Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Before The Rains

The Brookville Country 4.

Warmer weather today.  Only one layer required and no gloves.  Perfect day for a run and was able to finish before the rains came down.

I took my 50 year old carcass through the town of Old Brookville,  Where the Wolf of Wall Street was particularly 'Wolfie', and the Golfers of stature flock to.  Where it takes the rich 10 minutes to jog from their front door, to the road that their postmaster drives to deliver their mail.  Where those who are not satisfied with their 3 million dollar homes, excavate it completely from the ground, to put a 6 million dollar home in its place (no joke, I saw a HUGE hole where a 3 million dollar home was just last month!)

Old Brookville look out for the Machine!  Jangle your jewelry for me!!

Been running slower in the morning until I get used to this morning dilly-o.

Last night I had almost 7 hours, but most importantly was that more than 2 hours was deep sleep, according to Garmin.  This is a good thing, but I need to check out how accurate this is and if the measurement that they use is the right way to measure.

I also lost a 1/2 pound.  Counting calories work.  1+1=3.  Oh wait, I think I fuq'ed that up.

Used 'Rock My Run' this morning for my tunes:

I did a little over 4 miles this morning, and looking forward to a coach kill me in stretching tonight.

And more geeky shit here (which I will need to start analyzing soon):


Monday, November 9, 2015

Two Is Better Than Zero.

It only took 3 attempts this time for me to not only hit the snooze on my iPhone, but actually to get up.   I'm not a morning person, but I need to be in order to get my run in.  Subtract an hour from Daylight Savings, and the Winter months ahead, and what you get in my bedroom is the last letter of my last name.  :-)

Today marks my 4th consecutive day running.  Not bad considering how I was reaching for Advil, and for the remote to watch Fargo on Hulu, after Sunday's Marathon in New York.  By the way, even if you didn't like the movie, watch the show.  It is awesome!  I love black humor!  Great shit here!

I didn't get outside as early as I had wanted, and could have done 4 miles, but I'm committed to stretching and doing core body after each workout, so hence the deuce.  No, I didn't drop a deuce, I meant deuce as in running two miles.  Or wait, did I also drop a deuce as well?  That would be a log of a different kind now, wouldn't it? :-)

It was cold out there today.  I needed to wear two layers above the waist and long running pants below.  Plus gloves and the Dunkin Donuts hat I got from one of my previous NYC Marathons.

I had all kinds of ecclectic music (as usual) pumping through my Blue Bud X2's today to keep me company.  I started with 'Killing In the Name' by Rage (Against the Machine), 'Block Rockin' Beats' by Chemical Brothers, 'Get Up And Boogie' by the Silver Connection, and Stones doing 'Monkey Man' among others.

My watch, the new Forerunner 630 is the bomb.  The only thing I would question is the sleep function.  It seems that I am a light sleeper, probably because I move around in bed.  Usually that's what happens, when you share a queen bed, and feel as if though your life is hanging in the balance of the six whole inches you are left with when your spouse pushes you to the edge.  Hmmm. Maybe that has SOMETHING to do with it.

I ran down Frost Pond Road.  An out and back on this Sunny, but frigid 36 degree morning.  I had forgotten to put on my heart strap, but I'll have plenty more opps to do this, to see how my ticker works when throwing myself out of a warm bed and into a cold Long Island morning in November, where even, when running on the opposite side of the streets, the oncoming vehicles, seem to want to turn you into road pizza.  Yum.

When I got back home, I immediately went to the basement, and did my stretching routine (or something that resembled it).  I am a mess.  Definitely need to get on board with a set schedule of what I need to do after a run.  Stretching, like running in the morning before work, is not somethinig that I am very accustomed to doing.  But if I'm ever to improve in both speed and endurance (to hopefully cure my cramping), then I must become more flexible.  I saw a commercial for a new movie.  It was called "Krampus".  Uh-huh.  Exactly!

