Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sometimes a little anger can do the trick...

Let's just say that tonight's run had nothing to do with my personal family life at all, but more with what happens before 6pm, and leave it at that.

All good MACHINES know how to convert shit into energy.  Why just look at that pretty shiny DeLorean in Back To The Future.  It literally used garbage to convert that into the needed 88 Gigowatts required to take off.   That is me.

Without walking much today,  I thought I had close to 6,000 steps when I got home.  I was wrong.  I actually had more like 3,600 steps.  This only made me more determined than ever to do a long run.  The humidity appeared to be low.  The heat was not as oppressive.  It was time.

As a person who loves to try new things, I also love to try new routes.  I spent a few minutes on, and built a new route that would take me near to where Karen and I nearly bought a house 4 years ago.  In the end, we skipped it, due to the-not-so-great-school-system there, plus there is some crime in that area.  The house was phenomenal though.  I still think about it to this day.

Originally, I had planned to do an 8 mile run, but with an extra turn here and an extra one there, I suddenly found myself in front of my home at about 8.5.  For me, 10 miles is considered a long run, and since I hadn't actually done one since the Brooklyn Half Marathon, a week shy of Memorial Day, I felt it was time, so I did loops around my block until I finally reached my goal.  I also felt a little relieved, just for having the sonogram done on my belly earlier today, y'know, to rule out anything other than lower back issues (I should know the results in a few days, 'prolly early next week).  So, that helped me psychologically too.

Other than my back nagging me, slightly less today, than in previous days, I was in primetime mode for a positive response on the pavement tonight.

The odyssey begins again!
Had to wait a little while to get my phone & ipod charged, leading me to believe that I would probably need to wear my LED shoe lights (I am such a dork, Yep, I admit it, I am).  But any Eagle Scout like me is always prepped with the best in gear, to account for any potential maladies along the merry way.

We almost moved in this area.

I am blessed that no matter where I run, I am in the crotch of luxury.  Alas, perhaps all the hard work, tragedies, and tough luck have paid off in some way, even if subtle....

Despite not the correct Spanish spelling, how can a Gonz├ílez run past this street sign without yelling out "Ayyyyyy Papi!!!  LMAO!!"

Could my hair be any more of a fucking mess?

Tolerance.  Oh boy could I go places with that......
I can think of another tolerance center about 24 some-odd klicks from here. LOL!!!

I love wide and deserted roads.  To me,  this is like an asphalt trail that was built just for me, myself and I.

So I was REALLY sad when I saw this.  The new movie theatre which was barely 3 years old....Has closed???? NO WAY! Please let it be that it's under renovation else that would really suck.

Unaltered view from my house.  Bella Vista indeed.

The foot lights of justice!  Had to turn these babies on at around 8:40pm tonight.  As you can tell I was determined and prepared for tonight's planned assault!

Had my friends on Facebook and Nike follow me.  Hi Friends!
I finished up banging out over 22,000 steps for the day.  Impressive considering I did more than yesterday and more than the day before.  I still haven't opened up my can of whoopass.  I will wait and see what next week's "results" are from both our office and the one in Davidson.

Lastly, the boring stats. (Eventually, I will figure out something to make me better from all of this).
One thing for sure.  I need to work on my core.  I need to reduce the diameter of my girth in the stomach region to be no more than 1/2 of my height.  I am 5'8" so it needs to be 34.  I think it's probably closer to 38.  Not good for my back.  Have to get my ab muscles to contribute to the back.  This must be done.  Many races come down the pike.  And big ones too.  Two 20 milers, Two Marathons, several half marathons.  The shit's gonna get seriously real soon.  Need to HTFU and ger moving!!!

Good night all.  :-)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

RACE REPORT # 316-Long Island State Parks Summer Series #1 - Hecksher State Park

What an incredibly hot day it was today.  Compared to the extremely cool spring, this was a real slap on the behind.  Today was the start of our "step" competition between our site and our co-HQ site in Davidson, and despite the two cutovers, the back, the race tonight and the heat, I wasn't about to get off on the wrong foot.  Many feet instead were had during the 92 degree parking lot..

Driving out to Hecksher State Park was uneventful 'cept for the traffic just getting onto the Long Island Expressway,  Once there, we learned that the race had been shortened from the original 5 miler due to poor air quality.  Poor air quality in NY?  What a surprise!

As this was a circular race course (see photo above) I had been hoping the nice tailwind we had during the first mile would come back for the end.  A very flat course, with over 2,000 people running it.  I lined up after the 7 minute milers close to the 8 minute marker.  I ran hard out the first mile, posting a 7:30 something, and had to slow down for mile two to make sure I had some gas left in the tank to post a good strong sprint.

The heat was pretty bad.  There were no clouds in sight.  Fortunately, the 7pm start had the sun at our backs, so that by the time we passed Mile 1, it was a little further down the horizon as we turned to face it.

For my musical playlist I decided I wanted to throw down to some throw backs, and decided to go with the often offensive, often impressive rap group from the Nineties, called 'Public Enemy'.

