Monday, June 12, 2017

RACE REPORT #315-Rave On, Have Fun, Win Some

RACE#: 315
Name: ColorVibe 5k
Distance: 5k
Location: Eisenhower State Park, East Meadow NY
Date/Time:  Saturday, June 10 @ 12pm
Weather: 81 degrees, 42% humidity  winds out of the west at 10mph

This is not your usual blogpost. For 1, I am typing as I'm walking outside. And it's 91 degrees out here (don't worry. Water bottle tucked under my arm).

The Color Vibe 5k took place on Saturday. It was a fun run that took place at Eisenhower State Park. There were so many people that they had waves leaving ever 15 minutes at 8am  and again at 12pm.  I did 12pm and it was toasty, but not too toasty.
The Color Vibe race is a nationwide offering that features having your body beaten by different colored paints . Beside self-painting, racial officials "cannon"ize you with paint at each of six check points.  Oh and it's not like Actual paint that you'd buy at Home Depot, but rather a dry paint that washes off.
So the big news? I won! Yes yes I know. It's an untamed fun run, but I had a chance to lead my wave (which, from the looks of it was more like 1000 runners really), and took control around Mile 2. The only scary part was following the cones as there was no one to follow and felt like I could have gone off course at any moment!!
To my surprise, they gave out finisher medals, except they were made of rubber. Finally, after siring five children, I decided to wear it. The rubber. LOL.
After the "race" there was a rave. Cause you know, at age 51, I'm all about that...

And after the rave the kids and Karen came over. Kayla had a blast getting paint all over her, lol, as the average age of this run has to be like 14.

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