Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Track Nite at the GCHS

Not nite at all really. Dropped off the kids at the evening daycare at the Y since Karen was already finishing up at the gym over there, and jogged over to the Glen Cove High School track. 
Not surprisingly, there were a lot of walkers and runners alike. The weather was amazing too. 70 degrees and very little humidity to speak of.
I did 10k worth of regular running and mixed in some much needed sprint work (400s,200s and my favorite, 100 dashes). I was going pretty fast because and repeated in between temporary moments of rest and much needed gulps of air!

That's 10 days in a row which is always an achievement for a person with a wife, 5 kids, an equally super-busy and rewarding job, a live-in Au Pair, 3 cars and oh yea...this too. ;-)

My friend Scott is on his comeback trail and I'm really proud of him. Been running and dropping weight. He also threatened me with a lot of pizza when he comes in from Boston the week after next. That's a threat? BRING IT ON!!' :-D

Monday, June 2, 2014

Finish Line Racing: Herricks to Home


For me, it's always hard to resist racing.  I love the competition and the energy it draws.   Doing a lot of racing can be a drain on the wallet, but I really don't have any other hobbies or vices, so rarely will I decline from signing up for an event.  Racing is important to me, because it helps me with my strategy for the bigger races, and unlike the typical jog, it gives me valuable insight as to how I can help to better perform under duress conditions for the more important races, like a Marathon or a Half Marathon.

However, every so often I'll give up a short race, like I did this Sunday, to better focus my efforts on the rigors of the long run.  After all, if you want to be a great long distance runner, you ultimately have to focus predominantly on long distances, right?  A long run to me is anything 10 miles or more.   Ultimately, I've gotten to the point where I've done so many 10+ mile runs that I rarely get sore or tired at all after doing one.  Long runs have become as commonplace to me as getting up off of a couch, to put a dish in the sink.

Karen and I have this interesting arrangement whereby I will run home from whatever finish line there is that she crosses that I don't race in.  Yes, you heard right.  Run home from the finish line (within limits of course!).  I did this after her finish yesterday, which was nice because it helped us to save on babysitting too. 

This was the first time I had run this course.  I have to hand it to Google maps.  They gave me a walk path back that was void of much traffic whenever choices were available. For example, it had me run on Shrub Hollow Rd. instead of Shelter Rock Rd. and again taking Deepdale Pkwy. instead of Searingtown Road.  It was even smart enough to know that Shrub Hollow's dead end had a walk path to take me onto Helen Drive to continue on.  Nice.

None of this mattered much though.  I was just not feeling it. Having already run close to 65 miles the previous 6 days, I just couldn't get my motor going until I got to Mile 6.  It happens sometimes.  But runners learn to deal with all circumstances.  In my case, this would be more of a "zombie" run, a run where I'm just eating miles to do cardio, and at no particularly fast pace either.   I even made a wrong turn on Roslyn Road too, and would up going an extra 2/3rds of a mile as a result of it.  Well, at least the humidity was low, and the sun was out, and there was a enough of a nice breeze, to push me through. 

As I was going uphill on Old Northern Boulevard, and saw the entry to Northern Boulevard there was a construction area that I had to run through.  Unfortunately, I had no other option, but to pummel over sand, rocks, and small broken pieces of asphalt under my Brooks-protected feet.  There was a time, when this annoyed me, but not anymore.  Running on adverse surfaces is a good thing because it forces you to pay close attention to your surroundings, thus making you a more alert runner.  And even though this was on a big steep uphill, the 400-lb security dude sitting in his "Smart" protecting the Mercedes-Benz dealership at the top, made the
whole journey, one big laugh going into Mile 7.

About the only road that was very busy was Route 107 (Glen Cove Road), but as I had mentioned to Karen who was a little bit nervous about me running on this road, the shoulder is wide enough to support two more lanes of traffic. So, I had plenty of space between myself and the vehicles I was opposing.

I was exhausted when I got home, as both the temps and my pace began to heat up some.  Also, that hill (ohhhh that hill) on 4th Street.  Positively 4th Street..INDEED, Mr. Dylan!

Finished up my week with 76 miles, and I realize that I over-trained to reach my 200+ goal for May.  So, I will need to cut back a little bit for this week.  It's all good. Looking forward to more new runs along my more and more interesting journey along the way.