Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sometimes a little anger can do the trick...

Let's just say that tonight's run had nothing to do with my personal family life at all, but more with what happens before 6pm, and leave it at that.

All good MACHINES know how to convert shit into energy.  Why just look at that pretty shiny DeLorean in Back To The Future.  It literally used garbage to convert that into the needed 88 Gigowatts required to take off.   That is me.

Without walking much today,  I thought I had close to 6,000 steps when I got home.  I was wrong.  I actually had more like 3,600 steps.  This only made me more determined than ever to do a long run.  The humidity appeared to be low.  The heat was not as oppressive.  It was time.

As a person who loves to try new things, I also love to try new routes.  I spent a few minutes on, and built a new route that would take me near to where Karen and I nearly bought a house 4 years ago.  In the end, we skipped it, due to the-not-so-great-school-system there, plus there is some crime in that area.  The house was phenomenal though.  I still think about it to this day.

Originally, I had planned to do an 8 mile run, but with an extra turn here and an extra one there, I suddenly found myself in front of my home at about 8.5.  For me, 10 miles is considered a long run, and since I hadn't actually done one since the Brooklyn Half Marathon, a week shy of Memorial Day, I felt it was time, so I did loops around my block until I finally reached my goal.  I also felt a little relieved, just for having the sonogram done on my belly earlier today, y'know, to rule out anything other than lower back issues (I should know the results in a few days, 'prolly early next week).  So, that helped me psychologically too.

Other than my back nagging me, slightly less today, than in previous days, I was in primetime mode for a positive response on the pavement tonight.

The odyssey begins again!
Had to wait a little while to get my phone & ipod charged, leading me to believe that I would probably need to wear my LED shoe lights (I am such a dork, Yep, I admit it, I am).  But any Eagle Scout like me is always prepped with the best in gear, to account for any potential maladies along the merry way.

We almost moved in this area.

I am blessed that no matter where I run, I am in the crotch of luxury.  Alas, perhaps all the hard work, tragedies, and tough luck have paid off in some way, even if subtle....

Despite not the correct Spanish spelling, how can a Gonz├ílez run past this street sign without yelling out "Ayyyyyy Papi!!!  LMAO!!"

Could my hair be any more of a fucking mess?

Tolerance.  Oh boy could I go places with that......
I can think of another tolerance center about 24 some-odd klicks from here. LOL!!!

I love wide and deserted roads.  To me,  this is like an asphalt trail that was built just for me, myself and I.

So I was REALLY sad when I saw this.  The new movie theatre which was barely 3 years old....Has closed???? NO WAY! Please let it be that it's under renovation else that would really suck.

Unaltered view from my house.  Bella Vista indeed.

The foot lights of justice!  Had to turn these babies on at around 8:40pm tonight.  As you can tell I was determined and prepared for tonight's planned assault!

Had my friends on Facebook and Nike follow me.  Hi Friends!
I finished up banging out over 22,000 steps for the day.  Impressive considering I did more than yesterday and more than the day before.  I still haven't opened up my can of whoopass.  I will wait and see what next week's "results" are from both our office and the one in Davidson.

Lastly, the boring stats. (Eventually, I will figure out something to make me better from all of this).
One thing for sure.  I need to work on my core.  I need to reduce the diameter of my girth in the stomach region to be no more than 1/2 of my height.  I am 5'8" so it needs to be 34.  I think it's probably closer to 38.  Not good for my back.  Have to get my ab muscles to contribute to the back.  This must be done.  Many races come down the pike.  And big ones too.  Two 20 milers, Two Marathons, several half marathons.  The shit's gonna get seriously real soon.  Need to HTFU and ger moving!!!

Good night all.  :-)

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