The pic below was really from yesterday's East Island 15k.  This was actually from Lattingtown Road, alongside the Glen Cove Golf Course along the right hand side.  But yep, you get the picture.  A lotta leaves on the ground my friend.  A lotta leaves.  At least they weren't wet!  Wet leaves can be challenging especially when you have a shoulder that looks like the below (note: this is the same width as how much space I get on the bed at night.  Think I'm bucking for a larger bed perhaps?)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

East Island 15k

East Island 15k

Off to a bad start.  Gained a pound and slept less than 6 hours.  Will need to go to bed early tonight to recoup some of the lost z's.  Great running weather.  Saw some people playing flag football just beyond the high school.  Need to work on getting the heart rate down as I wasn't even going that fast.  Upper left quad, and lower right hammies were talking quite a bit..  On the good end, this was my 4th consecutive day of running, and  only a week removed from the marathon,  I also did a lot of stretching, but my right leg is in some pain right now and in the upper right hand corner.

The Odd Year.

The odd years always seem to be the off years. In 2011, it was my back injury and the learning of the loss of my estranged mother.  In 2013, it was the time vested in finding, purchasing and become an owner of a house.  This year it was being sucker punched by Arrow Electronics, after 10 years of 50-60 hours of weekly sacrifice.  I didn't become a great voice telecom guy just like that.  I learned a lot from Arrow, and perhaps the greatest lesson that I ever learned, is that loyalty is perhaps not earned by being the best, and that we have no control over what happens to us at a company no matter how good or even how nice we are.

In the end I got a raw deal, but that's life.  10 great years at Arrow.  I never wanted it to end.
And just like a recent breakup, it still smarts.  But life goes on.  Loyalty should be to your loved ones, yourself, and to God almighty.

After being given the ultimatum that cold January 28th day that it was to relocate away from my wife, my children, and my home, I decided that no job was worth that kind of dilemma.  The CEO at Arrow, was to ensure that he turned Long Island employees into Lost Island.  So many friends at Arrow are befalling the same fate.  I wish them strength, love and peace of mind that there are other jobs out there, and that most of all, that their friends and family are there for them.

So, this year was a particularly lousy year running-wise.  And of course, besides the depression back in the Winter, and the realization that I had to find a new job quickly, the choice to even lace up, was a difficult one.   My mind was racing alright.  Racing however, to find a job and save our family.  My heart was not into running, and as such, I fell off the radar.

Nonetheless, I applied for the Chicago Marathon.  However, I was rejected.  In 2014, amidst having ran some of my best times (of course! it was an even year!!), I was downtrodden by my over 4 hour marathon at Lehigh Valley.  So, I signed up to do it again.

Once again, I came out with Karen, our twins and the AuPair (Ellie, this time).

On July 26, I weighed 176 pounds.  I hadn't weighed this much since I was married to my 2nd wife.  A direct result of depression, stress-eating, and the lack of desire/motivation to run.  I did a lot of miles on the treadmill, but not nearly as many miles as I had done the year before.  I had just turned 50, a few weeks before.  "Is this where I finally enter a midlife crisis?", I thought to myself

But I wouldn't have any of it.  Vying for a full-time permanent position at my new employment wouldn't even deter me from running hard to see if I couldn't improve over last year's 4:02 at Lehigh.

267.1 miles.  That's what I did in the month of August. The most ever for the month of August.  The most miles for any month, ever.  And I went in weight as well.  22 pounds at one point, down to 154.

The result rewarded me with a 3 hour 52 minute marathon.  My 4th fastest marathon ever, despite all the neurological issues causing all of the cramping that I had to put up with from Mile 14 onward.

September and October, saw a swoon, or rather a regression of miles, again job-related, family-related, etc.  And still, I managed to shave off 3 minutes from last year's NYC Marathon, my 10th consecutive one (if you discount the year I was set to go, but could not on account of the marathon being cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy).

My wife thinks I am amazing.  I would like to think that I am too.  After all, how many 50 year olds prep and complete 2 marathons in a year in under 4 hours and 14 minutes, after having their life turned upside down?  Actually, I think my wife is the amazing one, for being there for me, and supporting me through it all.  We have moments just like everyone does, don't get me wrong, but she's been there for me and has helped me to see the light.

As for how I can be a better runner.  Well,  Isn't that what we all ask ourselves?  I don't want to wait until New Year's Eve to make my resolution.  I want to start it now.  I want to not only be a better runner, but even a better person too.  While there is no such thing as perfection, and I constantly remind myself of it, I do so, because like an artist, I am never satisfied.  The struggle and the pleasures of running are their own saga.    People call me the Machine, but perhaps they should call me the Phoenix instead.  For when people go to count me out, I always seem to rise up from insurmountable problems and adversity.