I dug hard the last quarter of a mile or so, finishing up the grass, with my tongue, inches out and flailing like some thirsty bulldog.   What do you expect when you do a sub-8 in 88 degree weather?

I walked back to the camp area after the race, got my beers, and found a park bench to sit down on.  The Garmin watch had auto-updated its software, and I was having trouble finding my lap time.
Eric Miller, my colleague also did well too.  We were both spent.

I was absolutely getting eaten alive by gnats now.  Damn fucking gnats!

I went back to my car, had my little post-race snacks and drove home.  Too tired to do much of anything, I just relaxed on the couch and watched Banshee.....until I noticed I was about 1000 steps shy of 20k.   'That's unacceptable!', I thought.  I needed to break that threshold.  So into the basement I went, to finish off my steps on the dreadmill.

And now....How did I exactly do?
Well let's start with the bio's

As you can see, it was a flat race.  As you can also see, I kept the pace pretty close at all times until the end where I really killed it to the point that I was averaging my last .15 in a 5:57 which went as fast as a 4:55 !!  My performance condition rating was as high as a +14, and I was able to keep over 10 for the first mile.  My stride was 1.2 meters on average, but again, took in super long strides at the end, nearly 1.6 meters during the 'kick'.   My cadence didn't do as well however.  I managed a 182 spm but as you can see on the chart that degraded over the course of time due to exhaustion from the heat and keeping the pace up, I imagine.  Interestingly though, my vertical ratio went drastically down.  This coincided with my stide lengtening at the end.  My GCT was up, and again , it too came down.  But my heart rate stayed high. 70% in Zone 5.  Jeeeeeeeeeez!!!

What was the net result of all of this you ask?????
Perhaps the best stat of all was the PowerRank Score...

Even if you exclude the ColorVibe 5k, which was an absolute joke as no one was competing but me (and hence the 1st place finish across the board), I have had an "Incredible" rating for two consecutive races.  Plus, I've raised the overall 2017 bar to 189.45.  I won't rest until that fucker is clearly in the 200s.

My next race is a New York Road Runners' 5-boro Grand Prix race, the Queens 10k, on Saturday, followed by yet another Long Island State Park Summer Series race on Monday.  Both are 10k's and both are brutal (especially the latter one where there is a 200 foot hill made of sand. BRING IT THE FUCK ON!)

Lastly, if you take a look at my Boston (Race #314,) you will finally see the photographic evidence showing how I was robbed!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

RACE REPORT #315-Rave On, Have Fun, Win Some

RACE#: 315
Name: ColorVibe 5k
Distance: 5k
Location: Eisenhower State Park, East Meadow NY
Date/Time:  Saturday, June 10 @ 12pm
Weather: 81 degrees, 42% humidity  winds out of the west at 10mph

This is not your usual blogpost. For 1, I am typing as I'm walking outside. And it's 91 degrees out here (don't worry. Water bottle tucked under my arm).

The Color Vibe 5k took place on Saturday. It was a fun run that took place at Eisenhower State Park. There were so many people that they had waves leaving ever 15 minutes at 8am  and again at 12pm.  I did 12pm and it was toasty, but not too toasty.
The Color Vibe race is a nationwide offering that features having your body beaten by different colored paints . Beside self-painting, racial officials "cannon"ize you with paint at each of six check points.  Oh and it's not like Actual paint that you'd buy at Home Depot, but rather a dry paint that washes off.
So the big news? I won! Yes yes I know. It's an untamed fun run, but I had a chance to lead my wave (which, from the looks of it was more like 1000 runners really), and took control around Mile 2. The only scary part was following the cones as there was no one to follow and felt like I could have gone off course at any moment!!
To my surprise, they gave out finisher medals, except they were made of rubber. Finally, after siring five children, I decided to wear it. The rubber. LOL.
After the "race" there was a rave. Cause you know, at age 51, I'm all about that...

And after the rave the kids and Karen came over. Kayla had a blast getting paint all over her, lol, as the average age of this run has to be like 14.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Been A Short While

I've been absent for a week or so, and it would be easy to assume that I've given up the blogging kick.  Not so.  Truth is, I've been nursing a back injury, so there's not much to write about.
Yesterday, however, and a few days removed from a pretty good PT session from my son, I decided to take my suddenly-better-feeling-lower back out for a test run.

I decided I would do a 5k down Frost Pond road and back.  And I will say, while there was some pressure a few hours after I finished last night (even with 500mg of Naproxen in me), I actually feel a little bit better.  I don't think it is that I've gotten accustomed to the pain either.  I really think that this is getting better.

This Saturday I have the Color Run in Eisenhower State Park.  It should be crazy, because first I'm driving Karen to her race in Central Park, and then coming back in time for my race.  Should be stressful (the driving part/getting to my race on time), lol.

Anyway, if I'm still feeling well, I may do another "little" 5k tonight.  Baby steps, and all of that stuff....