Sunday, November 13, 2016


Machine ON.  Training Day 1 of 126.

Training for the NYC Half Marathon has officially begun.

Ran with Karen and did not want to run more than 5 miles, but I also didn't want to run too slow either.  So, I would run at pace, stop, stop the watch, stretch, and start running myself & the watch once Karen would catch up to me. 

The weather was cool, and the running clothes from China that I got were light but breathable and just right. 
I stepped on a sand dune on the way back while at a 7:40pace, but was able to self-correct quickly and avoided any injury. 

Built Week 1 plan on Garmin Connect.


Last night I finished my man-cave.  It is a shrine of my love for running.  Check it out....


Race 300: 2016 New York City Marathon

What does a person do, when the one thing they love so much, kills them at the very end most times than not?

I love completing Marathons, but the cramping during the last 10k of each Marathon has taken its toll on me.  Last year it was the Lehigh Valley marathon.  I posted a 3:52 (4th fastest marathon ever for me), yet I was in so much pain that I was screaming on a gurney in a medic tent minutes after the finish line.  Last month, it was the Chicago Marathon.  Again, and by the time I hit my 21st mile, all kinds of problems were happening.  And the HOT SHOT drinking solutions DID. NOT. WORK.

Here is the issue.  I sweat.  A lot.  And despite all of the Hot Shots or Hot Shits, or whatever I can drink to have my brain concentrate on another part of the body, it's not going to do so for too long, when I am in trouble.  Me sweating a lot = getting into trouble.

The loss of electrolytes within me is an understatement.  I watched the NYC Marathon on DVR last night, and I was jealous.  Not of those gifted elite athletes who touch pavement between 180-210 times per minute, and crossing the finish line in under 2:20 minutes, no.  It was the everyday "average" marathoner who ran free of enhancement belts.  The marathoners that don't need Power Gels or GU gels, or salt tabs, or pickle juice or anything else to prevent them from cramping.  Their system to remain bio-electrically in command is what sends me going to forest kelly green with envy.

After Chicago, I vowed to become less of a dieter and more of a scientist.  I needed to work on the issue of having to stop due to cramping.  A fellow running teammate and friend, Vince Vaccaro, turned me onto S-Caps.  A sodium and potassium nutrient in capsule form.  As I look back on 2012, I did cramp horribly the last 4 miles, and that was with capsules, but they were Endurolytes which had a much lower sodium level.

Apparently, the difference in those levels made a huge difference.  What an amazing run I had on Sunday, November 6th.  And no, it wasn't because it was my 300th race, but mainly it was because I only cramped for a couple of seconds and that didn't occur until Mile 26.1.  Fabulous.  I didn't break 4 hours but it was the happiest 4 hour-4 minute and 28 second marathon of my life.

The purpose for this post was really to document what I took before, during and after my race.  I do feel that as I train harder and more successfully, that some of these amounts will be able to go down in the future.

Medically, this is what I did to prepare.

04:00am - Woke up.
04:15am - Emptied out. (1 & 2, lol).
04:30am - Took a Zantac and 2 Immodiums
04:45am - Left home
05:00am - Took B6 vitamin with water.
05:10am - Ate a very small buttered roll (from Mobil Gas station).  ->  Yes.  I actually did this.
05:15am-5:45am - took a few swigs from Karen's decaf blended coffee while driving.
05:45am - Hopped on Staten Island Ferry after taking cab from the Greenwich Parking Garage (just 1 block from the 1 train Rector street station)
05:55am - Emptied out again (1 & 2)
07:45am - Took 2 Tylenol in Village with some G2.
07:50am - Applied more Glide to groin/butt and underarm areas.
08:00am - Checked bag for Wave 1 starters.
08:10am - Entered Wave 1 Corral F.
08:15am - Emptied out (1 only).
08:20am - Drank NYCM Village provided Gatorade-Prime pre-game Sport Fuel (4oz) Raspberry
08:30am - 9:00am -Sipped on a small 6 ounce Poland Spring water bottle.
09:15am - Started moving up, and I immediately Emptied out again (1 only).
09:20am - Drank 2nd Gatorade Prime pre-game Sport Fuel (4oz) Raspberry. Crushed and swallowed 1 B6 vitamin (5000% of daily).
09:25am - Consumed first PowerGel 1x Caffeine pak.
09:40am - Race starts.  Consumed 1st S-Cap supplement.
09:43am - Cross starting line (but race measurements below in parenthesis are based on 9:40cannon)
10:10am - Consumed 2nd S-Cap with water at first water stop in Brooklyn. (30 minutes into race)
10:10am - Consumed 2nd Power Gel. (30 minutes into race)
10:40am - Consumed 3rd S-Cap (1 hour into race)
10:55am - Consumed 3rd Power Gel (1 hour 15 minutes into race)
11:00am - Consumed 2nd B6 Vitamin (5000% daily) at Mile 9 marker.
11:10am - Consumed 4th S-Cap (1 hrs 30min into race)
11:40am - Consumed 4th Power Gel (2 hours into race)
11:40am - Consumed 5th S-Cap (2 hours into race).
12:10pm - Consumed 6th S-Cap (2 hours 30 min into race).
12:22pm - Consumed 3rd B6 Vitamin (5000% daily) at Mile 18 marker.
12:25pm - Consumed 4th PowerGel (2 hrs 45 min into race)
12:40pm - Consumed 7th S-Cap (3 hours into race)
12:54pm - Consumed 4 ounce bottle of Pickle Juice. (in the Bronx now)
12:55pm - Consumed 8th S-Cap (3 hrs 15 min into race)
01:10pm - Consumed 5th Power Gel (3 hrs 30 min into race)
01:10pm - Consumed 9th S-Cap (3 hrs 30 min into race)
01:25pm - Consumed 10th S-Cap (3 hrs 45 min into race)
01:40pm - Consumed 11th and final S-Cap (4 hrs into race)

Now, am I crazy?  Did I over medicate?  The problem with marathons is that one doesn't do them often enough to know what is exactly the right mix. I do know that I did not cramp, and it definitely was as a result of what I took.  But did I need to take this much and were these irresponsible amounts?

The B6 was for energy.  I took 3 of those small pills in total (so 15000 % of daily recommended dosage).

The S-Caps were to prevent cramping.  I took 11 of those.  Some people who reviewed the product on Amazon that did not get cramping stated that they took one every 30 minutes.  I think that's about right because I did not cramp until Mile 26.1.  As I get stronger, will I cramp less, or is that an irrelevant statement because sweat has nothing to do with strength??

The Immodiums were not to have any doodoos.  I probably should not have taken these because I didn't real have a need to.  Could they have hurt rather then helped my performance?

The Tylenols (2 of them) were taken before the race in response to a headache I had for nearly 2 days. Warranted.

The Power Gels were right on target as presecribed.

The Pickle Juice was taken as I felt tightening (though not cramping) in the Bronx.

The Zantac was taken before the race as a precaution for a booboo tummy from all the meds i was about to take along my run.

I never had to use the Hot Shot liquid.

So again, I ask.  Was it too much to take?  or just right as I did not cramp.

I actually stopped several times from Mile 20 onward.  Was I tired from not having been strong enough to run, or did the meds wear me out?