Sleep better, eat better foods, become more flexible, strengthen the muscles.  Just a litte snipet of my early resolution for 2016.

I will beat him.

I will eat cleaner.

I will be stronger and more flexible.

I know his weaknesses.

I know his strengths.

I've lost to him before.

But NOT this time!

He is going down!

I have the advantage because I know him well...

He is the old me.

I didn't make up this creed (though I did add a line or two).  I got this from someone else, 

who also got it from someone else as well.   It doesn't matter.  What matters is that,  I love

running, I enjoy the thrill of competition, and can't wait to get back out there again.

Oh, and Let's Go Mets.  Talk about a phoenix rising from the ashes, there's  a team that no 

one, starting with myself, even thought they could finish above .500.   National League 

Champs and a trip (albeit, a losing one) to the World Series.

The Mets and me have our work cut out for ourselves next year.  But, I accept the challenge.

Next comes the time to do some mental & physical homework.

These photos were taken from the 2015 NYC Marathon:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Japanese Proverb - Fall down 7 times, and Stand up 8.

Was it Bruce Lee that said that shit?  Whatever the case, the sentiment is right on!   As I approach the HALF CENTURY mark on this little ball of dust rotating around an equally tiny sun, the thought has occurred to me that I hadn't been myself for awhile.  Of course, I have been through some professional challenges at the end of January that would make most people's head spin.  And with all of the bullshit we've been dealing with as a family trying to find the right Au Pair, and then yet again, it's a wonder that I've run at all.  But, I managed somehow to string together 3 half marathons (NYC, Long Island, and Brooklyn) during that time.

I am fat.

Ok Good.  I got that shit out of the way.  Or not really.  Not yet.  But I'm working on it.
Part of it, is I need to get into a groove with my running.  It is harder for me to get into a groove to eat less, than running, so running is actually an easier thing to do.

I am once again following the Jack Daniels Running Plan (and yep, once again for those out there not familiar with this plan, NO.  It is not a plan involving the consumption of whiskey, bourbon, or any of the other spirits out there).  Jack Daniels is a running coach scientist.  His plans have helped me in the past, and I'm depending on it again as one of my tenets for the upcoming marathon in Lehigh Valley in September, and the bango of a marathon in New York City in November.

I ran today to Sea Cliff and back.  A lot of hills. Some as nearly as high as 200 feet.  Well over the height of the worst hill in Central Park, for example.

This was near the half way point, with the half way point being Tappan Beach.

I caught the sunset just at the right time.  There were people who were stopped, some in cars taking photos.  That's Port Washington, in the distance across the neck in the photo below.

As I head back, I realized two things.
One, that I had to deal with that monstrous hill on Prospect, and two,
that I felt alive again (even overweight and all).

Kinda looks like that scene in gravity where Sandra Bullock crash lands back on Earth, right?

There were plenty of runners out tonight, but no one ran up the hill like I did.  It took me about 5 minutes to scale the 200 foot winding beast!
The stretch of land miles across the waters from Sea Cliff is home to New Rochelle in Westchester County, NY

The reward for reaching the summit is running through the little patriotic village of Sea Cliff with all of it's American flags and cafes and shit.  (Notice, I just had to throw the word 'shit' in there).

The last big hill is actually my home which sits atop a 165 foot hike.  Masochistically, I selected a house that was like to make sure no workout would be an easy one.  Bella Vista and Fourth run parallel to each other, but the hill on Fourth is positively brutal. Which is why I call it, "Positively 4th Street" named after the Dylan song, cause there is no other one like it!

Ahhh yes, home.  Home to the yelling and screaming of two soon-to-be-4-year-olds who are probably fighting there mother and do not want to go to bed  #GuessIWillBeTheSheriffYetAgain. 
I finished up with a little stretching on my lawn, and here I is, posting again since January 20-something.  Feels good to be back in the saddle.  No shame in falling off of it, so as long as I get back on it.  Hence the title of this blogpost.
This Sunday will be the running of the Long Beach City Manager's 10-mile run to salute all of the wonderful war heroes, some who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy in this country.  As the only ISIS near my home are the Italian ones that come in many flavors!  :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 11 - Mile HIGH training

