Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Been A Short While

I've been absent for a week or so, and it would be easy to assume that I've given up the blogging kick.  Not so.  Truth is, I've been nursing a back injury, so there's not much to write about.
Yesterday, however, and a few days removed from a pretty good PT session from my son, I decided to take my suddenly-better-feeling-lower back out for a test run.

I decided I would do a 5k down Frost Pond road and back.  And I will say, while there was some pressure a few hours after I finished last night (even with 500mg of Naproxen in me), I actually feel a little bit better.  I don't think it is that I've gotten accustomed to the pain either.  I really think that this is getting better.

This Saturday I have the Color Run in Eisenhower State Park.  It should be crazy, because first I'm driving Karen to her race in Central Park, and then coming back in time for my race.  Should be stressful (the driving part/getting to my race on time), lol.

Anyway, if I'm still feeling well, I may do another "little" 5k tonight.  Baby steps, and all of that stuff....

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