathon offers bag check. At a fraction of the registration fee. And that may be the worst marathon ever.
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Eric Cohen NYRR: You guys have completely lost your minds. The baggage situation was a source of a lot of complaints, but do you have ANY idea of the inconvenience this is going to cause people?
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Valerie Fitzgerald Epic fail nyrr. I mean really.
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Effie Baram I live 20 blocks away so not nearly as impactful but I can't imagine being an out of Towner having to try and get home wearing a puncho
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Eric Mandela The solution for the people who complained about congestion is very simple. Allow the individual participant to choose whether or not to check a bag, and give the participants without bags a direct route out of the park. Then make a statement that if a participant chooses to check a bag, they will have to walk to the pickup area and they may need to deal with long lines, congestion, etc.
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Brian Burke The most effective way to have this reversed is not to bombard NYRR with complaints, but to bombard UPS with complaints and bad press. This used to be a brilliant marketing gimmick for them - using the brown UPS vans to move our bags across NY, instead of a school bus or ubiquitous van was marketing genius. Direct your negative comments their way and associate them with this fiasco and see how quickly things change...
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Craig Snyder Because of the long wait on Staten Island, this marathon is quite different from most others. Having to occupy one's self for two or three hours, and forget about how nervous or bored or uncomfortable you are, may require books, a smartphone, even an iPad. With no baggage check, this will be impossible. I can buy disposable clothing at the Goodwill. I will not dispose of my books, smartphone, or other creature comforts. Very bad idea, NYRR.
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Thomas Rammelkamp I'm very upset about this decision. BRING BACK THE BAGS NOW!!!!!!!!
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Cathy Gutierrez Dislike!
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Joe Flanagan This is the dumbest idea since "New Coke"! NYRR, you are destroying your brand!
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Chris Fisher can you at least gave a key drop...i really don't want to try and run a fast time with keys jiggling. it honestly feels like you didn't think through the issues and were just looking for a way to cut costs and deal with people waiting...rather than figure out a better system for giving back baggage.
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Daniel Murguia Just for that I'm not running!!!!!
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Mollie McNeil Morgan I wonder if they have considered how they will inevitably have to transport away all the stuff people will leave without gear check: clothes, magazines, water bottles, etc.
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Mattias Murhagen I think people should also contact ING. After all, their name is on this as well.
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Shira Loewenberg This is not a good idea. Your "solution" is nothing but lazy and inconsiderate of your runners. Surely there's another way to solve the problem.
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Mark Saxon As if 40,000 or so wounded marathoners are going to. Ow run out of the park that much faster because they don't have baggage to pick up. It all about the money and how much you are saving. Shame on you.
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Samuel Caballero what we think nyrr doesn't care a bout us. they think how much they gonna save I think all is about money
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Monica G Carrera Chavez Seriously?? Epic fail.
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William Gillies NYRR stated that they listened to their members. I am pretty sure whoever these members are that they NEVER asked for the Baggage service to be REMOVED but be to be IMPROVED. Why dont NYRR make greater use of the Park on Mthon day. If they can have rock concerts on the Great Lawn I am pretty sure we could move the baggage check there!!!!!!
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Jerom O'Rell It's easyer to remove a problem than resolving it...
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Morgan Fischer This is not fair in no shape or form. May be my last NYC marathon, thanks NYRR.
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Tony Skalicky Why not first try this idea out at a 5k and see how it goes over? Sending 40,000 delirious and half-naked people into the streets of NYC without identification or money is not a good idea, no matter how awesome the poncho.
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Carla Schwartz Is this an April Fool's Day joke? What a wretched "policy".
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Daria Vasiljeva-Malave This is ridiculous! I cannot even imagine how NYRR could do such a thing for such a big race!!! This is not eliminating a problem (if there even was one) this is creating a lot of problems for runners!! Does NYRR really care about the runnersr? I don't think so! Shameful!
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Russell Tischler Runners, Look no further for a solution! The Russell baggage team is here. We will pick up your luggage at the starting line and you can trust us to drop your belongings off to you at the finish line. This will allow you to truly enjoy the thrill of running through NYC without the stress of worrying about your baggage. If interested, please call 301-461-3677 to discuss the details. Thank you!
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Wayne F. Kaskie Have they hired monkeys to run this organization? This has to be the most asinine idea I've ever heard. I will personally have my own walking, talking baggage check, but I cannot imagine what an egregious disservice this will be to 10s of thousands of people who are going to be out there on their own. How much more cash do you plan to pocket this year NYRR ??? A shameful disgrace at best.
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Liz Benson Truman I hope Mary is losing lots of sleep over this stupid decision.
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Piet Boelens give participants (runners) the possibility to choose: yes or no clothes in a baggagecar from the organisation: then everybody will be content!!
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Brian Burke ING facebook page. Their name is on this race. Let them hear your displeasure:

Leslie Silver Are you nuts???
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Patricia Perlo ‎"The issue is a space constraint ... need to balance safety and the needs of the people in the neighborhood."
This is a quote from the CEO of NYRR on a conference call last night so this is no secret. The wealthy people on CPW are totally inconvenienced by the traffic caused by thousands of people finishing the marathon.
Guess what folks? That's why the baggage was eliminated. The residents of CPW need a better marathon experience.
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Phil Hospod This is a genius idea that takes both courage and detailed preparation to execute. Well done NYRR. I'm very impressed.
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