Monday, January 19, 2015 / 1 mile / 9:46 / Pace :9:46
Waking up after a long a day after flying, is difficult.  But being two houes behind didn't hurt, as I was able to get in about a mile in the trail behind the hotel.  I wasn't feeling it, and it was colder than I anticipated, and I wasn't dressed properly. So I hung up the laces quickly today, and got to work.  Afterwards, there is happy hour at the Embassy Suites for 2 hours, which I capitalized instead of going to the Colorado Athletic Club.
And there you have it.  The power of co-workers, wine and the general sense of  traveling, can have detrimental effects on running, if you let it.  And yeah, I did. :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 / 7.7 miles / 1:03:58 / Pace  8:14 per mile
Nothing says interesting, quite like getting cheers and visuals from your running buddies on NikePlus.  Remove the outdoor environment, remove the indoor treadmill, add a running track, put carpet on that track, and make it so that it is 20 feet above a full length basketball court, and then it gets really, really interesting.  Such that when you put it all together, it can lead to things like almost running into a window, or tripping on the carpet and doing all possible not to face plant, while looking absolutely ridiculous to those on the treadmills below.   Aha!  So there IS a reason after all, why those people below are on the treadmills.

Wednesday and Thursday  (REST - as if I needed it).
No, I didn't weigh myself!  And no, I don't want to know either.
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"  Where work=my job  and play=running.

Friday, January 23, 2015 (TRAVEL DAY)
Spent the majority of the day in the air and the majority of the evening.exhausted!

Saturday, January 24, 2015 / 3.11 Miles / 28:57 / Pace: 9:18
Made it to the gym in the morning and was able to put down a 5k, nice and easy for my big race tomorrow. Nice to be back in a routine-like environment.  It had snowed on Friday and Saturday, so I was keeping my eye out to see if there would even be a race, but it got sunny by mid-afternoon, so all looked good.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Week 10 - Crush It Like Gonzo.

These antibiotics that my dentist gave me, suck shit.  I was out of it.  I'm going to stop them, because I woke up Mon into Tuesday night with a mighty tummy ache.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 / 11 Miles / 1:28:03 / Pace 8:00
11 Miles in 88 minutes.  Some days I don't have it.  Tonight was not one of those nights!
After having a sluggish start, a random mix of music, followed up with a well-behaved wifi connection at the gym, which allowed me to watch a moving course of the Chicago Marathon, made me run with joy and energy as I kept getting faster and faster.

Some dudes on treadmills alongside me competed with me ( I know this to be true).  Sure, they would speed up their dreadmill to beat my speed, but they were all wannabes, as they couldn't keep it up for more than a minute or two.  Me? Steady and progressively faster mile over mile.  Sort of like what I did last Saturday only faster.

While I admit that I have temporarily abandoned my Run Smart training program (which I will revisit next week), I will say that had I run this way during the Lehigh Valley Marathon, that I would have easily slipped into Easton in record fashion, easily busting her 4 hour time that she and her elements had imposed upon me.  I'm still pissed about that.  In fact, even if I do get into Chicago in October, I might tempt fate and do Lehigh again.  3 marathons in 8 weeks.  Possible?  Sure why not.

I would have kept running, but because there is a possibility that I might be filling in for an injured teammate at work and flying to Denver, I decided to come home to spend time with Karen instead. However, with her insane work schedule, she was long gone in bed before I even left my home office after the gym.

Wednesday. January 14, 2015 /  2 Runs:
3.1 Miles  / 28:51 / Pace: 9:17 
7 Miles / 50:24  / Pace 7:12 

After a completely stressed out and lackluster lunchtime run at the gym in the Maxess office, and feeling completely UN-satisfied, I went back for seconds now that the day was over.  I also drank a RedBull too, because I wanted to crush it like Gonzo.  Sometimes it's the drink, but in this case it was the encouragement I was getting from my running comrades to fight the status quo, and just GO FOR IT!   After the first two miles looking something like that of the first run, I started entering my 'zone'.  From that point forward, I would progressively, methodically, and absolutely slaughter the miles.  I did the last two miles in under a 7 minute pace, hence the overall 7:12 pace.  And while my Garmin footpod had died on me before the start of my first run (part of my stress), I had tested the accelerometer feature of the NikePlus app on my iPhone against the treadmill readout, and realized that I was pretty much on the money.

This was one of my fastest runs ever, training or otherwise.  I'd have to go back to my race in Toronto to find something that could compare, and I was really happy with my second effort and overall achievement for the day!


Thursday, January 15, 2015 / 17.2 Miles / 2:26:05 / Pace: 8:29
I had been wanting, no wait, ITCHING for a big run outdoors and in New York City.  The precursor for this was my office who sent me to the Chrysler Building to oversee an important video conference between top brass.  
What an amazing view of the sunrise from my Chrysler Building office.
I was there before 8am and by the time the meeting was over at twelve, I was thanked for my servitude.  In addition to this, I was also told what a great day it was outside (as our chief is a big time NYC lover), I echoed his sentiment by stating that I might go for a run.  To which he said, "MAY go for a run?  No. No. No.  You had BETTER go for a run!  Look at it outside, it's beautiful!" 
Hell Yeah!

THAT was the kind of blessing that this crazy person needed to go full overboard and exact my plan.  For such a run, I actually had to put a cutsheet together detailing all the twists and turns around the Big Apple. However, it was pretty silly, because I know New York City, and especially Manhattan better than most of the non-English speak cab-fright-drivers around.  I left the building and headed south on Lexington Avenue.
The air was cold but inviting.  It was a dare, actually.  "C'mon, you punk!" I could almost hear it challenge me;  
"Your wimpy treadmill training over this winter is about to get a come-upping and soon!".                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Did my alter ego tell me this?  Or were there hallucinogenic ingredients in my two slices of pizza at the Two Boots eatery?  And yep, wouldn't and couldn't go for an epic run, without some epic food in belly.  Again, unless this were a real race, I feel comfort in running with food in my stomach.   Weird, right?
Before I even started to run south on Lexington Avenue, I already knew what a challenge I had before me.  With multitudes of people, and cars, I had to put on my thinking cap and assume the role of Neo from the Matrix.  Every single moving part, whether it be human or not, along with their direction of movement, and speed had to be tabulated, so as to make sure that when I ran, that I would minimize stopping as much as possible.  

Now I can't account for how people could stop at a moment's notice, start moving in a different angle suddenly, or speed up, but I've done this so often in my life, that it is some kind of freakish gift, that I hardly ever bump into anyone.  My wife would call me crazy, and rightfully so, as sometimes it might involve running on the street close to the sidewalk, but again, I'm looking at everything frontwards and sometimes behind me as well.  

Here are some of the things one must continually watch for, when running through the streets of a city as busy as NYC (Manhattan) is:

Hundreds of people always all around you.
Red Lights, 
Green Lights,
Handsome Cabs (Horse and Carriage)
Construction Scaffolding (do I run inside the poles or out)
US Postal Mailboxes
Street signs
Fire Hydrants
Hot Dog vendors
Stores with doors swinging out
Sewer grates
Subway grates
Uneven/broken pavement
Sidewalk-closed detours
Dogs on long leashes
Owners talking on cell phones not having a clue about where they are about to walk into
Delivery people riding their bikes to deliver lunch
Swinging handbags
Bouncing pocketbooks
Shopping bags
People stopped to talk to one another.
Other runners!
Crazy people
Homeless people
and Cabs.  (and I say "Cabs" again because these drivers are absolutely reckless!)
God Bless all brave enough to work in this beautiful effigy of freedom!
Now to some, they will talk about doing Tough Mudders or Spartan Races as a badge of courage.
I have respect for those that do it, but honestly, that's nothing to me.  There is no real danger other than whether or not your body is ready for the physical rigors that those nicely orchestrated race courses provide.  In what I did today, not only do I physically have to be fit, and not only do I have to use ALL of my senses in addition to my 'equipment' to run, but there is always an element of danger.  The possibility that a Bus might cross an intersection when they weren't supposed to, forcing a cab to swerve and jump the curb behind me, and.....voila....I 've just become the human version of road pizza.    Tough Mudders?  Spartan Races?

Yeah okay.  
Try running through the city once or twice like this.  And tell me what was easier! 

Bobbing, Weaving, Zigging, Zagging, Stopping, then Sprinting to make up the stopping, Cutting, Button Hooking.  Honestly, I felt like I was playing the role of a running back instead of doing a long distance run.

After several miles where I had reached the Freedom Tower ( I will always call it that), I headed back north on West Broadway.  It wasn't as densely populated, but it had it share of uneven red lights that would force me to run to the other side of the road to just keep moving.

Running north on West Broadway, I came upon Washington Square Park. I had me some interesting memories here in my past "lives" and thought of my Sister and Karen as well, since they both attended NYU just a block away.

The wind around the Flatiron Building was really whipping around.  But that would be nothing to the highest density of packed people coming ahead rapidly...It all starts with Elmo and Spiderman, and ends with tens of thousands of people walking in all directions.  After getting out of the nightmare of Times Square, I finally make it past the CBS Theatre, which tells my NY instincts that I was only a long stone's throw away from the end of the insanity portion of the run.  For once I reached Columbus Circle, it was finally into the runner's "Mecca", Central Park!

Close to the first place I had lived when in NYC
Photos above.  The covered wooden walk path along West Drive.  The Northwest side of Jackie Onassis Reservoir and finally the last place that Karen and I lived near to when we lived on 102nd and 1st Avenue (where the babies had first lived at).  The picture below that was that of 90th street, though I had already exited the park at 96th and ran down to where I first to which was 96th and Park!

Running through the park was and will always be glorious.  There are fellow runners, and nothing of the insanity of running through streets like I did.  It was why, knowing that I had a long run in me, that I would do the 'streets' first while I was fresh and focused.

I exited the park not as one does in the NYC Marathon but further on in the south loop and out through Center Drive and onto 6th Avenue.  Having realized that I started having problems with my batter in the park, the use of photography went down considerably.  I also changed the cell service from LTE to 4G, and lowered the screen resolution brightness.  However, and even though I had a Mophie juice pack that was COMPLETELY charged.  It was all for naught.  For as I was heading south on 6th Avenue, my iphone decided to die right after my last shot of the 57th street subway station!  Thank God that I had my Garmin tracking me as well, or I would have statistically lost this run completely!

I got back to the office all sweaty and in need of a quick wardrobe change as I needed to get back to work. Beautiful views of the city as the earlier sunset of a winter's day finally begins to prevail...

The above are views of Northeast, Due East, and South East captions of the City, the East River, Long Island City (Queens) and Brooklyn.

At the end of it all, I had my best and longest run since probably my NYC Marathon back in November.  Nothing says EPIC quite like seeing a map created by Nike that is so big that an entire city is covered by it!  A big shout out to my running friends online, my job for giving me the opportunity to work in this great city of ours, and to the abilities that I still have and cherish and never take for granted.  God bless!

Found this hanging in a bathroom wall of a restaurant. Awesome shot of 42nd street looking east from 5th Avenue!

Friday, January 16, 2015 / 3.12 Miles / 27:55 / Pace: 8:57 
Though not tired, I nonetheless took it extremely careful, putting down any miles today after my big run outdoors yesterday.  No cheering squad at work today.  Just me, the 'mill, and the miles, babe. :-)

Saturday, January 17, 2015 / 12 Miles / 1:43:27 / Pace 8:37
I so didn't want to go run today.  I couldn't seem to find the strength or will.  I always say to try it anyway, and if you can't run at least you tried.  Today, it took my friends from the running groups on FB to push me to do what I needed to do.  And, I'm so glad, because 12 miles later, all sweatied up and all, I am feeling great right now.  Inspiration = Perspiration.    
Another reason I can withstand the boredom of a treadmill, is because I prepare a little more than most and really show up to the 'belt'  completely accessorized.  One thing I love to do, is watch course videos of the different big races around the US and worldwide,

Brought Karen's Microsoft Surface tablet, and played many marathon and half-marathon courses while I ran on the dreadmill.  In typical fashion, the Surface died long before I finished running.  It probably wasn't charged all the way, but it always seems like I'm the only Machine that outlasts all my other peers. LOL.  
So, in addition to the Surface going belly up, I'm now having to get a new battery for my Garmin footpod (which also died today)... lol....
Another day, another 10+ output.  Need to watch my distance.  Last week I did 51 miles, which far exceeded my previous week of 30+.  This week I'm already at 53, and still have tomorrow.  I will probably do a short run in the morning on my own treadmill, and call it a successful week!

Sunday, January 18, 2015 / 4 Miles / 34:28 / Pace: 8:37 
With a short day in that it's travel day.  I did my miles quickly and early to spend the morning with my family before heading off to Denver.
Next week should be an interesting week, especially training wise where all my miles, whether they be indoors or out, will be at an elevation of 5 to 7 thousand feet above sea level.  This should really help me for my first race of the year next Sunday, The Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon,  in Central Park.  As they say....We're off to the races!